Friday, February 27, 2015

January 2015 BarkBox Unboxing

I really can't believe I didn't post last month's BarkBox!!  It wasn't until I just went to write up the unboxing for this month that I noticed it so my sincerest apologies.

Last month there was actually an issue with the billing on our account and BarkBox was so wonderful that they sent us TWO boxes!! Shelby and Paisley lost their minds since they both got the same toy.

For the newbies to the page, everyone in the Miano household gets a monthly subscription so the pups can't be excluded.  BarkBox is a monthly dog box that is filled with treats,toys, apparel, etc., all based on your dog's weight. The box is $29 a month and is so worth it.  We get to find healthy, organic things that we might not come across and really awesome toys that aren't extremely marked up like at the stores.  If your dog loves an item, there is an easy re order code in the box that you just text to BarkBox and they charge your card on file and ship it to you!  If you don't like something, or the babes don't, you can also contact them about a replacement item!  They have STELLAR customer service.

So here is the box for January!

First, LOOK at that fuzzy adorable toy.  That is actually called a R2Pet Monster.  He squeaks and the girls love him and the fact they both have one to shake to death.  This is valued at $10.  The maker of the toy was actually left off of the card so I can't give credit where credit is due.

Our girls love fish, like their mama.  The Aussie Natural Alaskan Sockeye Strips blew their mind. They are nice and large and take Shelby (the puppy) much longer to eat than Paisley.  But sometimes I think it is survival of the fittest and that is why Paisley inhales her treats.  These are valued at $8 for a bag.

Okay so the weird looking thing in front did freak me out.  It is a "krunchie tube" which is really just a cute word for a dried trachea.  Dogs will eat any part, they are by no means picky.  We let our older dog have this instead of sharing with the puppy.  Even though the "puppy" weighs more than she does.  This is made by Butcher's Block Pet Treats and is valued at $2.

Caru Real Beef Stew.  An all natural version of an old classic.  Full of Omega's and fatty acids and deliciousness.  They loved this.  Valued at $6.

And last up for this month are Max and Ruffy's Blizzard Bites.  These are molasses and ginger treats and they actually smell really good.  I think Shelby liked these more than Paisley did so they surely won't go wasted on us.  These are valued at $5 for a bag.

This month's value was $31 which is actually fairly low based on previous month boxes.  However, from my POV, we got 2 boxes so we really did well this month!!  I will have this month's box up shortly, the toy they got this month I can't get Shelby to put down!!

The other thing I admire about this company is that 10% of every box sold goes to dogs in need.  This includes rescues, shelters, military dog organizations, search and rescue teams, low cost spay and neuter programs and many many more.

Click HERE to sign up for BarkBox and SPOIL your babies more than you already do!!

This post is sponsored by baby Shelby and her big sister Paisley.

If you sign up, let us know in the comments that you did!!

Have a great day!! xo

February 2015 BoxyCharm Unboxing

Sorry for the late posting loves!! I have had so many things going on lately but I am excited to share this month's BoxyCharm with you. If you are on the fence about getting this monthly subscription, DO IT!!!  I still can't get over the value of the full size products you get for $21 a month.  This box is different in that we all get the same box (no profile to fill out with preferences) but so far I have been pleased with every box.  I cancelled GlossyBox for this box only because I was getting enough skin care with BirchBox and wanted more makeup.  Also this box is all full size products.  LOVE.

February 2015 BoxyCharm

Let's get to it!!

