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UPDATE-Marc Jacobs #Lashie Contest Prize Package and Reviews

UPDATE (Original post is directly below).......

I finally heard back from Marc Jacobs Beauty.....I must tell you I was not at all pleased with their customer service department and spoke to so many people and had to repeat myself so many times.  It was frustrating as I felt like a bother each time I called in.  Because I told them I was calling regarding a prize I had won and wanted to exchange some items....The way I see it is I am a new customer no matter how I received the products and how I am treated and my experience with the products are what will determine if I am a return customer.  It wasn't until my very last conversation with the nicest team leader ever that made everything better.

As I said in my original post, the items I wanted to exchange/return were the Genius Gel as the color was much too dark for me, the Face 2 foundation brush as it did nothing but deposit hairs on my face and the remedy concealer pen as it was much too pink for me.

Here are the items that I got in return!

Happy girl right here

I knew I still wanted the foundation just in my color match which ended up being Bisque Medium, the full coverage concealer in Alive and nail polishes in Bark (brown), Klute (nude) and Warm Blue (blue).

I have a hard time bringing myself to spend $8.50 on Essie nail polish so I knew this would probably be the only chance I would have to try $18.00 nail polish!

Look at these colors......



Warm Blue
Decisions, decisions

The brush was pretty big so I can see it being harder for people with small nail beds. It only took 2 coats to get the perfect coverage and these are high shine lacquers here people.  They are really pretty.  I chose Bark to wear right away.:)

Picture really doesn't do any of them justice

This morning I was super excited to do my face makeup.

Bisque Medium

Dots on the hand, then on the face,then application with beauty blender

The color couldn't have matched more seamlessly.

I even used the flash and you can't see it

A few things I don't think I mentioned before....this is a light to medium coverage foundation.  And medium really only comes into play if you add more than one layer or build up coverage in problem areas, like acne, scarring or sun spots.  The other bottle I received was perfumed heavily.  I was worried about that again but I could barely smell anything with this bottle.  Except foundation smell lol

Smooth satiny finish
I love this foundation.  No caking, no smearing (like with the foundation brush)....I am very, very pleased.

Okay on to the concealer, which I am a concealer addict since my bags are so dark and purple that I look like I am in a fight club, I am always looking for the next best thing.

Super sleek looking

Using Marc Jacobs concealer brush

The packaging is so sharp and the consistency is quite creamy.  Creamy but not dry and cakey.  A little goes a long way but I did have to put it on twice before I walked out of the house to get sufficient coverage for my dark circles.  I must not have put enough setting powder on.  It immediately brightened up my entire eye area and went on super smooth, no dragging or lines left over.  I used the brush today since it was made to go with this product but tomorrow I think I will try my mini beauty blender since it seems the perfect consistency for it.

I know weird picture, call me unique :)
I took this picture this way to show you you can't see my circles under my eyes.  A lot of concealers cover the dark coloring but still leave the circles.  So far so good with this product.

And here is my whole face with both the foundation and concealer in natural lighting.  Coloring matched perfect.  No makeup mask :)

My face and neck are the same color
In the end, I am 100% satisfied, I am so happy that I made the exchanges.  I am definitely a new customer and will be a return customer for Marc Jacobs Beauty.

Hope you all enjoyed seeing the variety of products I received and reviewed and hoped it helped you with any decisions you were pondering.

Any questions or comments? Please let me know below.

Also feel free to re read the original posting below to see the other items (gel liners and eye shadows) that I am loving from MJB.

Have a great day!! xo

As we know, I am a compulsive contest enterer......but I have always stood by the motto that you can't win if you don't try!  And it has made me a winner more times than not!

Today, I am super excited to go over the winnings of a contest that Marc Jacobs had on Instagram.  It was a lashie contest and all you had to do was take a selfie showing your lashes.  I decided to take an actual lash selfie (which is a lashie haha).

Here is the picture that I submitted!

Picture of a picture
It was a very exciting day when they contacted me, needless to say!

