Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How to Get Freebies, Part Deuce

I recently wrote a post about how to get a bunch of wonderful freebies in the mail (read it HERE).  It was a huge hit and everyone loved learning about all the new sites and ways to get them.

So today, I have a few more sites to introduce you to.  As we all know, I love everything about beauty so I also thought I would share how to join some beauty panels and get the chance to review other types of products, too.  And remember, not all of these sites are geared towards beauty alone. There are tons of other categories.

Here goes :)

First up is Swaggable.  Create an account with Facebook and go through each category, choosing which items you "Want". When they become available to try for free, you will get an email.  Simple as that.  When you get the email and accept, the item gets mailed to you and you just return to the site and provide your feedback.  Once you do that, they show you friends based on your Facebook list that they think might like to try the same product.  You can then choose several of your friends to send the product to!  I love that feature. I am currently waiting on my second sample from them.

Did you know our grocery websites have free samples? Yep!  Target,Walmart and Kmart all have sample centers and you don't need to create an account either.

Also, Proctor & Gamble allow you to get samples quarterly throughout the year.  They change all the time, too.  Create an account and go to samples and offers to see what is available to you!

PopSugar Sample Squad is where you can sample and review free products.  You do need to create an online account and check the site periodically.  I just have them on my favorites bar and check in once in awhile.

Next is Vocal Point.  This is an interactive community where providing feedback on products and engaging with other members, can help you score free stuff! I will be doing a post after this one showing all the stuff they sent me just for wishing me luck on my blog!

SheSpeaks is similar to Vocal Point.  Another interactive community where the more you do on the site, the more things they will ask you to participate in!  If you have a blog, you can also apply to be part of their blogger community.  There is also a deals and offers page which is updated frequently to tell you about available freebies!

The Pink Panel allows you to try out beauty related products and provide your feedback.  You do need to submit an application and they will contact you via email.  Please make sure you use my name (Brooke Miano) as the referring member so it helps us both out!

L'Oreal USA does the same.  Submit an application and they will contact you via email and let you know if there are any products to test :)

Montagne Jeunesse is an all natural company has tons of face masks that are wonderful and pampering.  You can join their beauty panel and get to try out new products! Fill out the application and they will contact you :)

All You Reality Checkers is an online community based off of their magazine.  An interactive site where not only can you get free products, you can win contests and be featured in the magazine!

GlamSpotters is affiliated with Glamour magazine and this panel is for fashion forward beauty lovers! Complete an application and they will contact you to try out free stuff and answer surveys!

Allure Beauty Enthusiasts is affiliated with Allure magazine.  Complete an application for a chance to be contacted to try out new products.

House Party is a really neat concept.  Create an online profile and search through to look for programs you may be interested in.  This is not just for beauty, this is for games, kids, food, etc. You apply to host a party at home and they will send you all the stuff for that particular brand. I have applied to 3 parties so far and am waiting to hear back.  Chatterbox is also on the site and allows you to still get products and talk about them without having to have the house party.

Phew!!  Wow that was a lot and I can't believe I do all of them plus the ones on the other post.  But it is worth it and it is fun! In addition to samples and full size products, I usually get coupons so I am saving money all the time and my hubby sure likes that :)

Let me know if you have any questions or post a comment below!

Have a great day!


  1. Amazing list! Thank you I signed up for a couple! xo

    1. YAY!!! Can't wait to hear what you get :)


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