Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How Not To Have An Oily Face

No, this post is not a joke, but the picture is! I am sure I am not the only one who as you get older, your face becomes more oily??  Yes, no??  Well I am going to think that I am not alone in this battle :)

So today I want to show you how to keep your face matte and not get such oily skin after applying makeup plus show you makeup for an oily face.  And not with home remedies, although they might work, there are too many to pin them all down.  I know before I found these things that work for me, I searched high and low for some help in this area!  And NO the answer is not those oil blotting sheets.  Who has time to actually do that...."You know, I am really loving this first date but excuse me while I go blot the oil off my face"......HA!!

First you want to start with a product BEFORE your primer! This was a miracle product for me!

Murad's Oil Control Mattifier.  Get It Here.

This product not only reduces shine but it also controls breakouts and reduces them.  The key to this is patting it on your face and not rubbing it in, although the consistency is like a lotion.  Since I found this product, I have never had to use an oil blotting sheet again!

Second is a primer.  You would't drive your car without putting oil in it, right? (Is that an appropriate reference? haha)

Basically, a primer is going to fill your pores and any fine lines you have and provide a clean, smooth canvas for your face.  These two products combined take me less than 5 minutes to do, so you DO have time to add them to your routine!

Now, I am privy to Benefit's the POREfessional (Get It Here), but I recently tried a sample of Smashbox's primer Get It Here) and it was pretty good, too.  I like that the POREfessional is the same color has my skin so if I had a pore emergency during the day, I can put it right on top of my foundation :)

Next is the foundation!!  Now I am going to show you my winter foundation and summer foundation.  As ya'll know, we need to have two due to the weather.  Plus my winter foundation is so expensive, I do not want to risk sweating it off!

Winter/Fall Foundation

Summer/Spring Foundation
Hourglass Immaculate Mattifying Oil Free Foundation (Get It Here) and Benefits Liquid to Powder Foundation (Get It Here).  As you can see from the names alone, they are targeted for oily slicks on faces! :) They don't dry me out, either which is great :)  But my face has never looked better!

Now with the Hourglass, I use a Beauty Blender (Get It Here) for application.

And with Benefit, I use a stippling brush (Get It Here).

If you know a better way, then please let me know in the comments below!!

Lastly, I apply a colorless powder on my face.  Elf's HD powder (Get It Here).

And that my friends is how I maintain an oil free face, ALL DAY!!

How do you fight the oil?

What are your secret weapons?

Do you need to know how to use the tools?

Please let me know in the comments below!!

Have a great day!!

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