Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Benefit's New Roller Lash Mascara Review

Benefit was one of the first brands I used when I got into makeup.  I love their kits that come with a ton of products in them and don't get me started on the awesome and novel packaging.

I am quick to grab their new releases and was super excited to be able to try this one out before the official release of the product.  Stay tuned for when you can get it yourself!!

The best thing about this mascara is it is supposed to eliminate the need for the separate step of an eyelash curler, due to the "hook and roll" wand.  You roll your lashes outward while applying the product. I know, duh on the outward, but do it in a rolling motion instead of a swiping motion.

There are so many tiny little bristles on this wand and it really made my lashes quite long.  I don't think they were intending to claim great volume with this mascara but based on the below picture, can you tell which eye has Younique on it and which eye has the Roller Lash??

If you have used Kat Von D's mascara then you will be a pro with this one as this was effortless as with KVD's I did stick myself in the eye a time or two.

I actually just got an email that for today and tomorrow for VIB and VIB ROUGE, Sephora has a limited stock of these before their release date on February 27th!! Click HERE to buy now!!

Or enter ROLLERLASH when checking out with a $25 purchase to get a deluxe sample.

Final thoughts:

  • I like this better than They're Real mascara
  • This is great for my morning rush time or when I've already spent 30 minutes trying to figure out my eye shadow colors
  • No smudging, No poking myself in the eye
  • My lashes are not sticky or hard
  • I can't agree on the holds curl for 12 hours just yet, maybe after multiple applications as I only did 2
  • Lastly, it is worth the extra buck of $24 as opposed to $23 for They're Real
  • In my picture above, the Roller Lash is on the right eye (looking at the picture) so you can SEE the length (2 coats of Roller Lash, 1 of Younique)

Are you excited for this product?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!

Have a great day!! xo

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