Tuesday, February 3, 2015

January 2015 BoxyCharm Unboxing & February Spoiler

For those that don't know, I cancelled GlossyBox for BoxyCharm and I am still very pleased with my decision.  The value of the items (all full size) FAR EXCEED the $21 cost of the box!! The only thing about this box is that it ships towards the end of the month but since all my other boxes come in the beginning, I guess it's nice to still have it to look forward too.

Let's talk about the items this month.  Oh, one of mine was a replacement item to the messed up one in last month's box.

Tarte Maracuja Bronzing Serum (retail value $47)-This product alone is twice the cost of the box and got me quite giddy at the site of it.  I still have to do my review on the bronzing lotion, which is out of this world, so since this is targeted for the face, it's even better.  I am obsessed with reading reviews on products and this has gotten so many positives.  It will come down to a few things per person though.....your skin tone and your sensitivity to the product.  I have a light skin tone currently (winter, boo) so one application did not get me tan or glowing overnight but it did not make me break out either.  So, so far so good. I will keep you updated as I try it for longer periods of time.

Mirabella Primer (retail value $29)-This face primer is comparable to Smashbox in the look and feel. Be careful not to use too much or you will be an oil slick.  It was a nice primer but nothing outstanding about it.

Beauty For Real (retail value $36)-We got both a lip liner and lip gloss.  I think the liner was nude and the gloss is Always There.  The pencil is very nice and I have been able to use it with a few lipsticks of mine. I like putting a layer of it underneath my lipstick in addition to lining my lips for that extra layer of priming.  The lip gloss is not sticky and is a nice plum color.  It is kind of sheer going on so you can layer it up.

Purlisse Skin Sparkle Flash Tattoos (retail value $5)-Hard to believe these come from Purlisse as I know them only to provide skin care but super exciting.  In fact, I think these were just made for this box as I cannot find a link to them.  I love tattoos, real (I have 4) or fake!!  It saddens me that it is not summer and I can put these all over my body and shine in the sun! LOL Soon.........

Be A Bombshell lip gloss (retail value $14)-This was my replacement item.  This lip gloss came in the shade, Hooked.  A mauvey color with some shimmer.  Love it, love the color and the feel of the lip gloss.

So again, another stellar box that really makes me happy with my decision to switch.  I love that I am getting introduced to Tarte since I have not really used many of their products.  Also this month, Tarte is coming to Ulta and I have an appointment to meet with them and get a makeover with their team and products so I will keep you updated on that! :)

And the February Boxycharm box will include a full size jar of NCLA jar of hearts!! I love my nail stuff so this is exciting, even though I wish it would have been in the January box so I would have it for V Day :) Click HERE to sign up now!!

What did you think of the BoxyCharm box this month?

Let me know in the comments below (this can be one of your entries in my giveaway)!!  Didn't know about the giveaway??  Click HERE!!!

Have a great day!! xo


  1. I think it's neat to try something different that you have never heard of each month - shaunie

    1. I agree Shaunie!! Thats why I love these subs!! xo


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