Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February 2015 Double Birchbox Unboxings

For those that need the breakdown, Birchbox is a monthly beauty subscription that sends you 5 samples tailored to your beauty profile.  However, it is their point system that makes them No. 1 in this industry IMO!  For every item you receive in your box that you provide feedback on, you get 10 points. When you get 100 points, that is $10 in cold hard cash that you get to spend in the Birchbox shop.  They have so many great brands and exclusive to Birchbox brands.

For now I have taken a break on getting two Birchbox boxes a month.  I am super excited to share with ya'll which NEW monthly sub I have replaced it with.  So stay tuned as that box should be arriving this week for me!  Okay on to the unboxings!

They love to feed your ego, too!

I did my experiment for a few months with two boxes to see how different my boxes would be.  For the most part I only had one month were both boxes were exceptional.  I will be doing a blog post soon on my ideas on how to get the most out of your Birchbox subscription, too.

Here is the first box.

  • Benefit SugarBomb Lip Gloss-when I search for a lip gloss I need one that is not sticky.  This meets my expectations.  This is a pinky nude color with a nice shimmer to it.  Benefit never lets me down.
  • Eyeko Skinny Liner-This is the star of this box. This eye liner is exceptional. It is smooth and precise. It allows me to get a great cat eye or get super close to my lash line.  Oh how I wish this came in more colors than black!
  • Obliphica Treatment Hair Serum-I don't like the packaging of this product as I have to pour it into my hand which makes for wasted product.  But the serum itself smooths my hair and doesn't leave it greasy.  Smells great too.  Perfect for smoothing strands after putting hair into a fishtail braid!
  • Gilchrist and Soames London Collection Shower Gel-I haven't used this product yet but am a sucker for British items. I also like to use these sizes for when I travel, HA, which isn't that often.  Based on other consumer reviews, this product is not overly flowery but not overly moisturizing, either.
  • BeeKind Conditioner-I also don't fancy this packaging.  It's cardboard, enough said.  This brand has a purpose though and I love hearing about things like that.  Proceeds benefit honeybee and sustainable pollination research.  This product is organic and of course, made with honey.  There is a waitlist for this conditioner! I can't wait to try it :) 
This box I have marked as adventurous and trendy, this is my subscription that I have had since day one (over a year) and this is the profile I will be keeping.  

Second box......


Great box!!
  • Marcelle Gentle Eye Makeup Remover-The STAR of this box. This is exclusive to Birchbox and wow, it really exceeded my expectations.  I put some on a cotton round, held it on my eye lid for few seconds and wiped....all my eye makeup came off in one single sweep. It didn't even phase my contacts, either.  This product also has cucumber extract which helps reduce puffiness and under eye circles. BAM!
  • Davines Minu Shampoo-I have received this brand before in a curly shampoo one, which I gave to my sister in law, so I was excited to see one that I can actually use! It smells great but I won't repurchase since it has sulfates in it, I can't say that it improved my highlights, either.
  • Davines Hair Serum-So the full size product of this comes in a spray bottle, which I would have much preferred to a small paper container.  This was a nice serum and wasn't greasy feeling, either. A little goes a long way and if you have very fine hair, only apply to your ends. Putting serums on your roots will only weigh you down :)
  • Harvey Prince Hello perfume-I must have been in a bad mood the last time I tried this because I did not care for it at all. I tried it again in this box and I liked it!  Perfect scent for Spring, which I am SO ready for. It is light and sweet and simple.  Yes, simple is the best word for it.
  • Benefit Posiebalm-Another great lip gloss but it is a bit too pink for my liking.  It has mango butter in it which I wish I could eat but I don't think I should.
  • And I received the same body wash as in the first box, so I won't retype all that stuff :) 
This box profile is the more natural, crunchy box profile and I think it reflects that well.  Overall, I think both boxes were even in the amount of products I love and liked,

For $10 a month, you can't beat the value and you get to try things you might not normally get the chance to!  Click HERE to sign up today! 

For those of you that have it, what did you think of this month's box??

Let me know in the comments below and if you have tried any of my items, what do you think??

Have a great day!! xo 

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