  • First item I gave a sneak peek for last month.  NCLA jar of hearts nail decor, "Heart Attack".  I love nail polish!! I haven't yet had the chance to do a mani with these lovely heart decals but I can't wait to share when I do.  I've received nail wraps from this brand before and really wasn't too impressed so I am hoping the polish is better.  $16 value.
  • Jing Ai Velvet Shine Lip Jewel in "Pink A Boo".  This is a smooth large lip crayon that never needs to be sharpened.  It is made with macadamia, shea and jojoba oil so perfect for dry,chapped winter lips.  I think the color is a universal shade.  $22 value.
  • Mullein and Sparrow Mini Facial Mask-At first I loved the presentation of this mask in a jar. Then I went to use it and was not so enthused.  You need to pour the clay mixture in to your hand and mix with water.  It was pretty messy.  The mask results were nice though.  It hardened up on my face and left it very smooth and soft.  You can mix this with yogurt for a very hydrating, cleansing mask!  $15 value.
  • Modern Minerals Duo Fibre Mini Round Eye Shadow Brush-You can never have enough eye makeup brushes IMO.  This brush is nice and lightweight and perfect for taking color and buffing it out into a smokey eye.  $15 value.
  • Mistura Beauty Complexion Corrector-This is a pretty awesome little tube.  It is a cream to powder formula that corrects and covers things such as broken capillaries (I have them around my nose) and under eye dark circles.  It says to glide the tube under your eyes but I actually broke mine doing that so I just apply (and warm up) with my fingers. It dries to a nice matte finish under the eyes.  $36.99 value.
Total value of box is $104.99!!  Now you see what I mean about value for the cost of $21 a month. Click HERE to join me!! 

Do you already get BoxyCharm?? What did you think of this months box??

Let me know in the comments below!!

Have a great day!! xoxo 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit in Light Review

So I wanted to get this review up pretty quickly because even when I Google "Anastasia Cream Contour Kit", nothing comes up.....there are no reviews and minimal info.  You will find out MAYBE that this cream contour kit was released at 12pm CT on 2/17/15 in shades light, medium and deep.  This also SOLD OUT that day and is no longer available on their site with no word yet as to when it will be re-released.

From ABH Instagram Page

I prefer a cream to powder contour.  However, I am still on the hunt for the HOLY GRAIL cream product.  Unfortunately, I am STILL on that hunt......

Here is what the palette looks like.  It is gorgeous.  Now quickly refer to the above swatches for the light kit.  I contemplated the medium kit merely for that coral color which is to die for.  But I figured it would be overall too dark, even though I knew I could not pull off that pink with my yellow undertones.



Now, here are the swatches on my skin.

Notice anything? How about the fact that they all pull orange on my skin?? I was so upset. The vanilla color is a closer match to a foundation color than a contrasting highlight color.

I wanted so badly to love this but it just didn't happen.  The colors were easily blendable enough and creamy and the packaging was very travel friendly. And for only $40, the value based on the amount of product you get is great.  If these colors work for you, you will be reaching for this quite often.

I really had to blend, blend, blend to get this photograph!

This palette is also being sold at Macy's, but only deep is still online ( I believe it will end up being $50 shipped) so call your local store to check availability.

Did you get your hands on this?

What are your thoughts?

Let me know in the comments below!!

Have a great day!! xo

February 2015 Double Birchbox Unboxings

For those that need the breakdown, Birchbox is a monthly beauty subscription that sends you 5 samples tailored to your beauty profile.  However, it is their point system that makes them No. 1 in this industry IMO!  For every item you receive in your box that you provide feedback on, you get 10 points. When you get 100 points, that is $10 in cold hard cash that you get to spend in the Birchbox shop.  They have so many great brands and exclusive to Birchbox brands.

For now I have taken a break on getting two Birchbox boxes a month.  I am super excited to share with ya'll which NEW monthly sub I have replaced it with.  So stay tuned as that box should be arriving this week for me!  Okay on to the unboxings!

They love to feed your ego, too!

I did my experiment for a few months with two boxes to see how different my boxes would be.  For the most part I only had one month were both boxes were exceptional.  I will be doing a blog post soon on my ideas on how to get the most out of your Birchbox subscription, too.

Here is the first box.

  • Benefit SugarBomb Lip Gloss-when I search for a lip gloss I need one that is not sticky.  This meets my expectations.  This is a pinky nude color with a nice shimmer to it.  Benefit never lets me down.
  • Eyeko Skinny Liner-This is the star of this box. This eye liner is exceptional. It is smooth and precise. It allows me to get a great cat eye or get super close to my lash line.  Oh how I wish this came in more colors than black!
  • Obliphica Treatment Hair Serum-I don't like the packaging of this product as I have to pour it into my hand which makes for wasted product.  But the serum itself smooths my hair and doesn't leave it greasy.  Smells great too.  Perfect for smoothing strands after putting hair into a fishtail braid!
  • Gilchrist and Soames London Collection Shower Gel-I haven't used this product yet but am a sucker for British items. I also like to use these sizes for when I travel, HA, which isn't that often.  Based on other consumer reviews, this product is not overly flowery but not overly moisturizing, either.
  • BeeKind Conditioner-I also don't fancy this packaging.  It's cardboard, enough said.  This brand has a purpose though and I love hearing about things like that.  Proceeds benefit honeybee and sustainable pollination research.  This product is organic and of course, made with honey.  There is a waitlist for this conditioner! I can't wait to try it :) 
This box I have marked as adventurous and trendy, this is my subscription that I have had since day one (over a year) and this is the profile I will be keeping.  

