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July 2014 POPSUGAR & New Beauty Test Tube Unboxing

It is my favorite time of month again, the beginning, as this is when all my monthly beauty subscriptions and one of my crafting subscriptions are delivered!!  I get two at the end to close out the month :)

Yesterday I received the New Beauty Test Tube and POPSUGAR Must Have Box for July.

New Beauty is delivered 6 times a year and is $29.95, it also comes with a magazine 4 times a year.  It is full of full and deluxe sized samples.  If you want to sign up, please give me your email address and I can send you an invite with a discount for money off your first purchase.  That is how I was able to sign up for a discounted price!! To be honest, I was pretty let down when I received my first one.  There were about 12 products in it and I used half and gave half away.  I decided to give them another chance and here is what I got this month.

I only received 10 products.  4 of them were full sized but usually it comes with a bag of beauty "to-go" items.  I have emailed them asking if I missed out or if no one received them.  I also did express I was upset to only have received 10 items as I thought there were usually a lot more.

Moving on to the goodies.

The first thing I got I am super excited about!! It was actually too big to even fit in the tube itself.

IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Powder Brush!  This is a $48 full size brush.  Get It Here.  This brush is plush, luxurious and beautiful.  I already used it this morning.  It is worth every penny.  Compared to all of my other brushes, it is numero uno!!  I also have fallen in love with IT Cosmetics.  They really have a great line of products.

Next item, Biosilk Color Therapy Leave In Treatment.

This is also full size, valued at $12.50.  This is going to be great for my color treated hair.  Another item to add to my beauty routine that strengthens hair and protects it from environmental factors.  Plus it claims to leave hair color brighter.  Of course, I forgot to use it today after the shower so I will tomorrow :)
Get It Here.

Next is Revlon's Age Defying Wrinkle Remedy.

Full size again, valued at $13.99.  Now, I don't have wrinkles yet, but I do have fine lines as I like to think I have LIVED! And my face has a story to tell :)  I will use this on the fine lines around my eyes, as kind of a filler in prior to makeup application.  I have always liked Revlon.   Get It Here.

Now this product I thought was super cool.

Grande's Face Lift, A face lift in a tube!  Full size is $39.95.  This is a serum that instantly tightens and brightens your face.  Fills in pores and dries invisible.  I used it this morning and it was instant results!!  My pores were gone and my whole face was tighter.  A little bit goes a long way so I should get several uses out of this.  Get It Here.

Next is StriVectin-EV Get Even Brightening Serum.

My sample is 1 oz.  Full size is 1.7 ounces and is $89.00!!!!  So I have an almost full size of this bad boy. For the price, I am thinking it does wonders. I read the reviews on ULTA and they were ALL positive and everyone claims this product works and results were pretty immediate.  I am a firm believer in using good products while you are young to help with the look of aging.  That is why I use Caudalie.  I am excited to try this product out.   Get It Here.

Next product up is MELA-D Deep Cleansing Brightening Foaming Cream.

4.2 oz is $24.99 and this is .5 oz, so we will see how many uses I get out of it.  A gentle exfoliating cleanser that will brighten skin tone.  I love exfoliators.  I use them daily.  They have done wonderous things to me face and help keep it clear of blackheads! Get It Here.

Next is AMORE PACIFIC Color Control Cushion Compact.

I had gotten a similar brand in another beauty box last month and I loved it.  This is the color TAN BLUSH, which is the lightest color.  This is also probably only two uses.  The full size is $60. It comes with its own puff and goes on lightly and is full of SPF50, it has a very perfumey smell though.  It was quite over powering.  I tried it today and this afternoon my face still looks as good as it did when I put it on.  I honestly wonder if using the Face Lift played a big part in that because I still cannot see my pores :)  I do not like how small the tub is as it is hard to get the puff in with my fingers.  Get It Here.  

Now here are the things I seem to have gotten over and over and over again, at least one in each monthly beauty sub.  Granted, the Dove products and the Jergens products are great but I have so many so these will be going in the giveaway contest pile.

Overall, it was a good tube.  I wish I had gotten more makeup but I am set on skincare for awhile.  Oh, I also just got word from customer service and they did away with the Beauty To Go bag as customers said the samples were too small......interesting.  I mean I would rather have received something instead of nothing.

Now let's move on to the POPSUGAR Must Have box.  It is $39.95 monthly and again I had a coupon for my first box.  That is usually how I end up trying them, people, I am not made of money :) We have to eat sometimes.....:) 

This is my first time getting this box as I have heard such wonderful things about it.  I will not be getting it again.  It was not at all what I expected and actually was unlike ANY of the past boxes that I looked at. You will see what will be going in the giveaway contest. :)

First up is my favorite product, Ziggy Salad Servers.  $12.00.

They are awesome!  They are fun and colorful and an awesome addition to the table.  I love them!  Get Them Here.

Next is Revlon's Bold Lacquer Length & Volume Mascara. $7.99.

Available in waterproof , too.  I am excited to try this as I have the shortest lashes on the planet so could always use help in that area :)  It also came with a coupon so the coupon will go in the giveaway contest so ya'll can try it too!  Get It Here.

Up next is ACME Party Box Company, Chevron Straws. $7.00

These are fun and cute and will also be used this summer!  The back ones are grey and blue. Get Them Here.

Next up is something I have not used in years but now that I have it, who knows! :) 

TKO Jump Rope.  $13.00

Colors match my living room, too :)  Get It Here.

The next few items will be going in the giveaway contest.

Michael Stars Beach Hat.  $48.00

I mean, don't get me wrong it is a nice hat and $48!!  But it is not my style.  It is super flexible and has a cute string bow on the front.  I wish they had sent me the cowboy one! :)  Get It Here.

Dang Foods Toasted Coconut Chips. $3.00

I don't like coconut, simple as that.  Get Them Here.

Lastly, Sun Bum Sun Screen & Lotion.  $20.00

I will use the Cool Down lotion as that is always a staple in our house.  The other bottle is SPF 30 sunscreen.  I have an abundance of sunscreen :) They have a huge baby section online, too! Get It Here.

So, in closing, meh......I really wanted more makeup and I really wanted jewelry in my PS Bag.  

Hope you enjoyed the unboxing and got to learn about some new products.  That is one of the main reasons I love these subscriptions as I get the chance to try things I never would be able to if not for them!  I know Birchbox and Ipsy and Beauty Box 5 and Beauty Bar will have makeup so stay tuned!!

What did you think of your NBTT this month??

Do you normally love what you get in the PS bags?

Please let me know in the comments below if I should stick it out longer with them both.

Have a great day!!

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