Friday, October 31, 2014

October 2014 Product Favs

Last day of the month means time to show ya'll what the winners were for me this month based on all the goodies I got!

October 2014 Product Favs

Starting at the left, Caviar CC 10 in 1 Cream, Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hair Spray, Borghese Brightening Makeup, Juice Beauty Lip Gloss in Guava and Marc Jacobs Gel Liner Set.

There are two hair care products this month because combined they are a powerful duo!

First up, Caviar CC 10 in 1 Cream.  This REALLY does what it says it does.  And I have tried A LOT of hair products.  It makes my hair shiny, fights frizz, protects against heat, is a great leave in conditioner.  It can also be used on dry hair.  Try it, you won't regret it!

Next, I am in LOVE with Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hair Spray.

This goes on while your hair is damp and I am talking mega volume here. I have thin, fiiiiiiiine hair and I was amazed at the results the first time I used it.

Va Va Voom

As mentioned in a previous post, I finger dry my hair(after wringing dry with a cotton shirt to help eliminate frizz), then use a round boar brush to smooth and then put my hair up in no heat, velcro rollers while I put my makeup on, let the dogs out, drink coffee and be fabulous.  When I am ready to walk out the door I take the rollers out! This is right from the rollers.  Va Va Voom!!  Even my wonderful husband noticed something was different!

There is a small bottle you can try out before purchasing the large one, which is exactly what I did.  If you've got thin hair, TRY THIS!

Next is a product I really scoffed at when I first saw it in the tube.  Borghese Brightening Makeup. Pink "brightening" makeup? What am I 5?  I was bored one day and opened it and boy am I glad I did.  In fact, I just found out it is sold on Birchbox's website and is SOLD OUT! (Side bar, you can get it at Beauty Bar's website for the same price).  This is actually similar to a highlighter and can be worn over foundation, under foundation or mixed with foundation or moisturizer, depending on the level of sheen and coverage you want.  It gave me that "lit from within" glow.  It is a beautiful color.

See, a beautiful color

Similar to Benefit's High Beam actually.  And great for the winter months since we all could use a little shimmer with the sun in hibernation :)

Next is Juice Beauty Lip Gloss in Guava.  This can also be found at Birchbox or Ulta.  I won this and forgot all about it.  My first impression was I loved the color but not the smell.  It has an earthy, fruity smell.  But after using it daily, it is kind of an addicting smell and I love it now!  It is made with blueberries and organic goji berries so I think that is partly to blame or thank!  The gloss sinks into my lips and immediately refreshes them without looking like I'm sticky with gloss.  Just natural. This is the perfect natural lip color, too.

"I'm Glossy"

Last but certainly the star of the show, is part of my prize package from Marc Jacobs Beauty (I promise I am working on that post next).  The Sky Liner Seven Piece Petite Highliner Collection.

These go on like butter!!  There is no skipping or dragging across my eyelid.  I can use one hand and not even have to pull my lid taught.  Plus the colors....oh the colors!!  They are gorgeous! I don't even want to swatch them to waste product lol  So here is a picture I found online.

Courtesy of

They are beautiful! They last ALLLLL DAAAAY long, too!!  I haven't even used all the colors yet because I am stuck on the purple, green and bronze.  They bring out the colors in my eyes so well.


Here is the Halloween makeup I wore today using all Marc Jacobs makeup.  The eyeliner is so pretty that I am working on a holiday eye makeup look with these too.

And there ya have it loves!

The creme de la creme of my products this month.  Sure there are other ones I use but these all really stood out as stars individually and of course can create an entire look together.

Have you used any of these? What do you think of them?

Let us know in the comments below!!

Happy Halloween and have a great night!! xo

Thursday, October 30, 2014

GlossyBox VS BoxyCharm October 2014 Unboxing and Showdown!

Hard to believe that October is almost over...this month truly did fly by so quickly.  I wish I was an animal and could go into hibernation as I HATE the cold.  Hhhhmmmpppphhhh......Okay, temper tantrum over for the moment.

