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As I am a relatively new blogger, I am trying to get the word out there as much as possible.  And with your help it WILL happen! Actually, thank you all for making it so successful after only two weeks!  I have had 716 views already :)  Wonderful!

So today is a post about two companies that have sent me some products to try, free of charge.

Last week, I wrote a post about nail wraps.  I was then in contact with Jamberry.  Jamberry is a nail wrap company that provides a DIY at home application with an incredible variety of designs.  In fact, I have never seen so many nail wrap options!!  You can learn more about them here.

Here is what was sent to me.

This is just a small sample of some of their designs.

In fact, here is the back page of the pamphlet that was included.

Watermelon, Queen Anne, Leopard Tips???  I LOVE THEM!!!

There are so many patterns, styles, colors and shapes to look at, this doesn't even come close.
Check out the designs here!

Now, of course, when I got my samples I could not WAIT to try them.  Since I have been using nail wraps for a while, I thought they would be just like all of the others.  So I peeled off the pattern I wanted for my one nail and placed it on my finger.

Clearly, there is enough product here for me to do two nails and that is what I planned on doing.  Since a nail file nor instructions came with my sample, I just did what I always did and cut the excess and manipulated it on my finger.  This is not as flimsy as some other nail wraps I have used so I had a bit of difficulty but was able to make it work.

In retrospect, I should have gone to the website, but it was late and as always I am trying to get my nails done before I go to bed as it's the only time I have! :)

Here are the proper application instructions:

I am now going to have to do this next time and update this post!  But even though I applied them wrong, they still looked great.  I love how they are glossy, like my nails as most nail wraps don't match the polished nails so it definitely looks like they are stickers.

I was also skeptical on the sizes, as I did not think I would be able to use all the samples provided but now that I know I can use heat to stretch them out, I am sure I can!

You can place an order and buy 3 and get 1 free here!

What's also great, is you can become a hostess for a Jamberry party or join the team and be a consultant and get perks and compensation!! Who doesn't love free stuff!  Click here to join today!

Request a free sample HERE!  Please tell Sarah my blog sent you! :)  Her email is at the top!! :)

What nail wraps have you used?

What is your favorite pattern?

Let me know in the comments below!

The second company that I was in contact with was Evologie.  Evologie is an acne treatment that comes in a step by step program.  They have a variety of stay clear products.

This is what I was given.

I spoke with Joann Cardello, who is amazing by the way! I told her the products that I have used and she explained to me why Evologie was different.

Many skincare products contain chemicals like benzoyl peroxide, which work only
on the surface of your skin.  As it extracts the oil, it dries the skin,
creates micro cracks at the surface (allowing bacteria to enter) and the
dryness causes your skin to produce more oil.  The excess oil production
and the new bacteria encourage new pimples to form.  So, these products
may work short-term, but they are not sustainable results and may come at
the cost of damage to your skin.

Evologie does not have benzoyl peroxide.  It works gently and naturally to
clear your blemishes at the surface and retain the water molecules so your
skin stays hydrated.  Evologie's YS3 complex also works beneath the
surface of your skin to prevent blemishes where they start and retain your
skins healthy level of hydration. Therefore, your skin is not dry and it
does not produce excess oil - so you can have clear AND healthy skin

Now, I have been using the Intensive Blemish Serum (INTENSIVE BLEMISH SERUM is a potent treatment that rapidly resolves blemishes and pimples) and the Stay Clear Cream (STAY CLEAR CREAM keeps skin clear, moisturized, and helps reduce breakouts, post-blemish scarring, and skin discoloration) for 2 days now.  Because (OF COURSE) I had gotten a few pimples to test the product with! And in all honesty, the pimples never made it past the surface of my skin!  So, no painful pimples to deal with or be embarrassed about!  Plus the Stay Clear Cream is so moisturizing, I don't have patches of dry skin on my face that can happen with other products I have used.

The biggest concern I had was that all natural products would not be powerful enough and that I would break out more because I was introducing a new product into my skin.  NOPE!  Didn't happen and I am very pleased with the results so far!

You can get the products here!  Or if you want to get some Birchbox points, here!  Shipping is free on both sites but it does look like the better value currently is with Birchbox.

What do you currently use to manage acne?

Are they all natural?

Let me know in the comments below!!

Have a great day!!


  1. I received evologie samples as well and have had the same results as you. Love the products and great reviews! :)

    1. YAY! So good to hear! Do you put the lotion all over or just where you didn't put the blemish treatment? Just curious :)

  2. So glad to read your blog on Jamberry. I have been interested and just sent an email to Sarah. I let her know I read your blog review to learn about the wraps. Can't wait to try them! Thanks for the info :)

    1. So glad to hear! You're welcome! I hope you enjoy them too! you can't beat having that many options!! ;)

  3. I clicked on your link to get the free samples @ Jamberry and I see no "sample" button or anything. Helps!

    1. Hi Jessie!! When you click on the link, it will take you to the consultant's page that I am working with, at the top of the page you will see an email for Sarah. Just email her and ask for a sample and tell her that my blog sent you please! Thanks!! :)


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