Monday, December 29, 2014

December 2014 BarkBox Unboxing

We are to that wonderful time of the month again....Barkbox!  I chose this photo first so that you could see how desperately my girls wanted to get at those goodies.  This was another successful box and I am so happy with this subscription!!  For only $19 a month, you get a box filled with treats, toys and doggie gear based on your dogs size and preferences.  10% of each box sold also goes to support local rescue groups so you are giving back which I love about this subscription.  Each box we have received has exceeded the cost of the box itself.  This months December box was valued at $42.  Keep reading to see how you can sign up for BarkBox and get 10% off your first box :)

In keeping with the holiday theme, each item was perfect, yet again.

First up is the toy that they both went crazy for.

BarkMade Yuletide Log, $12 value.

In fact, this was the best picture I could get since they took it away from my hand once I took it out to photograph it :) It is a highly durable squeaker toy and they play with it every day.

Next toy, surprisingly didn't creep me out too much, since elves usually do.

Quaker elf, $10 value.

What's neat is that the arms actually slide out so there are three pieces to this toy.  Sadly, we did lose the elf about a week after though, it wasn't as durable as we thought, especially to a teething rottweiler.

Next is a super cute, reversible, bandanna.

Safemade Holiday Tartan bandanna, $8 value.

Now to the treats.

Always themed of course.

Bocce's Bakery lumps of coal, $7 value.

These heart shaped treats are wheat based.

Shelby loved them but Paisley did not really care for them.

Luckily, she loved these treats.

My Doggy Happy Holiday treats, $5 value.

These are made with cranberries, apples and honey.  Huge hit!

More pics of the girls in action :)

Another perk to this subscription is that if you like an item, you can just text BarkBox and they will mail you that item immediately.  If you don't like an item, you tell them that too and they will swap it out so it's always a win win for your pups!

Sign up today and get 10% off your first box! Click HERE!

Do you already use BarkBox?  What did your dogs think of this month's box?  If you don't have a large breed box, what goodies did they get?

Let us know in the comments below!

Have a great day!! xo


  1. We also have a large dog who is an avid chewer (only chews toys and bones though thank goodness!) and he loved this months barkbox. We didn't get the elf toy (I had called barkbox to let them know he likes to chew so the toys are usually a little different than everyone else's). Instead of the elf we got a ball of coal that we. An put treats inside so it keeps him busy. That toy has lasted us the longest so far. We also got the Yuletide log that lasted about two hours and is now just a carcass that he still plays with. We got the same treats which were a hit. Our lab is allergic to a lot of food but we have had awesome luck with barkbox and getting treats that he can eat. The bandana survived this christmas season so I'm excited to use it again next year!!!

    1. Julie, Shelby is the teething rott right now so maybe I will make that call to them too! Thanks for your feedback!! I see they got a bit of backlash this month so glad we got some supporters :)


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