So my prize included a $250 gift card to Marc Jacobs Beauty and a bunch of O'Mega Lash Mascaras!

It's not every day you get to pick out high end , expensive, beautiful makeup and I quickly made my choices! This is what I ordered.

O!Mega Lash

O!Mega Lash

Items listed below

Genius Gel Super Charged Oil Free Foundation
The SkyLiner-7 piece Gel Eye Liner set
The Vamp-Style Eye Con Plush Eye Shadow Set
Remedy Concealer Pen
Face 2 Sculpting Foundation Brush
The Conceal Concealer Brush
5 O'Mega Lash Volumizing Mascaras

Here is a more close up look at them!

The Vamp

The Vamp

The Vamp

Genius Gel Foundation (I see me!)

Remedy Concealer Pen

Concealer Brush

Face 2 Sculpting Brush

I was so excited to receive everything!!  But, truth be told, I was let down by a few items.

Now for the details.  I inquired with Sephora about the correct shade for the foundation I should select but it is much too dark for me.  I am trying to exchange it for a lighter color but am still awaiting a response.  It is hard for me to give the greatest review on the foundation because of the coloring.  I have to say that the Face 2 brush smeared the foundation on my face and kept leaving hairs on my face during application.  This is a $48 foundation brush!  I don't even get hairs on my face from my travel Bare Minerals brushes.  I plan on exchanging that item as well.  Lastly, the Remedy concealer pen......the concept behind it is incredible.  It has a palladium applicator to cool the eye area while concealing.  Yet again, this color is all wrong for me.  I guess shame on Sephora for pointing me in the wrong direction.  The color I received is very pink and does not go well with my yellow undertones.  It also appears to be more of a highlighter than an actual concealer.  The concealer brush is literally a mini version of the Face 2 brush and is a very nice brush.  I do plan on exchanging the Face 2 brush and getting their actual concealer though. I think this is a case where this brush is best suited for the product it is intended for.

As for the gel liners...I am in LOVE!! These are incredible and were featured on my October Faves post.  They slide effortlessly across my eye lid, last all day and the colors are beautiful.  I am so glad I was able to try 7 of them!

The eye shadow is also just as nice.  There is an incredible amount of fall out though.  So I found that patting it on (while covering my under eye with a piece of paper) is the best way to apply.  It blends nicely and also lasts all day.  The colors in the palette all go so well together, too.

The O'Mega Lash Mascara.....I like how it separates my lashes nicely and doesn't give me any clumps but I do wish it was darker and provided more volume.  Despite my photo submission, I do not have gorgeous long lashes (like my husband does) and need to work to achieve them. The mascara doesn't smudge though or come off during the day.

I hope I don't come across selfish since all of these items were prizes for me because I truly do not mean to.  Understand that this is my first impression of Marc Jacobs products so the bar was set very, very high.  I am really hoping that once I get the correct colors that my impression will be completely different, so stay tuned for more updates!

If you are currently using any of these products or brushes, what tips for application do you have?

Please let me know in the comments below!

Have a great day!! xo


  1. I really wanted to try their gel liners and after reading your review I def will purchase one! You don't sound selfish at all! I'm right there with you, my bar for Marc Jacobs is set pretty high!

    1. Thanks love! Yes, the liners are incredible. They set very quickly so smudge quick if that is the look you want, otherwise they are staying on all day. The colors are just so pretty. Can't wait to hear what ya think!! xo

  2. So lucky! All of these products look and sound great, minus the foundation mix up.


    1. Thanks hon! Still waiting to get a hold of someone to make the switch too :(

  3. Lol. I was meaning to ask you what is your secret to winning giveaways because I always see you winning. The Marc Jacob gel liners sound amazing! I like the colors for the Vamp palette too.

    PS: I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award! :) My post is here and along with the instructions on what to do:

    x Carol

    1. Carol!! Thank you SO MUCH! Thats my 2nd nomination!!! hee hee!!!! Im so sorry for the delay in responding! I wasnt getting notices?? I just enter, enter, enter! :) xo


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