Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Smiley 360 Missions-COUPONS INSIDE!!

As mentioned in a previous post (you can read it here), I love free stuff and work with several companies trying out the latest and greatest! I love trying new products and being able to share my thoughts with everyone.  Smiley 360 is one of the better sites out there for quality campaigns.  As long as you are willing to have a big mouth (I think I actually got in trouble for that in school a lot) they will keep sending you stuff to review!

This is my 3rd and 4th mission.  First, let's talk about Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant mission.

They sent me the following.....

 A FULL SIZE tube of Truly Radiant and a FULL SIZE electronic toothbrush!

Before I got the tooth paste, I asked around to see if anyone currently uses this and what they think. See, I have very sensitive chompers and have used Sensodyne for a while.  I also use Crest White Strips monthly.If I can use this toothpaste and still use the white strips, then I know the toothpaste is not contributing to my sensitivity issue.

It was the consensus that this is a great toothpaste.

When we got it,my husband tried it too.  Right now we are paying double on toothpaste since he does not like to use my toothpaste.  I think he also forgot that this was a campaign and I received the product free for testing purposes.  He just assumed I grabbed whatever was on sale. :)  He said he LOVED this toothpaste.  What man cares about toothpaste??  He said that he liked that it foamed in his mouth and was super fresh!  SCORE!  More positive feedback :)

I myself tried it and agreed.  Plus, this toothpaste goes BEYOND the surface and repairs enamel.  If you guzzle on soda all day though, it is not going to help much.  Another thing worth mentioning is Truly Radiant is made with baking soda so it is gentle whitening on your teeth but you will get results.  I did within 5 days!

As for the toothbrush, I let my husband try that for me (ya know, the whole sensitive teeth thing) and he said he felt it reached the back of his back teeth better than other electronic brushes he has tried before.  I think the last one he used was a Spiderman one I got him as a stocking stuffer but still :)   Using the toothpaste and the toothbrush together is also supposed to be proven to whiten teeth better than using them alone.

Try it today and get your .50 OFF coupon for Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant HERE!!

The second campaign I received this week is the Caltrate Gummy Bites mission.  This one I am really excited about.  :)

This is what they sent me.....

They sent me a ton of samples to share with ya'll and a PEDOMETER (step counter)! How cool is that?? The first thing I did was grab Paisley and take her for a walk.  Stay tuned to see how many steps I took :)

Caltrate Gummy Bites are gummy calcium and Vitamin D supplements.  I don't know about you but I cannot stand taking huge horse pills every morning!!  We have used gummy vitamins and gummy B Complex for a while now.  Caltrate does have an easy to swallow option if you do prefer taking a pill and they also have a non dairy option.

The gummies come in 3 different flavors: Black Cherry, Orange and Strawberry.  I received all 3 flavors free for testing purposes and I think I like Strawberry the best.  81% of women do not get enough calcium from food alone and will eventually need a supplement to prevent osteoporosis.  This can help you!

I think a supplement is pretty self explanatory but let me know if you have any questions on them by posting below!

The first 5 people to comment on this blog post will get a sample mailed to them!

Get your $2.00 OFF coupon for Caltrate Gummy Bites HERE!!

Oh and this is how many steps we took on our walk!!

Is it double for Paisley since she has 4 legs?? :)

Stay tuned for the next Smiley 360 campaign which is for Pepcid AC.  If you enjoy spicy stuff as much as Nick and I do, you're gonna wanna check that one out!

Have a great day!!


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