I have not had a BoxyCharm subscription before.  And I am not sure how I saw the sneak peek of one of the items that was coming in the October box.  But I did and I wanted it SO badly that I signed up.

The important stuff.....

GlossyBox is $21 a month and so is BoxyCharm.  There are constant feuds on social media over which of these two are better.  It all comes down to what you are looking for in a box.  The price is nothing to squawk at because the boxes come with twice the value based on the amount of products in them each month. BoxyCharm is mostly makeup and GlossyBox will give you a pretty good mix of makeup, haircare and skincare each month.

When I first came into makeup, I wanted a mix of it all so I chose GlossyBox.  Check out some of my past posts to review the items that I have received.  The July 2014 box was my favorite so far.

Also, there was no waiting list for GlossyBox as there is with BoxyCharm and patience is a virtue I do not possess.  But I signed up for the October BoxyCharm and crossed all my bits in hopes that I would get it and I did!

It took forever to get to me so let's look at GlossyBox first.

October 2014 GlossyBox

As we all know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so I am assuming that is why pink is the theme this month.  I loved that they did that.  My first impression of the items, however, was MEH.....

Now, let me show you BoxyCharm before I do my breakdowns.....

October 2014 BoxyCharm
AAAAHHHHH!!!  I freaking love it!!  I would have been happy with just the concealer palette :)

Okay, let's go over the goodies now.

First up, in GlossyBox.....

Most expensive product
Tarte's Power Pigment in Awakening, valued at $24 (full sized).  This lip product is the sister to their signature lip stain.  Full of moisture and a bold color.....well the color is pink and there has really been only one NYX pink that I can pull off.

For BoxyCharm, I have to just get right to the most exciting product for me!

My favorite product

Coastal Scents Eclipse 15 concealer palette, valued at $19.95 (full sized).  I just recently did a post on concealers and correctors (HERE) so couldn't wait to get this.  I have horrible dark purple bags and I also have blood vessels on the sides of my nose.  I will use so many of these shades.  They have really done wonders for my under eye area since I can play with the palette and make my own perfect shade for my coloring.  It lasts all day too.

Here is me wearing it for the first time and I gotta say my bags have never looked better!


Serious Face
Here are the colors a little closer so you can see how nice they are!

Left side of palette

Right side of palette

I did read some reviews about them drying out so only time will tell.....but overall for the price, you can't beat it.  This will be my second palette that I am in LOVE with.  I haven't written my review yet but this is the other one I am obsessed with! And their brushes are divine!!

Sleek Silhouette Palette
The colors are perfect and last all day :)

This point goes to BoxyCharm!


Next up from GB....

I love products from London
Nails, Inc. Matte Top Coat, valued at $11 (full size).  I truly have never had the desire to use a matte top coat.  I like shiny, wet looking nails.  But I used this on my accent nail and was pleasantly surprised at how nice it looked!  Another polish to add to my ever growing collection!

Matte accent nail

Next up from BoxyCharm is a duo of polishes.

2 is better than 1

Cult/Commerce Polishes in B'Witched and Spell On, valued at $21 (full size).  I cannot for the life of me find this brand online to show you where to purchase them.  I think these were specifically made for this month's box.  There was some major controversy with these as when you went to use them for the first time, the brushes were hard as a rock.  A memo was sent out on social media telling us to soak the brush in acetone for 30-60 seconds prior to use.  It cleared the issue up but should have been sent out BEFORE the world went crazy, IMO.  In any event, this is probably the prettiest purple I own.

Halloween nails

This one actually goes to GlossyBox.  I was introduced to a brand new product!


Next up for GlossyBox....

One mask
Sesha Botanical Hydro Mask, valued at $9 (full size).  I am a mask lover.  I love to make my own more than anything lately.  This mask, though, really made me feel like it was doing "something" to my skin.  It was cold and refreshing and overall felt really good.  I don't think there were any immediate results other than my face looked like I just went for a brisk walk.  It's got a bunch of good stuff in it...witch hazel, green tea and cucumber.  I just can't justify the price for something I will need to use all the time to see results.

