Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Perfectly Posh Reviews

The other day I was contacted by a Perfectly Posh rep about sending me samples to review on my kick ass blog (I said that but I know that's why she contacted me since my blog is kick ass).....Her name is Crystal Mcginnis and she was super sweet!  Of course, I said yes because I am always looking for alternatives to the more expensive brands that I use.After all, I do have champagne taste on a beer budget.

As you can see, I received a darling little bag along with my samples.  That right there was impressive in itself as Crystal really took the time to put all of this stuff together for me.  I know I myself can be guilty of throwing stuff in an envelope when sending it out despite my good intentions. So it was noticed and appreciated!

Here are all the goodies that I got to play with!

First I tried Lil Snarky Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme.

My cuticles are constantly drying out on me and I rubbed this in them before I did my mani and my fingers soaked it right up!  Best part was I was still able to open my nail polish up after using it so it didn't get my hands all greasy!

Next is Dragon Mojo Skindelicious Body Butter.

I put this on my freshly shaven legs after my shower.  What intrigued me is this not only has loads of good stuff, like cocoa butter and shea, it also has caffeine and wasabi in it!  No, I did not eat it but caffeine is known for it's tightening properties so this is a great go to for those legs :)

Next is Mint for Each Other Body Scrub.

Look at those chunks of sea salt!!  This smelled so incredible and felt so good on my skin. PERFECT to slough off that dead skin in the winter!  I let the hubs try it and I did not tell him there was rosemary in it (his arch nemesis) but we both could smell the peppermint! I could smell it all day. Another perfect thing for the colder months (think gifts, too!). And seriously this company should go into the food business with all these incredible smells :)

Last up is the Gender Bender Chunk Big Bath Bar.

I have been a huge fan of charcoal and sulfur skin care products lately and here is another one to add to the list.  This soap packs a punch with ingredients like charcoal and shea butter.  It actually smelled like a man with the pine fragrance :)

Clicking HERE is where Crystal and her products can be reached or contact her HERE on FaceBook! All of these products are UNDER $25!

Have you tried Perfectly Posh before?

What are some of your favorite products?

Let me know in the comments below!!

Have a great day!!

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