Thursday, June 26, 2014

Beauty Package Giveaway!!!

Since starting this blog this month, I have gotten overwhelming support from my friends, family and other bloggers from around the world.  As some of you may know, when my father passed away I really needed something to help me get out of my head and to pass the time.  This has been one of my recent projects and it has been so successful and I pray for continued success!!

As a way to thank you all, I want to have a small giveaway with a multitude of products, something for everyone.  There are a variety of brands, from Urban Decay to DermaDoctor, from Herbal Essences to Jergens......Instead of swapping these items out and trying to get something for myself I want to use these items as a way to give something back to all of you!!

Here is the entry form.  This is my first time ever doing a giveaway, so if you have any questions or if something is not working properly, please bring it to my attention right away either here in the comments or on Facebook, so that I can get it fixed for you :)

I will be going on vacation in a week so I wanted to do it before that time :)

Please make sure to do all of the items in order to give yourself more entries!! And you can do them every day until the contest ends and then I will announce the winner.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I hope you all enjoy and have some fun doing this.  I look forward to hearing the ideas for the latest blog post, too!!

Thanks again and ya'll have a great day!!


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