Second box......


Great box!!
  • Marcelle Gentle Eye Makeup Remover-The STAR of this box. This is exclusive to Birchbox and wow, it really exceeded my expectations.  I put some on a cotton round, held it on my eye lid for few seconds and wiped....all my eye makeup came off in one single sweep. It didn't even phase my contacts, either.  This product also has cucumber extract which helps reduce puffiness and under eye circles. BAM!
  • Davines Minu Shampoo-I have received this brand before in a curly shampoo one, which I gave to my sister in law, so I was excited to see one that I can actually use! It smells great but I won't repurchase since it has sulfates in it, I can't say that it improved my highlights, either.
  • Davines Hair Serum-So the full size product of this comes in a spray bottle, which I would have much preferred to a small paper container.  This was a nice serum and wasn't greasy feeling, either. A little goes a long way and if you have very fine hair, only apply to your ends. Putting serums on your roots will only weigh you down :)
  • Harvey Prince Hello perfume-I must have been in a bad mood the last time I tried this because I did not care for it at all. I tried it again in this box and I liked it!  Perfect scent for Spring, which I am SO ready for. It is light and sweet and simple.  Yes, simple is the best word for it.
  • Benefit Posiebalm-Another great lip gloss but it is a bit too pink for my liking.  It has mango butter in it which I wish I could eat but I don't think I should.
  • And I received the same body wash as in the first box, so I won't retype all that stuff :) 
This box profile is the more natural, crunchy box profile and I think it reflects that well.  Overall, I think both boxes were even in the amount of products I love and liked,

For $10 a month, you can't beat the value and you get to try things you might not normally get the chance to!  Click HERE to sign up today! 

For those of you that have it, what did you think of this month's box??

Let me know in the comments below and if you have tried any of my items, what do you think??

Have a great day!! xo 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Benefit's New Roller Lash Mascara Review

Benefit was one of the first brands I used when I got into makeup.  I love their kits that come with a ton of products in them and don't get me started on the awesome and novel packaging.

I am quick to grab their new releases and was super excited to be able to try this one out before the official release of the product.  Stay tuned for when you can get it yourself!!

The best thing about this mascara is it is supposed to eliminate the need for the separate step of an eyelash curler, due to the "hook and roll" wand.  You roll your lashes outward while applying the product. I know, duh on the outward, but do it in a rolling motion instead of a swiping motion.

There are so many tiny little bristles on this wand and it really made my lashes quite long.  I don't think they were intending to claim great volume with this mascara but based on the below picture, can you tell which eye has Younique on it and which eye has the Roller Lash??

If you have used Kat Von D's mascara then you will be a pro with this one as this was effortless as with KVD's I did stick myself in the eye a time or two.

I actually just got an email that for today and tomorrow for VIB and VIB ROUGE, Sephora has a limited stock of these before their release date on February 27th!! Click HERE to buy now!!

Or enter ROLLERLASH when checking out with a $25 purchase to get a deluxe sample.

Final thoughts:

  • I like this better than They're Real mascara
  • This is great for my morning rush time or when I've already spent 30 minutes trying to figure out my eye shadow colors
  • No smudging, No poking myself in the eye
  • My lashes are not sticky or hard
  • I can't agree on the holds curl for 12 hours just yet, maybe after multiple applications as I only did 2
  • Lastly, it is worth the extra buck of $24 as opposed to $23 for They're Real
  • In my picture above, the Roller Lash is on the right eye (looking at the picture) so you can SEE the length (2 coats of Roller Lash, 1 of Younique)

Are you excited for this product?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!

