Monday, June 23, 2014

Ciate Feather Manicure Tutorial

So a few weeks ago, I won a prize pack from Ciate.  It was incredible!  All I did was enter on their Facebook page and then they emailed me that I won.

Here is what I got:

Two velvet manicures, chalkboard manicure, denim manicure, caviar manicure, neon manicure, foil manicure and a feather manicure! OH MY NAILS!!

So exciting :)  So let's look at the feather manicure and do a tutorial :)

Some of these I will need some help doing my left hand, but this one was easy!

I love how all of the kits not only come with the tools but with coordinating polishes too!

This kit has the feathers, speed top coat, purple polish and scissors.  There are enough feathers to do several manicures.  And the feathers are SO pretty and fancy too :)

First, you want to start with clean nails.  On the nails you want to do the feathers, paint two coats of the purple polish and let dry for five minutes.

Then take a feather and lay it on the nail so that some of the color peeps through by the cuticle.  You don't want to cover the entire nail with the feather.  Then lightly pat the feather on the nail to ensure it is sticking to the nail.

Cut the excess feather off, but leave a bit hanging off your nail as you are going to file the rest off.  So you want to make sure that there is enough to file without ruining the part attached to your nail.

Paint with the speed top coat, going with the grain of the feather.

Wait two minutes until it is fully dry and file that excess off.

The speed top coat makes the feather hard so it is easy to file off.

Then do the same on your other hand and paint your nails whatever color you want.  I thought the purple it came with was so pretty that I used that on all my fingers :)

I used two different feathers on each hand as I liked how they looked but you can of course use the same feathers.

It is so funky and pretty at the same time. How many times did I say pretty? Jeesh....

I see these kits at Marshall's sometimes on sale or you can Get It Here.

Believe it or not, I had never used Ciate before it came in my Glossybox and I love the polish now.

It lasts forever and I can get away with one coat only if I wanted to.

What Ciate kits have you used?

Do you have any tricks to application?

Let me know in the comments below!

Have a great day!!


  1. Hi! I came across your blog via birchbloggers and love that this post is on nail polish because I have something really exciting to share that involves both sub boxes and nails! It's called Stylebox by Jamberry. It's coming out July 1st and you will NOT want to miss out on it! Watch this to find out more: I'd love to send you a free sample to test out and blog about! - Courtney

    1. Hi Courtney! Thanks for reading the blog! Actually, I have a review on Jamberry on here too! I am currently working with a consultant and did make mention of her on my blog, but I did not know about the box! I will check the video out now! Thank you!!

  2. The feather manicure looks so simple but great. I have a Ciaté velvet manicure kit but have only used it once...still, so fun!

    Chloe | Wanderlust in the Midwest

    1. Did you see the post about the contest I won and ALL the packs they sent me? They sent me 2 velvet ones, can't wait to try! :)


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