Saturday, November 29, 2014

November 2014 BoxyCharm Unboxing and December Spoiler

Last month I wrote a post on my first ever BoxyCharm box that I received.  I loved it so much that I cancelled GlossyBox and decided to keep the subscription!!  Each box comes with 4-5 full sized products each month and they are mostly all makeup!! Just the kind of box I needed. I love my Birchbox and Sample Society but get a nice mix of haircare and skincare with them.

This months theme was Sparkle and Shine.  Ummmmmm, Mudpipes and GLITTER people!! I love sparkle and shine.

Before I show you my goodies I want to let you know that the waitlist is currently turned off and you can get a subscription to BoxyCharm right away! It is $21 a month but the value of the box is FAR exceeded by the products received.  Click HERE to sign up today :)  They are similar to Birchbox in that after you review the products you receive, you get credits (charms) added to your account that go towards products available in their online store.

Okay first up is a product that blew my mind after using.  Mica Beauty Eye Primer.

This product is for eye lids to help eyeshadow stay on longer.  I decided to try it under my eyes as a concealer primer and boy did it work.  My concealer did not crease all day. I called my mom freaking out as we are constantly looking for a holy grail product that does that! This is a full size product valued at $44.95!! I probably could have even just used it as concealer since it is flesh colored and did a great job of evening my skin tone, too.  Loved this product!

Next is a product that I decided to throw on at the last minute on Thanksgiving since I had done purple eye makeup.  Kevin Murphy Color Bug.

Of course it is in my favorite color, too! It is non permanent and washes out. Since I have such light hair I did put some leave in conditioner on before I rubbed the chalk on.  Put a towel on your shoulders to protect your clothes as it does get messy since it is chalky.  I loved it.  My best friend Shanna has purple hair right now too and we love that we can try it without the commitment.  You will need to do a search on their site to find the nearest retailer or buy online or at Amazon.  Full size valued at $21.95!

Next up is another product I used on Thanksgiving for my eye makeup.  Tarina Tarantino's EyeLicity Glitter Liner in Glitter Mist.

It goes on super smooth and I put it on over black liner to really make it pop.  Full size valued at $16!

Next up is Ofra Blush in Paradise Pink.

This is a really pretty color.  Like a mauve.  I like corals for both summer and winter as they look really nice on my skin but this looked really pretty too.  Its amazing how a new color blush can change your face.  Wow, I used this on turkey day, too.  Makeup of the day all done by Boxycharm, HAHA!  It is very smooth and highly, highly pigmented so a little goes a long way.  Remember to not use too much or you will look like a clown.  Full size valued at $24.95!!

Last up is Bellapierre Cosmetics Shimmer Pigment in Sensation.

I haven't used this yet and I know it looks like it will be messy but give off some incredible shimmer.  I would probably put this just in the corner of my eyes to brighten them up.  This is full sized valued at $14.99!!

So as you can see the value of this box far exceeds the cost at a whopping $122.84!!  I am very pleased with this months box.  Click HERE to read last months unboxing and see how pleased I was also with that box!

And here is my complete edgy look that I wore for Thanksgiving :)

Second favorite to my makeup was my tights, I just loved them and bought them last year and didn't find them again until I was packing last weekend!  WHICH by the way we will be moved in to our new house on Monday so shortly thereafter I can get back to baking and crafting and sharing some really awesome ideas with ya'll for the upcoming holidays :)  Again, the reason I started this blog was to keep myself busy while mourning the loss of my daddy and I will especially need it during the holidays xo

I hope you all enjoyed the unboxing and maybe it inspired you to sign up to Boxycharm.  A little piece of advice, if you don't like spoilers, don't follow them on Facebook as they give spoilers leading up until the next months box is sent out!

But I will tell you this entire FULL SIZE palette, valued at $39.95, will be in the December box!!  It is comparable to Urban Decays Naked palette :)

Do you already get Boxycharm?  What did you think of this month's box?

Let us know in the comments below!!

Have a great day!! xo

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November 2014 Product Favs

Time for my monthly favs based on all the products I received this month.  In fact, this month I picked 6 items.  This is a great month and I am super excited about these products!!

My new go to products

First, let's talk about Unwash!!  I actually won two bottles of this in a contest!

