Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Birchbox VS Ipsy July 2014 Showdown

It's that time again!!  Birchbox July 2014 and Ipsy July 2014 boxes.  I am excited to show ya'll both of them!!

Birchbox is a monthly beauty subscription service that is $10 a month.  You can cancel at any time and there is currently a promotion going on where if you sign up with the code WOMENSHEALTH100 you will get $10 added to your account to go towards purchases in their online store.  This month's box is in conjuction with Women's Health magazine.  You can get full sizes of most all of the brands that Ulta and Sephora sell there, plus Birchbox Exclusives! Sign Up Here!

Here is what I got this month!

The first thing that was in the box was a card for a full year of Women's Health magazine for free! That is valued at $9.99 and already covers the cost of the box.  They also included a fun little booklet that gives you 12 activities for health to do during the month :)

Ipsy is also $10 a month and can be cancelled at any time.  They also work on a point system that goes towards additional products in your bag each month.  Plus for each item in you bag, you can get discounts when buying the full size product! There are currently no promotions going on but the exciting this is each month they send you a reusable fun makeup bag to keep all of your goodies in.  This months was a vinyl hot pink bag! Who doesn't LOVE that??  Sign Up Here!

Here is what I got this month!

Now for the fun part, the breakdown to find out who won this month!!

First up for Birchbox is Jouer Moisture Tint.

SO happy I got this! I have heard wonderful things about this brand and haven't gotten it yet, so I was just beyond excited.  I got the color in Deep Bronze which is perfect for my summer tanned skin.  When I buy the full size, I will go down one color as it is too dark for winter.  This is pretty much a BB cream, in a way. Very luminous and bronze-y! I love the way it gives my face that just tanned look and it skips a step of actual bronzer.  Get It Here!

Ipsy gave me Hang Ten Dark Tanning Oil, SPF 8.

I know it is a low SPF but I usually go to the tanning bed before laying out to make sure I don't burn so I will be using this for sure.  It smells nice and is pretty self explanatory :) Get It Here!

Birchbox won for these items.


Next, Birchbox gave me a full size Sumita Contrast Eyeliner in Raina (deep navy blue).

I LOVE the color, it is so pretty and can be used darkened or light because of the thin tip.  Plus it looks great with my go to gold shadows for summer and can easily transition to fall.  Get It Here!

Ipsy gave me Benefits They're Real Mascara.

This is already my favorite mascara so I can always use another.  The best thing about this mascara is the wand!

I mean, it separates each and every lash.  It is wonderful. Plus it stays on all day and does not flake. Get It Here!

I actually have to give this to Birchbox only because I received a new product from them.


The next items are hard to compare as they are so different in product type.

Birchbox gave me Caudalie Divine Oil.

 Now, if you follow me, you know that this is my favorite high end skin care line.  And since I currently use the Overnight Detox Oil and this is the next similar product from them, I was happy to be able to try it out! This one can not only be used on the skin, but also on cuticles and nails.  And the scent is not as woodsy as the Detox Oil.  Get It Here!

Ipsy gave me Tints & Sass Cherry Lip & Cheek Stain.

I currently use Benefit's stain as it is more of a rosy color and will sample this.  If it's not for me, it goes to the giveaway contest pile! What's nice about these stains though is they truly do last all day, unlike a powder or a cream will.  Get It Here!

Wow, so far, not a real competition here......

Next up, Birchbox gave me Whish Shave Gel in Acai Grapefruit.

I had never seen anything like this, much less heard of the brand.  Of course, it is summer so I was able to use it the day I got it.  Went on super thick, smelled great and no nicks or cuts!  I even had my husband smell my legs and he loved the scent.  They have a ton of other scents, too.  A bit pricey though.  Get It Here!

Ipsy gave me Lavilin Jojoba Gel Cream Skin Soother.

A nice ingredient lotion, great for summer skin and winter skin.  Get It Here!


Lastly, Birchbox gave me Number 4 Super Comb Prep & Protect Leave In Hair Conditioner Spray.

Heat protector, color protector and sun protector.  I can never have too many of these lying around! Get It Here!

Ipsy gave me Bare Minerals 5 in 1 Cream Eye Shadow in Divine Wine.

I love Benefit so am super happy with this one! The color is also super pretty and can be used alone or layered with another color.  Also says it lasts for 12 hours and brightens the eyes, so that is a plus too!Check out all the colors and Get It Here!

Ipsy got this one for sure :)


It is also a draw with the 1 year free magazine from Birchbox and the hot pink bag from Ipsy!

But overall, the winner this month by a long shot for me, was BIRCHBOX!!!

What did you get this month??

I would love to see!

Do you have any questions that you want to know before signing up to one of these monthly beauty subscriptions?

Let me know in the comments below!

Have a great day!!!


  1. Both pretty awesome boxes! Hoping both of mine arrive today! I may do the same as you and do a comparison write up on my blog. Hope you don't mind me taking inspiration from your idea! How did you decide which items to "match up"? Just what you drew out first? Anyway it would be a tough call for me on these items - all very nice! Thank you for blogging on it.

    1. Sounds great & thank you! I basically just look at what the most similar items are first as far as product type (eyeliner, tanners, lotions, etc.) and then the rest I just do by what is left! Don't mind at all! We gotta stick together!! :) Thanks for reading and please follow my facebook page and let me know yours!! :)

  2. Brooke - thank you love that idea. Will follow now! My facebook page is

  3. Nice!! I got the lip and cheek tint and the tanning lotion too!! LOVE IPSY!!

    1. I love them both but have always been loyal to BB ;)

  4. I got the same items from Ipsy, but different from Birchbox. Ipsy kicked BB's butt for me.

    1. Well yeah especially if you got different items! ;)


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