Tuesday, March 24, 2015

MAC Bao Bao Wan Collection Swatches and Reviews

This collection compared to Cinderella is absolutely stunning. And it was gone in a flash.

Spring 2015

I am sure you have already googled Bao Bao Wan so I won't go into the inspiration behind it and I will get straight to the beauty of it and the pieces I was lucky enough to get to review.

The packaging is also something that gets the collector in me going......the metallic gold and matte green packaging is beautiful and the colors of the collection take me to an exotic place far away from Illinois.

There were 4 lipsticks in this collection and I chose 3 of them.  Romantic Breakdown, Burmese Kiss and Lavender Jade.  I also chose the Summer Opal beauty powder.  I am always on the hunt for the perfect highlighter.  In my opinion though, Summer Opal was the worst performer for me.

With it being a golden peach, bronze shimmer, with a warm undertone, of course I knew it would look great on me but I just didn't feel like it gave me the glow it should have.  Becca Opal did better.

The stars for me were the lipsticks.

Romantic Breakdown-this is a sheer nude with a lustre finish and I have found it was not the favorite of other beauty bloggers.  I love a good nude that can go with anything.  It has a touch of shimmer and didn't wear as long as I wanted it too but it goes on very smooth and can easily be adjusted and kicked up depending on the lip liner you place with it.

Burmese Kiss-this is a bright pink, coral with warm undertones, with a finish more on the satin side, described as matte.  I thought this was going to be a color I could not pull off and I love it.  I will love it even more this summer.  This stayed on me almost the entire "work" day.  Ha Ha, as I am wearing my I Love Rum shirt, clearly working from home.

And last up, Lavender Jade, this is the color everyone wanted.  This is a cool toned, matte purple.  It goes on thick and dragged a little.  I have mixed feelings.  My friends love it and I might more when it is summer and I am not wearing my winter coat still.  Clearly I threw it on at the last minute since I am wearing a red top, fashion faux pas......

So overall I was happy with the items I picked.  This was a limited edition collection but it does appear some items were restocked today and may be through Thursday.  So get on over to MAC and see what you find.

What items did you get? Love it or hate it?  Let me know in the comments below!!

What is nice about this collection, at least where the lipsticks are concerned, is you can find dupes for many of them.

Next up is the Julia Petit Collection :)

Have a great day!! xo

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