  • Unwash is a cleansing conditioner.  These are all the rage right now and I was obsessed with Macademia's Flawless Cleansing Conditioner once I tried it.  I even got my cousin Kelly hooked on it. :) These products put the multi in multi tasker.  Unwash is more than a shampoo and conditioner in one. It locks in hairs natural moisture and color. NO SULFATES OR PARABENS! This felt incredible in the shower but the real magic happened after.  My hair was so smooth after drying and felt healthier. I really can't even describe how much I like it.  I like it even more than the Macademia! Plus being able to only use one product in the shower instead of 3 is great.  Even my second day hair is less greasy then it normally is. These look like they are only available in salons currently so click HERE to find your nearest one.  That makes me a tad bit sad that I can't buy online but they have a couple other products to check out, too.  It looks like they also offer daily samples if you get to their website early enough.  You have to try this product! :)

  • Next is Josie Maran's 100 % Pure Argan Oil. Argan Oil used to just be for our hair and now we are using it for everything.  I am an oil girl! I love all of my oils but this is my new favorite and much more affordable than Caudalie :)  It is full of Vitamin E and essential oils and I truly can say I noticed a difference in my skin the first time I used it.  I put it on at night and in the morning under my makeup. It does wonders for my skin, keeps me glowing, keeps me moisturized all day and with winters in Chicago, I need all the help I can get! My trick is to apply when my skin is still a little damp to really get it to soak in. Another product you have to try! 

  • Okay next is First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream and Ultra Repair Concentrate.  And yes, I got samples at Sephora to try before I bought and it is amazing.  Another Chicago winter staple for dry skin.  I have supa dupa oily skin in the summer and I'm an alligator in the winter. No happy medium. The cream is thick, thick, thick. But you wouldn't know if it you were blindfolded and had someone rub it on your face :) It sinks right into your skin. NO greasy feel! It has made my skin clearer too! I think it is due to the eucalyptus, shea and oatmeal :) The concentrate is actually supposed to be stronger but is like a serum almost. I use that one in the morning under my makeup.  

Left is cream and right is concentrate

  • Next up is Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer.  My wonderful friend Heather gave this to me.  It truly does smell like chocolate and is the perfect brown color for bronzing and contouring. This is actually the medium/deep shade and it is not too dark on me at all.  It does not look muddy on my face and blends so nicely.  Perfect since my face is starting to look like a piece of paper it is getting so white!  It is also completely matte, no shimmer.

Full size picture

  • Now this product came in my Birchbox and I indicated how much I loved it from my first impression.  Now after using it almost daily I want you to know how much more I love it. Modelco Party Proof Lipstick in Nearly Nude.  This is a smooth, velvety lipstick and truly is the perfect nude.  Now, staying power isn't that great unless you really prime your lips, but I don't mind reaching for it throughout the work day to add some color and hydration.  It always leaves a smooth finish on my lips and doesn't feel waxy. Did I mention I love the color??  

  • And last up is Fekkai Blowout Refresher Dry Shampoo.  We all know I am a devoted lover of Klorane Oat Milk Dry Shampoo but this one is different.  My wonderful friend Mary sent this to me to try.  I can't explain it but when I use this one, it makes my second day hair stayed curled ALL DAY LONG. I am talking about until bed time.  So I always shower and wash my bangs only with second day hair and then I spray this in my roots and flip my head over and work it through from my roots to my ends with my fingers.  It keeps my hair just as voluminous as it was the day I blow dried it and refreshes my hair.  It has a light scent to it which is nice.

And there ya have it, my favorite products for the month of November.  Let me tell you, it is very hard to narrow products down so when I do these lists I mean business!! Get samples at your local Sephora when you can! :)

Have you tried or are currently using any of these?

What are your thoughts??

Let us know in the comments below!!

Have a great day!! xo

Thursday, November 20, 2014

5 Common Makeup Mistakes And How To Fix Them

If you are anything like me in the morning, you are in a rush, running around like a woman from the 50's with rollers in your hair and a bathrobe chasing puppies (or kids) around the house.  It is a constant battle on weekdays to balance between getting ready and tending to their needs and the hubby's needs.  So sometimes, my eye liner can be uneven, my foundation cakey or my blush too heavy.

Here are some quick and easy makeup fixes for some common issues and mistakes that can occur so you don't have to start all over!

