Thursday, June 5, 2014

Makeup, Glorious Makeup

Makeup. Oh how I LOVE makeup.....And what's funny is that I really only learned about techniques and colors and what my undertone was within the last year.  I've always been only a concealer under the eyes, eyeshadow and a mascara girl.  But now, after talking to my best friends and subscribing to monthly beauty subscriptions, I can't have enough of it!!

So, today, I want to talk about the monthly subs I have and let you see some of the stuff you too can get so we can all love makeup together. In the future, I also plan on comparing them and giving reviews on some of the products that I don't know how I have made it this far without!

The first one I was introduced to is Birchbox.  (Click here to join BirchBox)

This is $10 a month and you get it within the first two weeks of the month. You can personalize your subscription based on what you want to see in your box.  Once you join, you are put on a waitlist and get added within 2 weeks.

This is what I got last month.

What's nice about this one is that it always gives a listing of the products and how much a full size item would cost.  There are usually 4 regular items and an extra "lifestyle" item.  Each month after using your product, you go on their website and review it.  For each review you get 10 points and each 100 points you accumulate is equal to $10 in their online store.  The online store is full of name brand items and always includes the items that are in your box.  Plus they are always running specials where you can get a certain percentage off of your item or get freebies added to your order.  You can also get points when you refer your friends to join.  I have always loved my monthly boxes and have placed several items with the points I have received.

The next box I was introduced to is Ipsy.  (Click here to join Ipsy)

This is also $10 a month and you get it within the first two weeks of the month.  You can also personalize your subscription based on what you want to see in your box.  Once you join, you are also put on a waitlist.  Sometimes they have promotions where you can get off the waitlist immediately.

This is what I got last month.

Ipsy usually has 5-6 items in their monthly bags.  They also have a points system in place where when you review your monthly items and you get a total of 1000 points, you can redeem the points for an additional item to be added to your upcoming monthly bag.  You get 10 points for each item you review.  You also get points when you refer friends to join.

Beauty Box 5 is the next monthly subscription that I do. (Click here to join Beauty Box 5)

This box also comes within the first two weeks of the month.  The pricing is a bit different.  It is $12 a month but you can join quarterly or pay the annual price.  I joined quarterly so each box breaks down to $7.50 a month.  I wanted to test out their products plus it was the cheapest option.

This is what I got last month.

One downfall is that everyone gets the same items in each box.  Plus they do not offer a points system and you can only purchase the items online that they place in all the boxes each month.  I do not think I am going to be resubscribing once my four months are up.  They usually only send 1 extremely good product out of the 5 that come in the box. Plus since they don't have a point system or online sales, the other boxes far exceed this one.

Another box that I tried is GlossyBox.  I need to send you an actual link in order to have you join this one and get credit for it.

This is what I got last month.

This box is $21 a month and so far my absolute favorite monthly box.  This one comes at the end of the month.  There is a profile that you can fill out also so that it is tailored to your preferences.  They also have a points system where you get 20 points for each review you give on your products and when you get 1000 points, you get a free Glossybox for that month.  Plus you get referral points, too.

All of the samples are luxury brands and sometimes they give full size products.  This month included an extra $25 gift card.  They also have great customer service.

Lastly, there is New Beauty Test Tube.  This subscription is the most expensive.  It is $29.95 plus shipping every other month.  I also need to send you a an actual link for this one to get credit for it.

This is what I got in May (plus a prime photo op for my hubby and puppy).

I received 12 full size items valued at $77.  I have mixed reviews on this so far.  All of the items I received, with the exception of 4, were drugstore products that I could have bought myself.  That is why I love beauty subscriptions, as they allow me to try things that I otherwise may not be able to.  I was upset with what came in this tube but I was not alone.  The company received an overwhelming response to this tube and has since stated they will be amending the next tube.

A full size magazine is also supposed to come separately and I have yet to receive mine.  I decided that I would try the tube one more time.  If it is the same quality of products then I will not be ordering again.  I also initially tried this because I was given a code for $5 off.

I would eventually like to try PopSugar Beauty. They always have promotions going on and the products that they offer are amazing

There are an abundance of monthly beauty subscriptions out there.  It is all a matter of preference and pricing to determine which ones really work for you.  I love trying out new products and new looks.  I surely don't wear the same looks every day and with all this makeup, why would I? :)  Plus, this is something that so many of my friends and family do that it really is a lot of fun.  There are also several groups on Facebook that allow for some swapping of products so that they help you get the most out of your box each month.

What monthly beauty subscriptions do you subscribe to?

Based on what you I see do, would you recommend any other boxes for me to try?

Have a great day!


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