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Life Changing Product-Bobbi Brown Corrector and Concealer Review

Its no secret, now that I have started a blog, that I have bags so dark under my eyes you would think I am a professional clearly I am always looking for the next best thing.  Looking back, I did a review on IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye and Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat concealers. Both great and effective but not "the ONE" still.

So I polled some people and did some research on correctors in addition to concealers.  A corrector is a product/color that neutralizes the problem area prior to using concealer to well, conceal the area. You've probably seen the green and purple correctors around.  

  • Green-minimizes redness
  • Purple-neutralizes yellows
  • Yellow-neutralizes purples

This all stems back to the color wheel :) Remember this from school?

The Color Wheel
I am actually waiting for my concealer palette from Coastal Scents and can go into the other uses for the other colors at that time.

For now, let's talk about my baggage under my eyes.

Here is an older picture of me not wearing any under eye makeup.

The HORROR (natural sunlight)

Yes, they are very dark and purple/blue.  Therefore, I needed a salmon/peach corrector to counteract these bad boys.

Based on the advice of a Bobbi Brown consultant, I tried the color Light Bisque.

Light Bisque Corrector

This is a very creamy consistency.  But a little goes a long way.  I tried this with a lot of different brushes too.  I found this is best applied with a thin concealer brush, like my e.l.f essential concealer brush.  

Applying to my left eye 

In small thin strokes, I apply on the bags and go up to the innermost corner of my eye and along the lash line.  I then take my ring finger and gently pat, not rub, to let the product heat up and absorb into my skin.

After one application

If I want to layer and add more coverage depending on the night I had, I will, but you can already see the difference.

Both eyes DONE

An absolute transformation and again this is just with the corrector.  I have not added my concealer yet.  Sure, for some this may be enough, but not for me.  I NEED concealer.  Like Bobbi says, it is the secret of the universe.  Side note, my mom knows Bobbi Browns father....remind me to talk to her more about this later.....

Now on to the concealer.

Concealer and Powder

This is the same consistency as the corrector and each kit comes with yellow powder.  It is the most flattering and universal shade.

Left eye application

Same thing, we are going to go close to the lash line, inside corner of the eye and follow down into a half moon shape with the concealer.

Left eye application

For this, I am using my IT Cosmetics Dual Ended Concealer Brush.

Left Eye Done!

Here you can see the difference in the left eye having one application of concealer on top of the corrector.  On days where I need it, I will do two applications.

Both eyes done

The concealer kit comes with the powder as I mentioned.  It is best applied with a fluffy brush, like my dual ended brush has.  But I have also experimented with MUFE HD powder and it was just as good.  So if you already have a great powder, use it.  I like that her powder is just another way to brighten up the area and set the concealer.

I also tried adding more concealer on during the day to see how it affects my overall look.  Again not problems there.  I am able to blend it as seamlessly as if I were first putting it on again.  No cakeyness....that's a word.

HERE is the actual link to watch Bobbi apply concealer.  I love how her model has like zero bags and no fine lines lol so clearly results may vary :)

I am VERY pleased with this concealer.  And the corrector for that matter.  My under eye area has never looked as good as it does now.  This has changed the way I feel about concealers because I thought I would never find one that would cover these scary suckers under my eyes.

HERE is where you can get the corrector and HERE is where you can get the concealer kit. Do it, do it now. :)

For help on which shade, refer to this chart or go to Sephora and have them try it out on you.

Have you used Bobbi Brown cosmetics before?  What am I missing out on?

What is your favorite product?

Let me know in the comments below!

Have a great day! xo

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