Friday, April 17, 2015

What Coconut Oil Can Do For You And Your Face

Excuse the bright lighting on this pic....holy flash Batman....I wanted to show you the benefits after using coconut oil for 2 weeks, not the starkness of how white my untanned skin is....

First, let me go back to how this journey began for me.  I was doing some research on new homemade dog treats for the babes and came across one that was all natural and gluten free and sent to me by my crunchy friend, Rachel.  It contained coconut oil.  I wanted to see how it would affect my babes and was pleasantly surprised (info and recipe to come in future post) at all the ways it actually would.

So I went out and bought a big ole tub of it.

And then I was like, Rachel, I have this big ole tub of coconut oil, what else should I use it for....she was like, let me count the ways.....

That's some pretty heavy stuff right?? But today I am going to touch on the ways you can incorporate coconut oil into your beauty routine and the ways I am currently using it.

First, I take off my make up with it!! No more need for those expensive makeup removers, or two for that matter, I can use this on both my eyes and my face.  Works like a charm.  In fact, I bought an expensive oil based makeup remover to review and I think the coconut oil actually works better.

After I wash my face, I slather it all over again and let it soak in for a bit....usually this means I indulge in a trashy show :)  Then I take a hot rag and rub it in and wipe it off.  If I am particularly dry, I will leave a small amount on my face overnight.....but that is dangerous with puppy kisses, since they want to lick it all off my face :)

Since my last post was about highlighter, did you know you can use coconut oil as an all natural version?? Just swipe it on the high points of your cheek bones after you do your makeup for a natural dewy look.

Now on to hair.....I use coconut oil as a deep conditioning treatment and it can be used for split ends....which I haven't had in years thankfully.  If you do, just rub some coconut oil on the tips, wrap your hair in a towel and go to sleep.  Wash it out in the shower in the morning.

You can use it as a moisturizer on your hands, use it in place of shaving cream for your legs and even add it to some brown sugar or sea salt for a body scrub.

I wasn't really a believer until I tried it but my skin is doing a complete transformation since leaving behind harsh chemical cleansers.

It's interesting that in doing my research I found out that it wasn't until the 20th century that many people actually started believing in the health benefits of coconut oil......In the 70's there was a huge propaganda campaign spread by the corn and soy industry against it claiming it was harmful for us due to its high saturated fat content.....and there is your history lesson for the day ya'll!!

Have you used coconut oil in any of these ways before??  What's your favorite way??

Let us know in the comments below!!

I AGAIN thank my dear friend Rachel, for turning me on to this magical wonder.

Have a great day!! xo


  1. I love recruiting others to the crunchy side

    1. You're the best I don't care what anyone says about you heeheehee


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