BoxyCharm gave me.....

A 40% coupon on my next Palmetto purchase was included, too

Palmetto Derma Collagen Booster and Restoration Spray, valued at $48 (full size).  I was super excited to see this even though I was hoping for a makeup filled box.  I did just have a birthday and am 34 now.....preventative treatment is high on my priority list!  I used it this morning and I didn't like the way it came out of the bottle.  It made me feel like I was wasting product.  But it felt nice on my skin.  Made with Vitamin C and E, Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe, Gotu Kola and many more super ingredients I am hoping to notice results soon! They also included a 40% off my next purchase coupon, which of course I misplaced :( Everything I have read about this has been positive!

This one goes to BoxyCharm.


Next up from GlossyBox is.......

Sulfate free!!

Proganix Anti-Fade Weightless Argan Oil and UV Protection Spray, valued at $11.99 (full size). I have colored hair that needs protection from the sun and styling tools so this was great to get.  It smells very pretty, just on the verge of overpowering when first sprayed but remains light and airy for the rest of the day.  My hair was immediately shiny after using it this morning.  I really like this!

BoxyCharm gave me.....

Ultra Olive
Starlooks Eye Pencil in Ultra Olive, valued at $13 (full size).  Its a great color for this season but I hate pencils I have to sharpen.  They drag on my eye lid and I am an eye liner snob ever since I started using Benefit's They're Real Eye Liner.  Plus I just won a whole set of Marc Jacobs gel eyeliners and I am in heaven.  This will be gifted or sold.

This one goes to GlossyBox.


The tie breaker is coming!

GlossyBox gave me.....

Pretty Packaging

Vince Camuto AMORE perfume, deluxe sample.  The packaging is adorable.  But that's it.  It is very flowery and not my style at all.  I am not even sure what to do with this......

BoxyCharm gave me....

Haha, Miss Priss

Be a Bombshell eye shadow in Miss Priss, valued at $14 (full size).  This is a pink eye shadow. Enough said??  I have heard a lot of great things about this brand but would have loved another color. BoxyCharm did put out a great video that shows a nice eye look with grey and pink so maybe I could pull that one off.  I might gift this or sell this though. It is shimmer though.....decisions, decisions :)

This one goes to BoxyCharm by default :)  PS-The other item GlossyBox gave me was a $40 gift card to Hello Fresh, this is one of those companies where they deliver fresh ingredients to your door! It is a great gift card and helps with the cost and I do think I will use this or gift this.


And BoxyCharm was the winner this month!!

Were ya'll following the values of the full sized products though??

GlossyBox=$55.99, not including the deluxe sample and $40 gift card


Holy cow!!!  Again, I paid $21.  I LOVED BoxyCharm this month!!

So much so that I am actually going to stay with them.  I cancelled once my box shipped but went right back on the waitlist.  I like how I can get points and use them towards things on the site, unlike GlossyBox.  That is huge to me!  So thank you, BoxyCharm! You made SUCH a great first impression that you have a new customer.  Don't tell my husband :) 

Do you get both boxes?

How long have you had BoxyCharm? Do you love it every month?

Please let me know what to expect and look forward to in the comments below!!

Have a great day!! Tomorrow is FRIDAY!! xo 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How to re-purpose your old candle jars!!

My Vanity

We all love makeup and candles so why not incorporate them??  I love crafting and want to show you an awesome idea to make use of those leftover candles that we pay SO much for!

First, when you are done with your candles, put them in the freezer.  I usually put them in there and forget about them so I would say at least put them in there for an hour.  That makes it so much easier to take the labels and the wax out.

Here is a video showing you just how easy the label will come off!

My hand in action

After the label is off, you want to get the leftover wax out.  The longer you leave it in the freezer, the more the wax will crack, making it easier to grab a butter knife and go to town on it.

This is a good crack

Nice and easy as to not crack the glass

Lift the wax out

Now, if you can get the little lit parts to come out with the wax, all the better as they will be a little harder to get out.  Having them come out in the wax eliminates you having to stab at them so in hindsight I should have made my own crack the other way.

