Thursday, June 25, 2015

TomBox (NKA SwaagBox) Subscription

Lately I have really been struggling with my monthly beauty subs......they just haven't been meeting the standards lately.....have I become a beauty snob??

I don't think so because I am about to tell you about an INCREDIBLE monthly sub box. Swaagbox, formerly known as Tombox, is a Time Of The Month box.  For only $10 a month you get a box with not only tampons or pads but also makeup, jewelry, skin care, hair care, etc.......

They sent me this box for review and it really made me happy.

Who doesn't want to feel pretty when they feel like crap and are the the size of a whale with bloat?? I know I do!!  Love the lipstick and eyeshadow, the ankle bracelet, the hair serum, I mean the value of this box definitely exceeded $10 and they are all name brand products.

You fill out a profile with your choices for skincare, jewelry, makeup, etc....they got me very well for telling them I would choose trendy (I had not signed up and filled out the profile).

I am very impressed with the things that they sent me and am looking forward to the months to come!!

Want to sign up?? Click HERE to join me in feeling beautiful when we feel anything but :)

Have you tried TomBoxes before?  What are your thoughts?

Let us know in the comments below!!

Have a great day!! XO

Friday, June 5, 2015

Upcoming 2015 Beauty Releases

Happy Friday Ya'll!!  Today I really just want to do show and tell.  I've come across some amazing products that some of will be releasing as soon as the end of this month!!  And believe me when I say I want all of them!!

First up is Benefit's They're Real Push Up Liner!!  As soon as this product came out I prayed that they would be releasing more colors than black.  And they heard my cries at night because not only is the liner coming out in 4 new shades but so is the mascara.

Another one of my favorite brands, Kat Von D.  These colors are gorgeous and if you have used them then you know how they don't budge from your lips.

Urban Decay is coming out with a 4th Naked palette, a Naked Smokey Palette.  

Lorac!!  Two new eye shadow palettes!!  One is all MATTE!!  Beautiful!!  And their own contour palette.

Mac's matte lipstick line.  This one is currently available on their site.

Glam Glow has done it again........Flash Mud......this is a brightening treatment mask.

Givenchy eye shadow palette....look at this packaging.  Who cares what is in it? :)

So now you can see why I am over here drooling away and maybe some things that will be on my birthday wish list (yes my birthday is in October and so what lol).

Which product are you most excited about??  Let us know in the comments below!!  And thank you to +TrendMood for always keeping us current xoxo

Have a great day!! xoxo
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