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Choix February 2015 Unboxing And Monthly Subscription Review

I teased last month as to why I cancelled one of my Birchboxes and my Sample Society box.  Well this is why, folks!  Choix (pronounced SHWAA, french for choice) is a luxury, high end monthly subscription box.  You get to pick the 5 samples you will receive and depending on the item you choose, the packaging will differ.   Choix's vision for this box was to bring the in store experience to your home.


I know personally, there are a lot of things at the makeup counter at Macy's or in Sephora that I absolutely will not "test".  Lipsticks being numero uno.  And sometimes there just is not a local store that has the samples I am even looking for!  So for $20 a month, you can select your high end items to be sent to you.  What's great is that $10 of that money goes back to you to be able to use towards a full size purchase of one of the items you selected.  Unfortunately, my first experience made me learn a few things.

The Deets
Some of the brands you can choose from are Bobbi Brown, NARS, Dolce and Gabbana, Ellis Faas, HourGlass, Chanel and many many more.  Since I am always on the hunt for the greatest concealer and foundation that is what I decided I wanted my whole first box to be about.  Plus I snagged an HourGlass Ambient Lighting Palette sample, if anything just to see how they would provide a sample of it.

I chose the following items for my first box:

Once I opened the box, the above is what it looked like.  Size being comparable to Birchbox.

They also included supplies for the sampling.  I thought that was pretty neat.

Sponges, Disposable Wands, Etc.
And here is what the samples looked like.

The Goods

First item I reached for was the HourGlass Dim Light sample.

I can only assume they broke some off and repressed it into this jar??? No matter what though it was very hard for me to even determine if I liked it or could use it with this sample.  The brush they provided, which was the only one really small enough to get in there, didn't really pick up much powder.  I used my fluffy concealer brush but it deposited so much product in one spot it looked like bronzer on my cheeks.  So this was a major FAIL.

Next, I went for the concealers.

When I placed my order I really thought I was trying the creamy one.  This little sample was pretty much dried out, I had a very hard time trying to warm the product in between my fingers and when I attempted to use it, it tugged on my under eye areas.  So although application was difficult, I do know Custard in this product is too dark for me.  It may however work in the summer.  I tried the Vanilla in the creamy one from Sephora and it might be a tad too light so I will have to try the Custard in the creamy.  HA! Did that make sense to you??

This concealer was too dark for me but I liked the consistency very much. I would try fair next time although it looks pink on the website colors are a bit off based on the sample I received.  I do wish on the website they offered descriptions of skin tones and coloring for the choices, like they do on the actual brand website.  I had to go back and forth quite a bit to determine which color I thought would work best since it only listed the color name.

I am showing this picture again to show you the foundation sample sizes.  They were very generous with these.  The HourGlass one was waaaaaay too dark but the Guerlain one was very nice.  I actually forgot to use it this morning since I have been in love with my NARS foundation (review to come). It really felt like a second skin when I tried it on.

After you place the orders for your samples and you receive the shipping notification, 3 days later you get your code for $10 off a full size product that you sampled.

My next box I think I will try some lip colors I have been afraid to bite the bullet on and maybe some eye shadows.  Overall, I was happy because I made the choices, even though with every other box I WANT to be surprised.  I've never scrolled faster on FaceBook then when I see the words Sneak Peek :)

Since I signed up on the 19th of the month, I will receive an email on the 19th of this month telling me I can go in and order my samples.  The shipping for this would have only been about a weeks time but we have had bad weather and the post office has been making me very angry lately.

Now let's say you end up using your $10 off coupon but end up hating the full size product, Choix will work with you about exchanging or refunding you which I think is great! If you miss the email that says its time to pick your samples for the month, Choix will use the "surprise me" option for you. I forgot to mention if you want to be surprised, there is a choice for that! They have a great FAQ section that is very informative.

They also have boxes put together that you can choose for the month, like a Flawless Face Kit or a Smokey Eyes Kit and they have 5 pre selected items for you.

I am excited for next months box now that I know how it works and exactly what I will be receiving. I also have some time to get my wish list together since unfortunately I might be losing out on my $10 credit this month.

If you are interested in trying this out with me a for a month or two, click HERE!!!

Is this the first time you are hearing about Choix?  Do you think you will try it?

Let me know in the comments below!!

Have a great day!! xo

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