I have one of those wax melter burner thingies so I keep the nice wax (none that have smoke on them) and reuse them in the burner!  Another way to save money and get the most out of these candles!

Almost done!

Now for that pesky label on the bottom.  Go as slow as you can, we aren't ripping a band aid off here :)

Slow and steady wins the race

But once it is off, we are not going to worry about any adhesive that is left anywhere on the candle. Now for the magic part!

Take equal parts vegetable oil and baking powder to make a paste.  Start out with two teaspoons of each depending on how much adhesive is left on your candle.  If the paste still appears runny, keep adding baking powder until it is a paste again.

Magic paste

Spread this mixture on to the sticky parts of the candle.  I usually let mine sit in the sink for about 10 minutes.

Magic paste

Once ten minutes is up, take a dry paper towel and wipe the mixture away from the candle.

No more stickiness


All the adhesive will be gone!

Now, in the event it is not, just put more paste on and let it sit another ten minutes.  Also, make sure you are always wiping the mixture away with a dry paper towel.  That helps a lot.

You can use this trick and magic paste on any type of adhesive to re use the bottle :)

I have them all over the house but here are some ideas!

In the bathroom

On the vanity

Use them everywhere

I even got more creative and put glitter letters on my jars to label them.  I hope you enjoyed this DIY and I would love to see what you make!!  The possibilities are endless!

Do you already have a way that you re-purpose your old candles?

Let us know in the comments below!

Have a great day!! xo

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Paula Dorf's 2 +1 Brows Review


I hope everyone had a great weekend. I did! Despite the fact that we are moving and I got some packing in.  I am super excited to be moving but packing is the worst, I mean even unpacking is better than packing! :)

Today I want to share with you a new product I was sent to review.  We all know what a struggle it is sometimes to do our eyebrows.  But I cannot stress enough how important it is.  Your eyes are the window to your soul!  So having something framing them will only make them look better. HERE is a post I did a while back on how to do your eyebrows.  It was one of my first posts so sorry for the picture quality! Yikes!

Paula Dorf offers several options in eyebrow "dip" or powder.  In a convenient cute little package that offers two shades and the wax for application.  Since my hair is so light and my brows are so dark the struggle is real ladies!  So Paula Dorf sent me two options.

Blonde Trio

Neutral Trio

Angled Brow Brush
I currently am using my taupe eyebrow pencil.  I haven't used a brow powder simply because I just couldn't find the right colors.

Here is what the blonde and neutral colors look like swatched.



The colors only slightly vary.  My tip to doing eyebrows with different colored powder is to always use the darker shade where your arch is.  Your hair is naturally darker in that area so you want to reflect that when you are using powders.

I decided to do one color on each eye to compare. :)

Here is before and after with the neutral.

Before (au natural)


I liked the brush because it was the exact same size as my actual eyebrow so I didn't even need a stencil, I just followed my natural arch.


Wow...what an unflattering angle :) This was done at 9pm last night in my defense :)

And now here is the blonde before and after.



I was actually impressed that the blonde was not as light as I expected it to be and seemed to look natural enough with my dark eyebrows.

Here is how they both look from a far.

Wow, I look angry......

My left eyebrow lifts when it sees a camera......

It's still up there....

Do you have super dark or red hair??  There are options for ya'll, too :)  Click HERE to see all the products and tips that Paula Dorf has to offer.  Overall, I think I like the neutral better.  Especially since I often dye my hair in the fall.  If someone were to get really up close and personal with me, the blonde might be a bit too different in the shading.

I like that the compact is small enough to bring with you if touch ups are needed, but this stuff was not easily removed so I don't see you needing to.  Plus there is so much of the product in the compact this will last you quite some time.  The price is a very good price for the amount of product you get.

Place your order and use the code BROWBRUSH to get a free angled eyebrow brush on me :)

Have you used Paula Dorf before?

What is your experience with it?

I'd love to know in the comments below, plus your tips for doing your brows!

Have a great day!! xo

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