Have a great day!! xo

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

How To Fix Broken Eye Shadows, Blushes Or Other Soft Powders

Supplies Needed

This is actually really easy to do! My last Glossybox included a broken blush so I saved it for this post.  And one of my awesome friends sent me these broken glitter (of course) eye shadows to use for my blog post.  I may be crazy but I won't be breaking makeup just to write a post about it!! :)

You will need the following:

  • your broken products
  • a tool, such as a butter knife, to break up the large pieces of product
  • a flat surface (I used a quarter, not shown here)
  • some paper towels or gloves or plastic wrap (just to keep your hands clean)
  • rubbing alcohol (the higher concentration the better)
So first take your product and your tool and break it up into a finely milled powder.

This will be messy
Add a few drops of alcohol (the higher the better as it will dry quicker-even though you will need to let any product dry overnight) and let it soak in for a few seconds.

Soakin, Soakin, Soakin
Take your tool again and mix it all into your product.

Now, here is where the method can vary.  I took a quarter wrapped in paper towel and pressed the powder into the container until it was all level.

Press gently, yet firmly
Or you can take a piece of saran wrap and do the same.

Once your product is leveled out, leave it alone to dry over night.  That's it!  The alcohol smell will evaporate and be gone by morning time and no one will be the wiser!!!  You can make it as pretty as you want, even stamping it, I just didn't have the time :)

Completed look

If this is just too messy for you, here is another method.  Pour all of your broken product into a small ziploc bag.  Smush (that's a word) it up until it is powdery.  Put a few drops of alcohol into the product pan. Cut the tip off of the corner of the bag and pour the product into your prepared product pan and mix and press from there.

Have you lost a pricey product before reading this tip?

Or have you saved one this way??

Let us know in the comments below!!

Have a great day!! xo

Friday, February 13, 2015

Temptu #ReadMyLipstick Winnings and Review

I have been obsessed with lipstick lately.  I never have been. I have always been an eye shadow girl. Sure, that obsession is still there but I think it's always been a struggle finding shadows and lipsticks that match....

So, I entered yet another contest and WON!!  Temptu's #ReadMyLipstick contest.  They sent me a $50 gift card to use on their website.  Since I can't break the bank with an airbrush foundation system, the only logical thing was to try out some new lipsticks!

My choices

These are the colors I went with, Plush Plum (left) and Pink Hype (right).  I love plum colors and also wanted a bright color to welcome in Spring....whenever it gets here!

The lipsticks are $24 each and available online only.  Click HERE to see all of the choices.

They are a demi matte (creamy but matte) finish and glide on so smoothly.  The color is long lasting and did not transfer to my teeth!  I have always been drawn to glossy lipsticks but am surprised at how much I am enjoying the matte textures :)

Plush Plum
Pink Hype
I really want to order so many of them!!  These are fairly new on the market so there aren't that many reviews out there but take it from me, these are amazing!!

Courtesy of RiceandJeans

From left to right:

Blushed Suede-nudeish, pinky color
Rose Velveteen-perfect natural lip color
Pink Hype-bright pink color, love the blue undertones, totally brightened up my entire face
Coral Blaze-orange red color (I want this one too)
Imperial Red-classic brick red color (blue undertones)
Violet Shade-my next purple lipstick quest (it looks more pink online but it's purple)
Plush Plum-purpley, brown color
Jet Rouge-deep dark purple color

Which one do you love??  Thanks again @Temptu!! I am in love :)

Have a great day!! xo

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

February 2015 Sample Society Unboxing

I am VERY happy with this months box...the past few have been kind of meh.....Quick run down, Allure's Sample Society is $15 a month and a mix of hair, beauty and skin products.  We all get the same box while there might be some variation on colors (i.e. nail polish).  Each box includes a mini magazine describing each product and also comes with a $10 off $50 purchase code at www.BeautyBar.Com.

Here is this month's box!!

Which came earlier than any of my other boxes this month!

February 2015 Sample Society Box

Now, right off the bat you can see why I have been a bit let down.  This month's box also has a drugstore product in it.  Sure, you can defend the decision to include this product based on the fact it is one of their (Allure's) top beauty picks but I want to be subjected to things I might not otherwise even know about when I order these boxes each month.....okay, tantrum over.

Let's break it down.

