Friday, August 15, 2014

Too Faced Eye Love Palette Review

You know those "rules" about eye shadow? The ones that tell you which colors and shades to wear to enhance your natural eye color? Well, I have never been one to follow the rules so I am not about to start now.  I wear whatever colors I want, whether they are for brown, green or blue eyes!!  So that means, I wear blues and purples, golds and roses and even silvers and browns.  And the more shimmer the better! :)

Recently, I got my hands on the Too Faced Eye Love kit.  This is a palette that has 8 shadows and two from each of their four best selling ones.  The colors are amazing and they last all day and I have oily skin so that is a huge plus for me! The colors are highly pigmented and any color combo works in my opinion.

Isn't it beautiful?!?!? :)

This collection contains:

  • Heaven (matte ivory) and Push-Up (light bronze)
  • Silver Spoon (silver shimmer) and Smolder (charcoal black)
  • Satin Sheets (golden champagne) and Like A Virgin (matte taupe)
  • Honeymoon (burnished gold) and Ever After (bronze shimmer)
I don't usually use matte colors but they are all so very pretty, I can't wait to use them.  Plus having matte and shimmers together is so perfect!

Today I created a simple look with Honeymoon and Ever After.

One light swipe on my hand-look at the shimmer!!!
In a previous post, I told you how I like to use CoverGirl Bombshell ShineShadow as a primer, so of course, I grabbed my gold one for this look.

And I am using a small eye shadow brush for the Honeymoon  and an angled crease brush for the Ever After.

After I put the primer on, I put honeymoon on the inner part of my lid and across the top of the crease of my eye.

Look at how pretty the color is!

Then I took Ever After on my crease brush and put it on the outer end of my lid and blended into the crease.

Then I went to my go to eye products!

Benefit's They're Real Push Up Liner for the perfect cat eye......

A nude liner for my lower waterline (anything to help me look more awake).....

And Benefit's High Brow for the inner corner of my eye (and yes, under my brow always!)

And there ya have it!!

These are actually the perfects hues to transition from summer to "gulp" fall........and they even make my eyes POP!  Oh, side note, I can't even tell you the mascara I used since I am currently doing a blind study but normally I would use Benefit's They're Real :)

Have a great day!!


  1. Lovely palate and yes me too on Benefit's mascara! Although I now have three of four new sample sizes of black mascara to try out from various sub boxes lol

    1. Oh gosh I lost count of how many I have lol I feel your pain ;)


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