Friday, May 8, 2015

April 2015 Choix Unboxing And Review

Last month was my second month of the Choix subscription.  It is $20 a month and you get to select the 5 items you sample, all high end brands that I myself, have limited access to.  Tom Ford, Kevin Aucoin,Chanel,YSL,etc.....

the goodies
You also get a $10 coupon code to use towards a full size product out of the items that you sampled for the month.

Let's talk about what I selected this month.

  • Nars Dual Intensity Eye Shadow in Phoebe-what's neat about Choix is they send you the sample already pressed in a little pan for you.  You can get a little palette from them to hold all your shadows in so you can take them with you or keep them all in one spot.  I actually really liked this color and it lasted forever on my lids.
  • Smashbox Primer Water-I have been wanting to try this for a while but didn't love it as much as I hoped I would.  It was very refreshing but to me not worth the price tag. I also found it did nothing for my pores prior to foundation application and found it better suited for a finishing spray.
  • Bobbi Brown Foundation in Cool Beige-I liked this so much that this is what I used my $10 off code on and am waiting for the full size product so I will do a full review then!  It truly is "your skin but better" foundation.  I find application best with Real Techniques Expert Face Brush!
  • Chanel Illuminating Base Primer-this primer was a little too shimmery and sticky for me.  Ya know how Smashbox's original primer feels?  This is the exact opposite and again too hefty of a price tag. If you don't have crater sized pores then this would be better for you than me!
  • Lastly, Bobbi Brown Under Eye Corrector in Light Bisque-I love this stuff and have written a post on it before.  In fact, I merely ordered it too be able to use the $10 off coupon on it but I fell in love with the foundation instead!! This is a miracle product that you use under your concealer to counteract the discoloration. 
Click HERE if you would like to try this monthly sub!! As you know, I LOVE surprises but since this box lets me access such amazing stuff I really was glad I tried it!!  I mean sure, you can have them pick your products for you if you want though :)

So overall this was the best box I have received from them so far but I can't blame it on Choix since I made all of my own selections.  Being the foundation and concealer junkie I am, those were where I ran into problems since color selection was hard.  They don't offer all the choices for each brand so I found myself going back and forth reading shade descriptions on Sephora's website.

What do you think?  Have you tried Choix before? Do you think you will?

Let me know in the comments below!! xo

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  1. Love hearing about this high end subscription box and the lastest items that you have sampled? Keeping this in mind for the future :)

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty


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