Wednesday, July 2, 2014

4th of July DIY Nails

wreath courtesy of my mother in law :) 
 JULY has arrived ya'll!!!  That means Summer is here. I love Summer.  I love the sun and being tan and wearing dresses.  I love warm nights under stars and going to county fairs :)

Every year, my husband and I go down south to Kentucky to spend the 4th with his family.  We are leavin tomorrow!  We stay with his aunt and uncle who have a horse farm,  Shaker Ridge Farms.  It is wonderful.  We spend most of the time in the pool and taking pictures with the youngen's and the horses.  And then we shoot off fireworks :)

Here is my adorable nephew, Sean :) 

I knew I wanted to do my nails with a 4th of July theme so today I am going to show you a simple DIY, 4th of July nail tutorial.

Here are the supplies.

I brought out the big guns as I didn't really have a plan going into this :)  Now, really all you are going to need are:

Blue nail polish
Red nail polish
White nail polish
Glitter (of course!)
Stick on stars
Top Coat
Dotting Tool or Toothpick or Pen

Lucky for me, GlossyBox gave me the PERFECT colors.  I have been searching for a navy color for so long, this really came just in time :)

My white is from an As Seen On TV kit I got at Walgreens,  Hot Design Nail Pens.

What's nice about these is they have the brush for painting and the pen for designing on the same end.  And as of now, it is the truest white I have.

My packs of glitter and my brushes came from KISS Nail Art Kit.

Okay, so first I painted my pinky and index finger navy blue.  Then I painted my ring finger and my thumb red.  And finally, my middle finger white.

I decided I wanted to put glitter on my ring finger as an accent finger.  So while the nail is still wet, sprinkle some glitter evenly over the nail.  Tap off excess.

I wanted the white finger to be the star of the show with the silver stars on them.

Take the dotting tool (or whatever you are using) and dab it with your top coat nail polish to pick up the stars.

Then dab the star onto your finger.  Again, do this while the white nail polish is still tacky to ensure the stars will stick.

Make sure you count how many stars you have.  I did not.  So I have 5 on one finger and 3 on the other finger :)

After the deco part of the nails is done, cover each finger with your top coat to seal everything in.


What are your 4th of July plans??

Do you have a go to holiday mani or pedi?

What are your favorite brands to use?

Share with me in the comments below!!

PS-Congrats again to Dorene R., the WINNER of the Beauty Package Giveway Contest :)  I had so much fun with everyone that I can't wait to start on the next one :)

Have a great day!!!

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