Hopefully it's never this bad

  • Smudged eyeliner...Okay it happens to me a lot.  I have a 5 month old puppy who wants to jump on me at my vanity and give me kisses so a smudge or a crazy looking cat eye is bound to happen.  The fix? Invest in a makeup remover pen.  E.L.F. has one for less than $3 (online or Target) and it is the perfect fix.  It eliminates you having to re do your whole face. You can also use a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover.  Or if you have any eye makeup remover pads or wipes, use the tiniest corner of it to wipe the mistake away.  

This might need a whole face redo

  • Cakey makeup? Atomizer's are all the rage lately (I don't have one) so you may have one.  That is the best way to fix it, you want to lightly spritz your face and then blend out the foundation with your beauty blender or sponge.  Or you can wet a paper towel lightly and dab your face and then blend it out.  The beauty blender is truly the best way to apply a thick or full coverage foundation.  I am currently using Kat Von D (review to come) and can't imagine applying it any other way.

On your way to the circus??

  • Too much blush? Looking sunburned or forgot to tap off the excess? Been there, done that.  Lately I have been using powder blush so if I put too much on, I take my fluffiest brush and blend, blend, blend it out.  I will apply setting powder in that area if I need to remove more.  If you are using a cheek tint like Benefit's Benetint, you can take some of your face lotion and lightly rub it over the area. You may need to dab a bit more foundation on if the lotion alone is not enough.  


  • You blinked and got mascara under your eyes or smeared some on your lid while applying? The makeup remover pen or q-tip come in very handy again. I truly try to go very slow applying mascara and I use a business card to cover under my eyes and my eye lids.  Or whatever sample pack is lying around I grab.  Same goes for when applying eye shadow, that way the fallout lands on the card.  

Ummmm no

  • Went overboard with the smokey eye for day time?  Since I have BareMinerals powder foundation I use some foundation to tone it down and blend it out.  But first, I will try to take my fluffy eye brush and blend, blend, blend.  Even blotting your eye lid with a tissue or paper towel can help remove some product.
Speaking of smokey eyes, stay tuned as I am doing a holiday makeup post with several tutorials for different looks for the holiday season!!

Of course I wish you all nothing but PERFECT makeup days :)  Have any problems I didn't cover? Know any tricks yourself?  Let me know in the comments below!

Have a great day!! xo

Little Bit O Truth 

Thrifting & Bitching Prize Winnings

I really have been on a lucky streak lately....I have lost count of how many contests I have won this year.  It is very exciting.  That is why I love having my own giveaways and giving back since I have been so blessed and lucky.  This post is quite overdue as well....I won a few weeks back but have been so busy with packing and my blog and my husbands company and working with other companies and well...the list goes on, you get the point.  After December 1st I should be able to slow down and get back to crafting as I have so many projects ready to share with ya'll!

Thrifting and Bitching are two of my favorite things to do so it was pretty awesome that I met these women and won this prize!  Which the presentation alone was just so awesome, from the card (which looks handmade and was very appreciated) to the packaging.

Their blog is run by three best friends who love beauty, fashion, DIY and much more.  In fact, I plan on having them do a guest post once things settle down for me as well so stay tuned for that!  Thank you guys again so very much!

They are currently having another giveaway (of course I entered) for your furry friends and family and that ends this weekend so get your entries in HERE! I know Shelby and Paisley would love to win this one :)

Check them out HERE or on Twitter @3thriftybitches and tell them Mudpipes and Glitter sent ya!!

Have a great day!! xo

Monday, November 17, 2014

Birchbox Man November 2014 Unboxing

Always brings a smile to his face

Since ya'll got to see my boxes today I thought I would share my husband's!  I absolutely love that he gets so excited with this subscription I got him and they have been spot on each time with this products.  Always manly and never too feminine.

My honey's goodies

The only unfortunate thing I will say right off the bat is he did not receive his sample choice and I know he was let down by that. I have emailed customer service the confirmation email to see what they say.

Now sure, the item they included was a $50 item but we choose what we choose for a reason.

Cherry Wood Ear Buds
These are from LSTN Headphones Bowery Earbuds. From a work standpoint, he cannot safely use these and really has no use for them so we will probably gift these as I know someone who probably would love them. The reviews on this product were mixed.

Next up is Notting Hill cologne by English Laundry.

Spray top sample

I LOVED this on him. MMMMMM :) Rich, woodsy, musky scent just the way I like my blue collar man to smell.  Ladies, this is a keeper! Get it for your husband! :) Oh and PS he really liked it too :)

Next is DTRT Foam Cleanser.