First thing I was the happiest to see was the Nugg masks!! And 3 of them! Not too shabby :)
Revitalizing, Hydrating and Deep Cleansing.  There are over 6 types on their website.  I have used this brand one time before and I was very pleased and since I am a mask junkie, these will be put to good use :)

Next up is Chloe's Love Story perfume.  Sexy and feminine, I wore it today and felt like a woman wearing a business suit with a sexy red thong underneath.  Very nice!!

Next is Nails, Inc. polish in Princes Place.This is a muted lilac color perfect to bring in spring, I can almost feel the dresses I will be wearing again.

Now, here comes the drug store item.  Batiste dry shampoo. I know they sell it at Ulta, too.  I am a loyal Klorane dry shampoo user.  This one, while it did get the oil out of my hair, was super flowery but not in a good way.  The smell was gone by the time I left my house so for that I was thankful. Sure, I am always open to a cheaper priced dry shampoo but this won't be it.

Lastly Strivectin Intensive Illuminating Serum.  They must have over stock of this product as it was included as the extra in last month's box and now included as one of our items in this months box. This boasts improving skin complexion via brightness and clarity.  I haven't noticed overwhelming results yet and am kind of hoping I don't since the price tag on the full size is pretty hefty!

And there ya go!!  The February 2015 Sample Society box.

Overall I am happy and will use the entire box and my prayers for no more hand lotion or black eye liner were finally heard by someone.

Did you get this box?  Want to?  Click HERE to sign up today!!

Oh and only 7 hours left to enter my giveaway!!  Click HERE to get in on the action :) Good luck!!

Have a great day!! xo

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

DIY Homemade Lip Gloss

So the other day, I hinted to my next DIY project.  And here it is! Homemade lipglosses and lip balms.  First, let's talk about supplies.  Super easy to obtain and depending on how many you want to make, you can get supplies online or at your local craft store.  To be that is either Hobby Lobby or Michaels and sometimes Big Lots.

First you are going to need supplies:
  • beeswax
  • shea butter (you can use vitamin e and organic honey, just the same)
  • almond oil (you can use coconut oil, just the same)
  • flavored oils (such as peppermint, pineapple, tangerine, tropical punch, etc. I got mine from LorAnn Oils)
  • containers (tubes or jars)
  • a mixing jar, with a lid
  • saucepan with boiling water
  • stir sticks (wooden as not to melt)
  • measuring spoons
  • labels

First, take 4 teaspoons of beeswax, 2 teaspoons of shea butter and 3 teaspoons of almond oil and put in your jar that has the lid.  If you want glossier chapstick, add an extra 1 1/2 teaspoons of almond oil.

Fill a shallow pot with an inch of water and bring it to a boil.  Place the jar in the boiling water of course making sure it is below the rim and lower to medium heat.  Stir the mixture until it is melted, using your wooden stir sticks.

Have your flavored oil ready to go, a 1/4 teaspoon should be enough.  If you want to mix your flavors, use 1/8 of each to make 1/4.  Look at me using fractions!! :)

I started out in small batches, I recommend doing this since you may want to change things on the next batch.  For example, for the first batch I mixed peppermint and tangerine but the second batch I only used tropical punch oil but added some lipstick shavings to tint the lipgloss!  If you want to tint the lipgloss, add the shavings into the jar while you are stirring all the ingredients together.

Once you take the jar out of the water and add the oil, put the lid on and shake immediately so it is all mixed.  This is wax we are working with so you must do this with some quickness or it will start to harden :)

Peppermint and Tangerine

Tinted Tropical Punch 

Once you pour the wax into your desired container, you will need to let it set undisturbed for about 20 minutes.  If you notice when you pour your wax in that there is still a little dip in the center, add an additional drop of lip balm from the jar to level it off.

And there ya have it!! Easy Peasy!!

Now, of course I have so much lip gloss that some people will be getting gifts!! YAY!! :)

Have you made any lip balms before??  What are you favorite flavor combos?

Let me know in the comments below!

Oh and less than 35 hours for my giveaway.  Make sure you have entered loves!!  Click HERE!!

Have a great day!! xo

Friday, February 6, 2015

January 2015 Product Favorites

Welcome to the future!! 2015 has arrived :) Truth be told, I was expecting my beauty boxes this month to be filled with fabby new trendy items or new twists on old classics but nothing really blew me away.....BoxyCharm was my number one box this month.  Read the unboxing HERE.

