Friday, July 11, 2014

Freebies Galore!!! A How To Guide On Getting Loot :)

Everyone is always asking me how on earth do I get so much free stuff??  I truly work for it with the help of a select few websites.  Plus I have a job where I have a lot of down time which makes it a bit easier.  I love getting free stuff and some might call it a bit of an obsession but again it is FREE!!

Today I want to share all of my free stuff gettin' secrets to share the wealth!  :)

Now granted, like I said, getting free stuff does require some work and research on your part.  Some people didn't realize that but of course for each sample, you do need to provide a shipping address and for each website you do need to set up an account.  I recommend creating a new email account that only free sample emails and confirmations go to.  That way you can control the amount of spam (if any) and can unsubscribe if you have received your sample.  A lot of companies ask that you "like" their Facebook page and follow their newsletters in order to send you samples.  I myself did not set up my own sample email account and wish I had.

I will start out with the easiest ones first :)

The first website that I ever signed up for is FreeFlys.  They have all types of categories on free stuff, health, kids, beauty, food and other.  Each time a free sample is available, they put a post up on Facebook and you just follow the link and get it!  You do need to create an account on their website with your email and password.  Once you sign up and start requesting samples, you get them within 6-8 weeks :) You do not need to provide feedback to freeflys, but may be required to do so on the actual companies site or via their email.

Next up is Hunt For Freebies.You do not need an account with an email and password for this one and they also update on their FB page each time they have a freebie to offer. In addition to samples, they also always announce when companies are having sweepstakes and contests, which is nice.

You can also search for freebie groups on FB.  I do know most of the ones I am on are closed groups and you do need to be added but it doesn't hurt to search them out :)

Now moving on to the harder websites.

PINCHME is a more interactive website.  Every other Tuesday at 11 am, central time, they offer to send you a box filled with personalized samples.  Of course before this happens you do need to set up an account with an email and password and fill out the occasional  survey.  The other thing to keep in mind, is that everyone that joined, all over the world is logging in at the exact same time.  So more often than not, you do need to keep refreshing your browser to see the samples available to you.  It is worth it! Me and my friends that do this get samples each and every time we log in.  When you do receive the samples, you should go back in and answer the questions and provide feedback.  That helps increase your chances of getting more samples each time you log in! The next samples will be released Tuesday, July 15th. Sign up!!

Smiley360 is another interactive website.  You also set up an account with an email and a password. Set up your profile.  You can check in often to see what "missions" are available, but they usually send you an email when a mission that they think you would best qualify for is available.  I have gotten 3 already this past month.  When you receive your box with your free products, coupons and other items, you will need to share on social media and write reviews with your opinions on the products.  In my opinion, I find this one pretty easy.  Sure they want you to share on social media, but the tasks for each mission are pretty much the same.

Now on to BZZAgent .  This is probably my favorite one.  Again, set up an account with an email and password and fill out the profile and surveys.  You will need to check the site often as they do not send you an email when new surveys are available.  Completing the surveys is how they will select you for new product campaigns.  However, you will get an email when there is a new campaign for you to participate in. Make sure you also follow them on FB as they tend to mention when new campaigns are coming out on there, too.  I have also had 5 campaigns within the last month.  They have been incredible campaigns too and have sent me tons of products that I have reviewed and shared.  This one is more intensive when it comes to providing feedback and sharing on social media.  The more you work, the more campaigns you will get. They do a scoring system of BZZ points, so of course, the higher, the better. Also, when you complete tasks, they offer you MYPoints, which directly links to a website that you can use your points on to collect rewards.  I have not collected enough points quite yet to get an awesome prize :)

The hardest one, and the one I understand the least, is Influenster.  Meaning, I cannot yet figure out the scoring system.  This one is entirely social media based and also heavily based on what you do on their site.  You need to set up an account again and I would suggest reading the how to guide.  I do know they also use a scoring system and the more social media accounts you connect with the higher your score goes.  Plus once you receive items from them, there are a variety of tasks to complete.  I have been a member for a while and only received one box of samples.  It was an amazing box though so the wait was worth it :)

And that's how I do it!

I will be writing about post just about beauty panels that I am in so keep an eye out for that one!! :)

What other sites are there that I am missing out on?

I'd love to know!

Let me know in the comments below!

Have a great day :)


  1. This is a great guide I'll use! Thanks for posting!

    Chloe | Wanderlust in the Midwest

    1. Thanks so much Chloe!! Can't wait to get started on the beauty panel guide too!


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