Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Gold Leaf Frame-DIY Whimseybox Craft Tutorial

As an earlier post explained, in addition to my monthly beauty subscriptions, I also have monthly crafting subscriptions.  Needless to say, I am constantly busy :)  The crafting subscriptions are Darby Smart and Whimseybox.  Sign up today and instantly get credits towards projects!!

This post is a tutorial on my June Whimseybox project, Gold Leaf Frame.

Each kit comes with everything that you need for that project plus they usually have enough to do another project!  What is nice about this project, is you can simply do this with just getting some gold leafing sheets, too.

Here are all of the supplies the kit came with.

So if you want to get them yourself, here is what you need:

Blank frame
Gold leafing
Paintbrush (fine tip)
Sponge applicator brush
Rubber gloves
Optional: Letters (kit did not come with them) and paint for the letters

My supplies, including what I purchased 

Let's get started, first determine where you want your gold leafing to end on your frame.  I am going for a gold dipped look.  Take a piece of paper and draw lines in pencil on the frame.  I initially was going to do stripes and then changed my mind.  Make sure to wrap the paper around the edges and on the inside of the frame so there is not any blank wood space.

Then take your sponge applicator and apply glue in a thin coat where you are going to put the gold leafing.  Keep in mind, the leafing will literally stick exactly where you put the glue.  So on the front, make sure you have created a sharp line.

The glue will need 10-15 minutes to dry.  When it is sticky and tacky to the touch, you know it is ready.

While my glue is drying, I decided to paint some letters to add to the frame :)  I truly am a Junk Gypsy :)

Now that the glue is ready, time for the glitz!!!

You are going to want to put your rubber gloves on now and is really helps while working with the gold leafing.  It is super fragile (Fray-gee-laaay).....

Pick up a sheet at a time and lay it right on the frame.  You can use your fingers to press it down and then take the paintbrush and smooth the leafing all over the frame.  It gives it a smooth, yet textured shiny finish. Its beautiful!!

Continue wrapping it around all the edges.  When you brush the gold after it is stuck to the frame, the excess will simply fall off.

When it is all on, take the sealant and seal the gold leafing all over.

After the sealant has dried, take crafting glue and glue on the letters.  Any glue that shows white on the gold will dry clear.  This is the glue I recommend.


Donezo :)

Have you worked with gold leafing before?

What are the projects you have done?

Sound off in the comments below!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, it turned out beautiful.  You can use the excess leafing for a manicure ;)

Have a great day!!

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