SO let's talk about my favorites this month.

First up is Urban Decay's DeSlick Setting Spray.  Since I started using MAC's Studio Sculpt, read about it HERE, I haven't been as dehydrated looking in my face.  Translation-a bit oily!! I was looking for something that would not only set my makeup but help reduce unwanted shine.  Ya know, there are some times where you just don't want a powdery, finish on your face.  Urban Decay has a few setting sprays but this one was what I chose and I am very pleased with my choice.  It sprays on like a dream, a nice even misting application.  My face is set all day until I decide it's time to come sliding off ;) My advice when spraying a finishing spray on your face is to sit still for about 10 seconds or until you feel that it is dry. Don't make any facial expressions and let it do it's thing :)

Next up is Too Faced's Melted Liquified Lipstick in Fig.  I got a sample of this a long time ago in a light pinky color. I wasn't a fan.  And it all came down to the color.  I never gave the product a chance.  Recently Too Faced came out with a ton of new shades for this line.

When I saw this picture, I lost my mind and knew I had to collect pretty much all of them :) But I started with Fig.

The color truly doesn't translate as well as I had hoped in this picture.  It is a gorgeous muted purpley shade that even the most conventional people can wear.  It is so pretty.  As for the product itself, the first use is a bit messy.  It comes out a bit watery, but it dries to a matte finish.  Use a good lip exfoliator prior to wearing any lippies, especially in the winter. I recommend elf's lip exfoliator for a no hassle one or DIY with some sugar (white or brown) and some oil (olive or coconut).  I will be sharing my recipe for my own lip balms coming up on the blog :)

And here are the newest shades released for this Spring!  Melon has my name all over it!

Courtesy of BeautyPointofView

Next up is Sigma's E40 Tapered Blending Brush.  I know it is a $16 eye brush.  BUT if you have a discount (which you will at the end of this post!) it is worth it. If you have hooded eyes, it is also WORTH it! This brush is great!! It fits into the hooded crease of my eye perfectly where as other brushes don't.  If I can find a cheaper alternative I will but for now it is a great score.  Plus these brushes are known to last forever.  It blends like a dream and picks up the perfect amount of product. Also, the product comes right off the brush.  Meaning, I don't have to wipe each color off after I have used it.

And lastly, my product favorite for the month of January is Smashbox's Contour Kit.  I prefer a cream contour but I like this because it is all in one kit and the contour color is an actual contour color. And the bronzer is a bronzer color. I started out contouring using bronzer as my contour but realized what a difference it makes when you use two colors.  The contour color is a nice cool color that creates the shadows I want and the bronzer offers a nice healthy, warm glow.  The highlight doesn't really provide enough color to highlight my skin so I use the powder to set my concealer.  Since it is a tad yellow it works perfectly!  This kit comes with instructions on the mirror and are perfect for beginners.  FYI-I had tried the IT Cosmetics contour kit last year and returned it. There was zero pigmentation and nothing showed up on my skin.

And there ya have it!  Have you used any of these products? What are your thoughts?  Fall in love with any products yourself this month?  Let me know in the comments below!!

Use MISSYOU10 on your order at Sigma for 10% off your order!

Also, don't forget I am having a giveaway!!  There are only 5 days left to enter!

Click HERE to enter and good luck!!

Have a great day!! xo

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

MAC Studio Sculpt Quicky Foundation Review

I think I mentioned this in my most recent video, I love my Estee Lauder Double Wear but I have been so dry lately I needed something to help with that.  Enter MAC Studio Sculpt!!

I love it, I seriously am in loooooooove with it.

It goes on like a dream and is so smooth and creamy.  I am actually an NW20 in this shade which I am at odds with.  Mac is backwards with its toning that a thing??  So the W is usually referring to warm yellow undertones but at Mac it is for cool, pink undertones.....I am confused just typing this.  I think it is a bit too pinky on me, although it photographs very well.  I have ordered an NC20 which I should have Friday to really compare.  So just keep that in mind when ordering online, their system is backwards.  And if you try it on in store make sure you go to a window to check it in natural lighting.

