Tuesday, February 17, 2015

How To Fix Broken Eye Shadows, Blushes Or Other Soft Powders

Supplies Needed

This is actually really easy to do! My last Glossybox included a broken blush so I saved it for this post.  And one of my awesome friends sent me these broken glitter (of course) eye shadows to use for my blog post.  I may be crazy but I won't be breaking makeup just to write a post about it!! :)

You will need the following:

  • your broken products
  • a tool, such as a butter knife, to break up the large pieces of product
  • a flat surface (I used a quarter, not shown here)
  • some paper towels or gloves or plastic wrap (just to keep your hands clean)
  • rubbing alcohol (the higher concentration the better)
So first take your product and your tool and break it up into a finely milled powder.

This will be messy
Add a few drops of alcohol (the higher the better as it will dry quicker-even though you will need to let any product dry overnight) and let it soak in for a few seconds.

Soakin, Soakin, Soakin
Take your tool again and mix it all into your product.

Now, here is where the method can vary.  I took a quarter wrapped in paper towel and pressed the powder into the container until it was all level.

Press gently, yet firmly
Or you can take a piece of saran wrap and do the same.

Once your product is leveled out, leave it alone to dry over night.  That's it!  The alcohol smell will evaporate and be gone by morning time and no one will be the wiser!!!  You can make it as pretty as you want, even stamping it, I just didn't have the time :)

Completed look

If this is just too messy for you, here is another method.  Pour all of your broken product into a small ziploc bag.  Smush (that's a word) it up until it is powdery.  Put a few drops of alcohol into the product pan. Cut the tip off of the corner of the bag and pour the product into your prepared product pan and mix and press from there.

Have you lost a pricey product before reading this tip?

Or have you saved one this way??

Let us know in the comments below!!

Have a great day!! xo

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