Wednesday, August 20, 2014

DIY-Gold Dipped Feather Chandlier

Happy Hump Day!!!  I NEED this week to be over, so badly.  It's been "one of those"!!  But today, I am excited to share with you my latest and greatest DIY project!!  This project is inspired by The Junk Gypsies!!  They are country lovin' women after my own heart, they are incredibly smart, creative junkers who have a wonderful online and brick and mortar store!  I love every piece of clothing and merch I have gotten from them.  Check them out today!!  They recently had an episode on their show where they made this and since I couldn't haul my butt to Round Top, Texas, I made it myself!

Okay, let's get busy on making this Gold Dipped Feather Chandelier!!

First, some back are going to want to already have picked out a base.  I used an old lamp shade that I found junking in Kentucky in July.  The size is up to you and also the shape.  But you want to make sure that you get a base that is even all the way around as to prevent tipping when you hang it.  Plus, I also suggest getting a base that has the part where you will attach the lighting kit in the middle.  As you can see in the picture above, my light bulb is hidden by the feathers.

Once you have the base, you need feathers, fishing line, glitter and some spray sealant.

I got the feathers from Michael's Craft Store as they were the only ones that carried just what I was looking for but also had enough to fill my needs! I probably have 50 feathers on my chandelier :) Each package comes with three feathers in it, too.  Plus they always have coupons for 40% off so that helped with the price!  Overall, this is a cheap project but it takes a lot of time and patience but it is SO worth it!!

I did the prep work for the feathers in the garage because of the fumes of the sealant.  The sealant I used is also the "glue" I used.  I actually had two leftover from old projects.  Since one of them was clear and I knew I didn't want any type of finish on the glitter, that is the one I used to spray on top of the glitter after the feathers were dry.  You can get both of these at Menards.

I wanted a gold dipped look so I went up just enough on the bottom of the feathers to achieve that look. Spray both sides of the feather liberally and then pour glitter on both sides.  You can also just use gold spray paint for the adhesive if you have it!

I let the feathers dry over night just because it was easier that way.  You could probably start working on them again after 6 hours though.  Just be sure that the glitter adhered to the feather as well as you wanted. When you are ready to work on them again, tap the feather lightly to let any excess glitter come off and spray the clear sealant on both sides to seal the glitter.

While my feathers were drying, I hooked up the light kit to my frame.  For those who aren't electrically savvy, this comes in a kit, so it's pretty easy to figure out.  You will follow the instructions just as if you were installing it onto a lamp base.  Also, depending on which frame you got, you will need to decide if you want your light bulb facing up or facing down behind the feathers.  I chose down.

Once that is in and the feathers are dry, we start hanging!  I took the end of each feather and put a nick in it with a razor blade (BE CAREFUL!!) just to make sure that the fishing line did not come loose or slip off. Double tie the fishing line around the feather and then double tie it onto the frame.  Cut the excess fishing line off after each feather.  I did not and waited until the end and it was a pain in the butt!

I also staggered my feathers at varying heights so it didn't look so uniform plus it gives it some depth.

And that was it!!  The only thing I have left to do is have my husband hang it from the ceiling in the corner! I can only do so much, plus me and drywall really have a love hate relationship :)  I will put a pic up once it is hung.  I got a simple white chain so that it blends in with the ceiling.

This is probably my second favorite project that I have done, next to my Union Jack antique coffee table!!

Anyone up for the challenge??  I would love to see pics if you make this!

What is your favorite DIY project that you have done?

Let me know in the comments below!

Have a great day!!

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