Thursday, July 17, 2014

10 "Other" Monthly Subscription Boxes for under $30

Ya'll know about the beauty and craft monthly subscriptions boxes that I do each month.  And even though you like to see the unboxings and find out where to get the items, they may not be your cup of tea.

Sooooo, I found 10 other unique monthly subscription services that may appeal to you and your lifestyle or you just found a great giftable box for the person who has everything!

I surely don't want to spend more than $30 a month on something (unless it is valued at over $100 in products), so I thought maybe you didn't either.  I also had some people asking me what other types of subs are out there.

So here goes!!

The first one is My Cotton Bunny.  This is a monthly subscription that bundles your choice of feminine hygiene products with goodies to get you through your visit with Aunt Flow!! My girlfriend just did her review on her box this month.  Read it HERE.  Okay, personally, I think this is a pretty awesome box. It is $16 a month and comes with stuff to stuff your face and make you feel pretty, along with feminine hygiene products :)

For the perfume lover, Olfactif.  I know that for me, I LOVE getting my perfume samples in my beauty boxes each month.  So for $18 a month, you get 3 different samples that are 2.25 ml in a spray vial.  That equals about 15-20 uses.  Plus you get a credit towards a full size purchase.

Next up is for the dog lover, BarkBox.  Each month you will get a box with 4 or more carefully selected products (i.e. toys, treats, cleaners and more!).  It is $19 a month and 10% of the proceeds for each box go to a rescue group.  That is superb!!!

For the cat lover, WhiskerKits.  It is $29 a month and 10% of each box also goes to rescue groups.  Each box comes with 5-6 goodies, treats and toys.

For the young kiddos, there is CitrusLane.  Your box comes with 4 or more products specific to your childs age and stage and is $29 a month.

For the older kiddos, there is Kiwi Crate.  A monthly sub is $19.95 (plus shipping and handling) and comes with all materials and inspiration for up to 3 activities to do with your child.  There is a new theme every month.

For the foodies, there is Blue Apron.  This box starts at $9.99 per person, per meal and comes with fresh seasonal ingredients, low calorie meal recipes and can be done weekly.

UrthBox is a snacking box but can be gluten free, vegan or diet and is organic and GMO free.  It is $19 a month and is up to 30 items at a time.  That's a lot!

How about a personal shopper box? That is what Stitch Fix is.  Create your style and get 5 hand picked items.  Keep all or none and send back what you don't want, for free.  The styling fee is $20 a month and will be applied towards whatever items you keep.  If you keep all 5, you will get 25% off your entire order and they also let you choose a budget.

For the Gamers, there is Loot Crate.  Only $13.37 (plus shipping and handling) for up to $40 in items (retail value).  They have a theme each month (this month is Villians and use that code for 10% off)  and come with gear, collectibles, tech gadgets, games, accessories, and more.  Check out past boxes.

Now there are TONS of monthly subscriptions, as they have really caught on over the past couple of years, but if you are looking for something specific, let me know and I can get you information!  I myself love finding new ones!

What other subscriptions do you do?

I'd love to know in the comments below!

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Have a great day!!

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