Face to Face

This cleanser is similar to a shaving cream, in that it is thick and really gets down deep into pores. Since most nights he comes home with his face covered in soot, this will really help.  He is really liking all of these face products targeted to men as they are hard to come by and they have always been really good deep cleansers as their skin is so much different than ours :)

Next up is RUSK paste.

I love this brand myself

My husband won't grow his hair long on the top like I want him to (different convo for a different day haha) but he can still use this texturizing paste and I for sure will be dabbling into this myself! :)

And last up is Basics for Men by Beckman Ultimate Tough Skin Relief.

another nice sized sample
The mans lotion.  My poor husband has very chapped hands and knuckles since they are his money makers.  It's funny even after our wedding pictures were taken I remember my brother in law told him he should have lubed up before the ring pictures :)  This will come in handy for him a lot and it's a nice sized sample too!  We are hoping it is not too perfumey as some of the reviews do say that.

And there ya go!  My honey's box.  Birchbox has tons of specialty pre made gift boxes to select for the holidays or you can gift a subscription.  It is only $20 a month and always, always, always has given us at least a $40 product in each box. You can't beat that.  Click HERE to sign up today to get your box for Christmas!!

What was in your Birchbox Man box this month? I love to compare based on other profiles.  Let me know in the comments below!

Have a great day! xo

Birchbox November 2014 DOUBLE Unboxings and Reviews

November's Birchbox theme is "Giving".  In honor of that theme and in a social media campaign, they will be donating $1 to RED each time a picture of their special #shaRED box is uploaded.  RED promotes awareness and raises money for the fight against AIDS.  I thought it was a truly noble thing for them to do this month!  Let's keep sharing those pictures and using the hashtag #shaRED to help fight the good fight.

For those that don't know, Birchbox is a personalized monthly beauty subscription that sends you makeup, skincare and haircare items each month. They also include lifestyle items some month such as candles and candy.  It is $10 and completely worth it! For those that like trying new products, playing with makeup or just obsessed like I am, this is a great box. #1 on my list currently. The BEST part is if you answer some questions each month about the products you received you get points. 100 points is equal to $10 in their online shop where you can get the same things you get at Sephora.  I don't think I have ever paid full price for an order on their site. Click HERE to sign up today!

Okay so let's look at the goodies!!! I'm so excited to share this month.  As of last month, I signed up for two boxes with different profiles just to experiment for a few months to see the variety offered based on what selections I made.

First up is the box that I am adventurous and trendy on with a preference for organic and an advanced level of makeup knowledge and application.  And here is the amazing box I received for the second month in a row with this new profile!

Love it!!
First up is ModelCo lipstick.  I've had the mascara before and wasn't pleased with it. I have, however, been in the market for a nude lipstick so I was stoked that this was in my box!

Perfect nude color
Nude lips and bold eye
I'm very pleased with the color and the texture! Full size $20 value.

Next up is another item I have had my eye on for quite some time since I have crater sized pores. Dr. Brandt's Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner.

This is a product that you can see working when you use it and I love that!  It goes on and dries like a mask.  I used it as soon as I got it and will be purchasing again.  This is very comparable to GlamGlow in the way that it feels and works.

Next up is SuperGoop Daily Correct CC Cream.

Wish it was a larger sample
I have gotten this product sooooo many times it's crazy (looking at all of my sub boxes).  A CC cream is a corrective coverage cream so heavier coverage than a BB (beauty balm) cream.  This is a light to medium color adjusting shade.  I just don't feel that it accurately adjusts to my shade since I am more yellow toned.  This will go in the giveaway pile.  I also feel this sample size is not sufficient for those that do want to try this out as you only get one use out of it.

Next is Perlier Revitalizing White Almond Body Butter.

Cute packaging

Another item that is quite prevalent in my boxes, lotions....this is the suntan lotion of the winter boxes LOL  It is a pretty large sample and the reviews on it are good in that the product is not greasy and sinks right into the sink.  I have a huge stockpile of lotions on my desk at work so this will surely end up there soon :)

Next up is also another duplicate from Birchbox, Folle de Joie perfume.

Thankfully a spray sample
This is a fresh scent, very summery, floral like.  I think my mom would like this one so it may make it to her stocking this year :)

And last up is a lifestyle item thrown in as a treat.

