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Let's Talk About Eyebrows, Baby.....

Do ya'll remember 90's eyebrows?  Pluck them so thin that you barely have any left?  Who decided that looked good?  Let's find that person now....No one told us that sparse thin eyebrows look good on NO ONE and getting them to fill in is nearly impossible, much grow back completely.

Ah, brings back memories now doesn't it???

Well, don't worry, today YOU are going to learn how to fix your eyebrows.

And don't think extreme like Cara Delevingne, normal, just normal eyebrows :)

You know, having nice filled in eyebrows will completely change the way your face looks.  That is a fact.  I am giving you my 100% guarantee on that.  Your eyes are the window to your soul, right, so why not have them framed with some beautiful eyebrows?  If that doesn't convince you then, how about this? Nice eyebrows are a sign of youth.  BAM! You want to stay looking young, right?  Yep.....okay, let's do a natural eyebrow tutorial together :)

I hardly had anyone to talk to about what products to use for my eyebrows so luckily I have done enough research and tried enough products to be able to help you now.  There are many types of products, too. Pencils, gels, powders and liquid wands.  

The first and hardest thing I am going to recommend is letting them grow out a bit.  I KNOW this is the hardest because we want to pluck all the stray hairs.  In reality, hardly anyone sees them but us.  If you let them grow in for about two weeks it helps a lot and shows you where your brows should actually start and end.

Now let's do the pencil trick to help us determine that even better.

Courtesy of wikiHow

Take a pencil and place it on the outer most corner of your nostril and the inside of your eye.  This is where the brow should start.  Make a dot with some eyeliner.

Courtesy of wikiHow

Keeping the pencil at the same spot on your nostril, tilt it across the center of your eye, looking straight ahead.  This is where your arch should be naturally on your face.  Make another dot.

Courtesy of wikiHow

Lastly, tilt the pencil to the end of your eye.  This is where your brow should end.  Make another mark.

Do the same thing with your other eye.

Now, there are stencils that you can use to help you shape your eyebrow.  I used them for quite some time until my eyebrows had grown in enough for me to shape them on my own.  I still recommend using the pencil trick as some stencils are larger than what you actually need.  They are also good in helping you pluck the hairs outside of the stencil so you aren't plucking too many within what should be the natural shape of your brow.

Now that we have determined where your brows should be, lets talk about the colors.

  • If you have light hair and light skin, you should go one to two shades darker than your hair color. Going lighter will not help define your eyebrows.
  • If you have dark hair and dark skin, you should go one shade lighter than your hair color, two at most. 
If you need additional help, I would ask your hair stylist or ask someone at Sephora, Ulta or Benefit's brow bar.  When I first started doing my eyebrows, I was using a brown eyeliner pencil and quickly learned that it was WAY TOO DARK for me.  

Next I tried, Too Faced Brow Envy Kit.  It is actually a great kit and comes with tweezers, stencils, spoolie brush, highlighter, wax and two powders.  A great starter kit!  I stopped because it was too hard to mix colors to find the right shade for my blonde hair.

So then, I started out using Anastasia's Perfect Brow Pencil in Cool Taupe.  Taupe is an almost perfect option for us blondes.  It is nice and cool toned and I think the best shade.

I am actually returning this so I just wanted to show you the product :) 

This is a pencil that also has a spoolie brush, which is what helps your brows look natural after you fill them in.

But now here is my favorite product!!  I actually got this recently has a promo from ULTA.

IT Cosmetics Universal Brow Pencil.  Universal, ya'll!!!  The color is incredible.  This is what I recommend for trying out a color.  The darker you press, the darker the shade becomes so it is flattering to all women.  It goes on as a taupe color (IMO) which is perfect for me!

Now you can see the spoolie brush I was talking about.  The tip is kinda square, but small enough to mimic your natural brow hair, which is what we want.  Unfortunately, it is not waterproof for summer but the next product I use is!

Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow.   For this I also recommend asking Sephora to help you out with coloring as they can try the colors on you in store.  Light brown is what worked for me.  Application is with an angled brow brush and you just pat it on.  It lasts all day.  I plan on putting it to the test in the pool on vacation :)

So here are my brows, au natural.  Remind me to work on the lighting at my vanity for pictures!

Thin, no shape....ugh.....Oh and another thing I learned is "eyebrows are sisters, NOT twins".  Remember that as you will never get them to look the same unless you have them tattooed on.  They are unique :) Don't stress yourself out trying to get them to match.

My whole face without my eyebrows done.  I took the picture from far away so you will be able to see the difference once they are filled in.  Hard to see them, right?

Take your product and lightly fill in your brow in short strokes, following the shape of your brow based on the marks you made from your pencil.  If you are using a stencil, only lightly draw in as we are going for a natural look here, not an eyebrow made with a sharpie.  Your eyebrow should get thinner as you get more towards the end.  Fullness in the beginning :)

Now the left is filled in.

We are getting there!

And now the right.

After the color is put in, take the spoolie brush (or an old mascara wand that has been cleaned up) and brush your brows so the color is distributed naturally.

The next thing I do to add a little OOOMPH, is put highlighter underneath my arch.  Adds some extra lift without the botox :)

Benefit's High Brow does the trick or you can use any highlighter that you have, including an eyeshadow.

Just draw some directly under the arch.

And then blend it in with a brush or your finger.  You can also use your concealer on the top and the bottom of the eyebrow too.

Done!!  I do plan on creating video tutorials soon and I will update this post at that time so you can actually see me doing my eyebrows :)

What eyebrow products do you currently use?

What are your favorite brands?

Please let me know in the comments below!

Have a great day!!

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