The only thing I wish I could change is that I do need to set with a pretty good setting powder or I will get oily during the day.  I have read a bunch of reviews and this is just the way this foundation is. So if you are super oily, I do not recommend this. If you have normal to dry skin, this is worth picking up.  It gives a natural looking dewey finish to the skin.  I also noticed that after you put it on, it looks even better by the time I am done with all of my makeup.  Like it settles in a GOOD way :)

The foundation is thick (but not KVD thick) and not runny and despite the weird presentation, like you're squirting out frosting, it makes for a no mess application.  I put it on the back of my hand to pick up with my brush.  It is medium to full coverage but I barely need any.  If I have a breakout then I can use more.  I did just think about when I got to the bottom of the tube how will I get all the product out? This product is definitely build-able.

I use my 187SE duo fibre brush to apply and it gives me an airbrushed finish.  I tried my Sigma F80 with it and I was not pleased.....maybe it's me??  I'm truly more of a stipple-er than a buffer.  I haven't tried to apply with my beauty blender yet and I am not sure why.  I think I wanted this to work so badly with my brushes I just overlooked my old standby.

I will update you when the NC20 comes as I am really hoping it is even better due to the coloring. This is the only foundation I have tried from Mac, which one do you all use or prefer?  There are so many to choose from!

Let me know in the comment below :) Would you like a post on determining undertones and all that jazz? :)

Did I mention I am in love with this?? :)

Have a great day!! xo

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

January 2015 BoxyCharm Unboxing & February Spoiler

For those that don't know, I cancelled GlossyBox for BoxyCharm and I am still very pleased with my decision.  The value of the items (all full size) FAR EXCEED the $21 cost of the box!! The only thing about this box is that it ships towards the end of the month but since all my other boxes come in the beginning, I guess it's nice to still have it to look forward too.

Let's talk about the items this month.  Oh, one of mine was a replacement item to the messed up one in last month's box.

Tarte Maracuja Bronzing Serum (retail value $47)-This product alone is twice the cost of the box and got me quite giddy at the site of it.  I still have to do my review on the bronzing lotion, which is out of this world, so since this is targeted for the face, it's even better.  I am obsessed with reading reviews on products and this has gotten so many positives.  It will come down to a few things per person though.....your skin tone and your sensitivity to the product.  I have a light skin tone currently (winter, boo) so one application did not get me tan or glowing overnight but it did not make me break out either.  So, so far so good. I will keep you updated as I try it for longer periods of time.

Mirabella Primer (retail value $29)-This face primer is comparable to Smashbox in the look and feel. Be careful not to use too much or you will be an oil slick.  It was a nice primer but nothing outstanding about it.

Beauty For Real (retail value $36)-We got both a lip liner and lip gloss.  I think the liner was nude and the gloss is Always There.  The pencil is very nice and I have been able to use it with a few lipsticks of mine. I like putting a layer of it underneath my lipstick in addition to lining my lips for that extra layer of priming.  The lip gloss is not sticky and is a nice plum color.  It is kind of sheer going on so you can layer it up.

Purlisse Skin Sparkle Flash Tattoos (retail value $5)-Hard to believe these come from Purlisse as I know them only to provide skin care but super exciting.  In fact, I think these were just made for this box as I cannot find a link to them.  I love tattoos, real (I have 4) or fake!!  It saddens me that it is not summer and I can put these all over my body and shine in the sun! LOL Soon.........

Be A Bombshell lip gloss (retail value $14)-This was my replacement item.  This lip gloss came in the shade, Hooked.  A mauvey color with some shimmer.  Love it, love the color and the feel of the lip gloss.

So again, another stellar box that really makes me happy with my decision to switch.  I love that I am getting introduced to Tarte since I have not really used many of their products.  Also this month, Tarte is coming to Ulta and I have an appointment to meet with them and get a makeover with their team and products so I will keep you updated on that! :)

And the February Boxycharm box will include a full size jar of NCLA jar of hearts!! I love my nail stuff so this is exciting, even though I wish it would have been in the January box so I would have it for V Day :) Click HERE to sign up now!!

What did you think of the BoxyCharm box this month?

Let me know in the comments below (this can be one of your entries in my giveaway)!!  Didn't know about the giveaway??  Click HERE!!!

Have a great day!! xo
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