You know you want to try it :) 
And what a treat it was!! Chocolate and potato chips??! Delish! Not something to eat all the time but it was the perfect 3 bite snack and it was super good.  I love salty and sweet combos and this hit the spot!

So overall this was a great box, if I could I would replace the Supergoop but that will still find a home and the lipstick and Dr. Brandt completely made up for it.  Okay, the chocolate didn't hurt either! :)

NOW check out my other box.  This is the box with the profile I have had since December of last year.  However, because the box I got last month under this profile was utterly heartbreaking (read about it HERE), I did make some changes and tweaked some things to ensure I got a stellar box this month.  And it worked. I had my profile set to Adventurous, Classic and Trendy.  I changed it to Trendy only.  My beauty knowledge is set as Dedicated Beauty Enthusiast since my other profile has Advanced on it.  Hopefully these insights will help you adjust your own profile to tailor your box if you are not happy currently :)

Okay here we go!

love love love

This box is absolutely perfect.  One of the best I have ever received.  Now let me tell you why. :)  For me I like a box with a mix of hair, beauty and skin care items.  Sure I love makeup first and foremost but I know I am always going to get quality skincare products to try and the same for hair care.  My other boxes satisfy my needs for whatever I may not have gotten with Birchbox.

First up is Royal Apothic Cuppa Cuppa Firming Tea Treatment Mask.

Nice size sample

The reviews on this are incredible and I will be using it tonight.  The mask is made of clay, acai, pomegranate,coffee, goji berry and infused with black, green and white tea leaves.  I can see my friend Rachel loving this :) It is an 8 minute treatment that leaves skin firmer, smoother and more radiant.  Um YES PLEASE :)

Next up is theBalm Cosmetics Cindy-Lou Manizer.

why yes that is my puppy's hair in the picture

First of all how adorable is the packaging? So similar to Benefit's awesome packaging.  Highlighters and luminizers are all the rage right now and give us all the "glow" that we had in our youth :) They aid in contouring and also illuminate certain areas of our face.  This particular one is a light pink sheen. I use on my cheekbones and under my eyebrow arch and in the corners of my eyes sometimes. They also make Mary-Lou Manizer which is more of a honey hue.  I like them both.  I can never have enough of these so can't wait to use it.

Next up is Amika Nourishing Mask.

Another nice sized sample

The only other product I have used by Amika is their blowout spray. I like it but I am a sucker for a great hair mask.  This is a really nice sized product to and I am glad I will be able to get more than one use out of it.  My trick with masks is to coat the ends really well and then pile it up on top of my head.  You don't want to load up your roots with a ton of product as it will transfer to weighing your hair down for the rest of the day.  I've recently come to love sea buck thorn (I am using it in my face oil) and this is made with that, vitamins, omega acids and of course sulfate free!!

Next up is derma E Evenly Radiant Brightening Cleanser.

Another great sized sample

Are you noticing a trend? These sample sizes are amazing! I just recently wrote a post about a Vitamin C Serum I am using (read it HERE) and am loving products infused with it.  This cleanser is paraben and sulfate and additive free so great for your skin.  I love that the reviews say it doesn't dry the skin out after use since that can happen with Vitamin C. Another product I can't wait to rip open.

Next is a Harvey Prince fragrance, Petaly Noir.

YAY for another spray sample

I am not a fan of the HELLO fragrance by this brand.  But this one I LOVE!!! LOVE!! It is so sensual and woodsy and musky.  Just the things I look for in a perfume.  Also full sized price is $55 so not even a crazy ridiculous price point!  This is truly a great perfume and lasted a very long time on me.  I am really considering purchasing this :)

And again Birchbox included a lifestyle item.  This one is super fancy too :)  Vosges Petits Chocolats, mine is pink Himalayan crystal salt caramel!!


I haven't tried it yet but I am really excited to :)

And those are my boxes!! Now you can see why I am so happy with everything :)  Again these boxes are only $10 a month and I really recommend signing up ASAP.  I have so many points accumulated I am going to use them to get Christmas presents with!  Plus you can GIFT subscriptions to people which is a great idea.  They also have tons of limited edition specialty boxes just for the holidays that include luxurious full sized items.  Click HERE to sign up today!

What did you get this month?? I love comparing so let me know in the comments below!  Also let me know if you've already tried any of the goodies I received so I know your thoughts!

Plus don't forget to share photos of the RED box on social media to help the fight against AIDS xo

Have a great Monday ya'll!! xo

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