Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Embryo Retrieval and Transfer Done!!

See these two embryos?  Magnified so we are able to see them?  The ones that are actually 1/20th of a size of a piece of hair cut in half?  THESE embryos are at home inside my uterus right now!!  And they have been since Monday.

Now how's THAT for starting a blog post!! Emotions are running rampant as I type this.

Let me get you up to speed.......

Last week Wednesday, January 20th, 7 embryos were retrieved.  6 were fertilized and made it to transfer day.

My mother got me the cutest egg socks to wear on this journey and I stuck them under my gorgeous hospital booties.

I was thankful to have the retrieval done.  I was so bloated and so over having Nick stab me in the abdomen, after 5 minutes of heavy breathing and anxiety and tears.  A whole new type of body shots, much different than my 20's!  Before the retrieval I was the most bloated I had ever been. Throughout this whole journey, I have gained about 10 pounds so far.  Perfect training for encompassing a human being inside of me.

The doctor said that since I am 35, and due to our TTC for our entire marriage so far and my history, we could either transfer 2 or 3.  It was our decision.  5 embryos were perfect and just where they needed to be and the 6th one was delayed a bit behind.

After a long deliberation, Nick and I decided to transfer 2!!  Double trouble and twice the love!!  In the end, we want a healthy child.  Two healthy children would be a miracle and a blessing.  With the support from our friends and family behind us, we feel we can conquer anything.  I know that sounds cheesy, but it is true.  We need more to hold onto then just hope.

On Monday, January 25th, the transfer was completed.  It went smooth and perfect.  It was the quickest procedure of them all so far.  And now 48 hours of bed rest, per the doctor.   So today I am back at work and exhausted, I am so tired, physically and mentally.

Our blood test will be Friday, February 5th at 7:30 am.  It is a lifetime away!!  I am supposed to be stress free and not think about the pending lives growing inside of me.  Sure, no problem..........there are lists of things to do online during the TWW (two week wait).   I just want to swear and scream at all of the ideas.  Thank goodness my work is a circus and I am constantly busy.  I just have to get past this one weekend coming up and then we will know before the next weekend if IVF was successful.

People say to expect the worst and hope for the best.....I don't have it in me.  I expect the best and hope for it.  Everything has fallen in to place for us so far.  And so far, our love is getting us through this.  I have to believe that means something.  And we did spend the $600 out of pocket to have the remaining babies frozen.  So we will have 3 more tries this year if it is not successful.

Yes, that does mean that our 6th little embie did catch up developmentally and we have 2 frozen, 1 frozen and 1 frozen.  So all 6 that were retrieved were fertilized and survived.  Pretty damn empowering!!

I really am going to try to wait to test with a home pregnancy test until my blood test.  But if the stress of wanting to test is too great, I will give in.  And I will just know that I cannot be certain until the blood test. This is the easiest way to describe what is going on inside me right now:

So again, I ask for the prayers and well wishes of all of my readers so that we can achieve our dream of being parents.  Also for our patience as we endure the TWW!!

Thank you again for following us on our journey to Baby Miano and now hopefully the Miano Babies!!

Have a great day!! xo

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Baby Miano IVF Update-Day 5-First Monitoring Appointment

Oh Happy Day All!!  I have been a human pin cushion for the past 4 days and I finally got to go for my first monitoring appointment today to see what is going on inside!

Let's back up......we were able to finally start the IVF meds last Saturday night.  This consists of shots to my lower abdomen every night.  Shots that are going to make my follicles (where the egg is produced) grow and multiply.  The more follicles the better, as when I go in for retrieval, we want as many as possible to fertilize.  This increases our odds of getting pregnant!

The shots have been rough, painful and bruising me.  My husband gives them to me.  He has been incredible.  Incredible!! He has gone to the store and gotten healthy foods, he has taken care of our pups when I feel horrible, keeping up with the house, rubbing my feet.....He is just the sweetest, kindest man.  He keeps telling me he loves me and is proud of what I am going through.  I can only imagine how great he will be when we get pregnant :)

This is possibly the hardest thing I have ever done.  Mentally and physically.  I am scared of needles, so the anxiety every night is pretty intense.  But today I got to find out if it was working.  And it is.  I have 2 small follicles on my left ovary and 2 small on my right.  But I also have 2 large on my right. One at 16 cm and one at 12 cm.  Estrogen is rising nicely at 572.  So now 2 shots in the belly for the next 3 days and off for labs again!

The retrieval of these follicles will be performed surgically next week.  Not sure on the exact date yet.  They will put me under and remove all the follicles.  We will then fertilize them and wait for 3 to 5 days.  The ones that fertilize and are the "best of the bunch" so to speak, will be implanted.

We want to implant two.  God willing, we will get two to implant.  The goal is to have a healthy child, not to get pregnant, so the battle has truly just begun.  But so far I have learned a lot about myself.  I have learned I will do whatever it takes to become a mother and my husband will do whatever it takes, too.  My mother has been my rock throughout this.  Her and my girlfriend Heather check on me daily and talk it all out with me.  Even looking up tips for me!  It truly means the world.  Because in between the mood swings, bloating, headaches, stomach aches and hot flashes, the end result is the most precious gift I could ever ask for.  I truly hope it happens for us this time.

Thanks for following us on our journey to Baby Miano xoxo

If you have any advice, suggestions or feedback, please let me know!

Have a great day! xo

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