Friday, June 6, 2014

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye & Sumita Colored Mascara Review

So, we all know how it is to wake up and have dark circles and bags under our eyes....and while I wish I could say it is a fashion statement, it is NOT! :)

I wish I could wake up like those supermodels who take "no makeup" selfies and just start my day.  But, I am like all of us average women and have to go, go, go until I pass out in my bed, so it ain't never gonna happen!

I have searched high and low for the perfect product and sadly am still on the hunt.  And while I am just short of plastering my face with spackle to hide the bags, I have found a product that helps tremendously!

Bye Bye Under Eye® Anti-Aging Concealer Get it Here

Full coverage, waterproof, yet moisturizing, concealer with anti-aging ingredients to combat dark circles while it conceals. 70% of skin tones are neutral medium.

The only way to describe it is magic.  It lightens up my whole under eye area and covers the bags and dark circles.  Plus the fact that it is waterproof, means sweat proof, so it will stay on all day without having to reapply.

Best part is, this is how much I use:

A DOT!  So this tube is going to last a looooong time!  Now for the other great part, the concealer brush!!

Dual Airbrush Concealer Brush

A dual-ended, retractable airbrush concealer brush. Get It Here

One end is fluffy, to acheive an airbrush like finish, and the other end is flat, to target other areas, like my chin.  It doesn't require a class to use, like some of the fancier brushes out there. Plus it has covers for both ends and it is perfect for traveling with.

After applying, I set with powder and I am done.  So now that my bags and circles are covered, I want to play up my eyes.

I recently placed an order on Birchbox and to get free shipping I added some colored mascaras.  Don't need to check the calendar, it's not 1980 but colored mascara is back!! And I for one am super excited!!  Adding colored mascara, whether alone or with matching eye shadow, can play up and accentuate anyone's eyes!  

These are the colors I got:

Lavender, Jade Green, Black, Blue and Brown.  Get It Here

I used the lavender this morning and it is subtle, but outside it is much more noticeable.  

The wand is the best part of this brand (which is Sumita by the way and I knew nothing about this brand before this purchase).

It separates each lash and doesn't clump them together. Plus it is adds some volume to my lashes and that's always a plus!

What is your favorite under eye concealer?  Any tricks to application?

Do you use other colors of colored mascara?

Let me know as I can use another excuse to do some online shopping!!

Have a great day!!


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