Thursday, June 5, 2014

Julep Summer Brights Review

I currently subscribe to several monthly beauty box subscriptions (which I will post about later).  The boxes come monthly and have an assortment of hair, beauty, makeup, lifestyle and nail polish samples.

I decided to try out an offer that Julep had.

The offer was for only $2.99 (cost of shipping), I would get a box valued at $24.99 with 3 polishes, a lip gloss and a dual ended eyeliner pencil.

I placed the order on May 29th and received it yesterday, June 4th.

Here is what I received:

The packaging was great and it came with a bunch of coupons for my next order.  I did have to sign up for a recurring monthly subscription but cancelled once I received the shipping confirmation.  I did this because I wanted to test the products first and also see how their customer service was.  I emailed them on Monday to inquire about cancellation and I still have not received a response. I also called them yesterday and cancelled via their voicemail option and still have not received a response.

However, I loved the nail polish! I am a nail polish junkie so have many polishes to compare these too.

The polish came out in nice even strokes and dried fairly quickly.  It only took two coats of polish to complete my look and I currently have no chips, despite typing on my keyboard all day.  I couldn't just choose one color so I used them all.

 I always use a quick dry no chip top coat since I find that I feel the need to do things immediately after I paint my nails :)  This one by Sally Hansen is incredible and adds a wonderful shine to my nails, plus it extends the life of my manicure by several days.

The next item in the Julep box was the awestruck lip gloss. It is a pretty nude shimmery color.  Perfect for day use!

Lastly, the dual ended eyeliner. It came in shimmery brown on one end and a matte black on the other end. The box also included a sharpener which was a surprise to me.

I used the black end today and only applied a light cat eye.  It is about 4 hours after I applied and it does appear to be coming off in some spots, despite having used a primer on my eyelids.  I didn't want to be to heavy handed with application but to ensure longer lasting eyeliner, I may have to do that in the future. I myself like liquid or gel eyeliners but this one did glide on smooth and even.

Overall, I was very pleased with the box.  The nail polish most of all.  The colors were so bright and beautiful that I may end up using the 50% off coupon for my next order just to order some more nail polish.

Here is the link to try this offer out for yourself.

Have you used Julep before? What are your thoughts on both the products and company as a whole? Let me know below!

Have a great day!

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