Thursday, June 26, 2014

#SurfsUpVoxBox Reveal & Influenster Deets

Influenster is a place where you can learn about new products, discuss them, review them, compare them and try them.  All for free.  If you are active on social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, have a blog...etc than you are who they are looking for.  It is an interactive site where your activity and interactions on these forums makes you desirable to them....desirable meaning they want to send you stuff, not ask you out on a date :)

It can be frustrating sometimes....I have been in contact with them several times and from my experience, it is very random how you get selected to get free products and be included in their promotions.  But I can attest that it DOES happen!!  I got my first "Vox Box" from them and boy oh boy, is it a good one :) And I will give the disclaimer: I received all of these products free from Influenster for testing purposes.  Once you get a box, you have a series of fun activities to complete on social media, so let's go #SurfsUpVoxBox!!

PS-If you are interested in learning more, please let me know in the comments below and I will send you the referral link.  It helps BOTH of us!!

So yesterday I got my goodies and this is what I received!!

As you can see, the #SurfsUpVoxBox is full of summer goodies!!  I am a sun goddess and lover of all things hot and summery so this is a perfect first box for me.

The item I am most excited about trying is NOT YOUR MOTHERS Texturizing Shampoo and Conditioner ($3 per travel sized bottle).

FYI-I recently made the switch to the Living Proof hair line as it contains no sulfates.  I also use Nexxus priming products to maintain my color.  It keeps my hair color and highlights lasting longer and keeps my hairy stronger, shinier, smoother and overall healthier.  If you use shampoo and conditioner that does not contain sulfates, make sure your styling products don't either because your shampoo and conditioner are not strong enough to then wash them out of your hair.

So back to NYM, these also do not have sulfates in them and I have read good reviews about the products. The smell of this product is incredible. I mean it smells like sun tan oil for your hair.  With this and my Rusk texturizing spray, my hair will be looking flawless this summer!!  I am also going on vacation next week so I will be taking all of this stuff with me!! If you would like to try them, Go Here.

Next up is a coupon for a Jamba Juice Smoothie Kit and a $1.00 coupon, valued at $4.49.

Jamba Juice has really wonderful smoothies and I already know I want the Mango-a-go-go one.  Fruits...Yougurts....enough said.  You can Get One Here.

Hawaiian Tropic is next ($2.99 value).

Coconut Papaya After Sun Lotion.  I almost always get burned when we go down south for the 4th of July, as we spend 85% of our time in the pool with the family.  This is going to be so nice to be able to have something besides plain aloe vera lotion to use.  Of course, this has it in it though!

Next I got Sinful Colors nail polish ($1.99 value).

Of course, I forgot to get the name off the bottle (I think it is Lets Meet 928) but it is pretty summery color and since I have several tasks to do for getting this box you will be seeing it in a manicure soon.  I change my nail polish like the weather changes, sooooo often, so I don't spend a lot of money on polish.  This polish is cheap and a perfect go to when I just need a specific color for nail art.  These are at Walgreens or Target or Get It Here.

Lastly, I got First Aid Shot Therapy ($2.99 value).

I have never seen this before.  I have seen liquid pain relievers but this is FDA approved so makes me feel a bit better about taking it.  It worked extremely fast which was a huge plus.  I do wish that it tasted better, but I understand it is a quick fix and not something I will take every day.  They also have this for stomach aches, too! Another perfect thing to have in my beach bag for vacation!  I plan on reeeeeelaxing so who knows when I might need this ;)

They also have one for upset stomach.  Get It Here.

Isn't this an awesome box!!

Are you a member of Influenster?

What VoxBoxes have you gotten?

What are your summer vacation plans and what are your GO TO MUST HAVE items??

Please let me know in the comments below!

Have a great day!!
Paisley LOVES summer, too!

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