Wednesday, March 25, 2015

March 2015 Birchbox Unboxing

This month's Birchbox theme is Creativity which I love.  Spring is in the air, despite having just had 5 inches of snow the other day, I am HOPEFUL that the good weather is right around the corner.  As my last month's Birchbox post stated, I ended my 2 box a month experiment as I was receiving too many duplicates and wanted to try a new subscription.  So let's get to the goods for this month.
  • Amika Bombshell Blow Out Spray-Prior to receiving this months sample size, I had purchased the full size version of this about six months ago, with my Birchbox points.  I have very, very long hair and am always looking for ways to keep it shiny and straight, plus added volume when I blow it out.  The reviews on this were fairly good so I gave it a try.  I wasn't too impressed so needless to say I was bummed it was in my box this month.  It smells great and doesn't weigh my hair down but compared to Bumble and Bumble's version, this is not up to par.  I love their hair masks but noticed no difference after having used this product.
  • Mirenesse Glossy Kiss in Angel Kiss-This is a dual product.  Can be used on both lips and cheeks.  I love the idea behind this but wasn't a fan of the color, it was too pink for me.  It went on very smooth and I didn't need a lip liner, which was nice.
  • Mereadesso Tinted All In One Moisturizer-The packaging alone on this item was such a turn off, I don't know who would have ever thought this would make for a great presentation of the product.  The coloring was very orange......they have great reviews for skin care but maybe that is where they need to focus their energy.
  • Elite Therapeutics Rosemary Eucalyptus Body Creme-While I wasn't overly thrilled with another sample of mini lotion, I liked the idea of it being all natural.  But oh dear lord, the smell, the smell........and not an earthy just stinks.....which is sad because the lotion absorbs so well and feels so great on my hands.  Not greasy at all.  
  • Number 4 Shampoo and Reconstructing Masque-Can you hear me screaming????  How many times must I proclaim my frustration with receiving this bloody shampoo in my Birchbox!!! Do I somehow own stock in this product that I am unaware of??  I am not writing another review on it. I like how they tried to sneak in a masque on me and switch it up a bit but there is nothing more angering than bringing a sealed plastic sample in the shower and being unable to open it with wet hands and nearly breaking a tooth from trying to rip it open.........
So there you have it......not quite sure where the creativity portion of the box was.....and I was not very happy this month.  I am all about renewal and rebirth and new life but was definitely lacking after looking over the items.  My profile is set to "Trendy" and I have since changed it to "Adventurous".  I used to have it set to both and I think it confused the system.  Also, another tip, if you set your household income to a lower amount, I have noticed you tend to get items more on the affordable end.  If you want to try higher end, luxury brands, try increasing your income and see if that helps.  I have found that the less choices you select, the easier it is to get items that you prefer. That did not seem to help me from being disappointed in this months box.  It did give me enough points to be able to place an order for some new items using my points alone though! So that makes up for it!!

Click HERE to sign up for Birchbox!! Remember, every item you give feedback on gives you points and for every 100 points that is $10 to spend in their shop! No other monthly beauty box can top that :)

What did you get in your box this month?  Do you think you might try my tips on changing up your profile?  If you do, let me know how your box changes next month!!

Have a great day!! xo

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