Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October 2014 Allure Sample Society Reveal

As of late, Allure's Sample Society box has been my favorite.  Second only to Birchbox.  I got my mom to sign up and several friends and am always raving about the boxes....the brands, the products, the variety.....they even offered a discounted month for new subscribers.  I spread the word like the devout beauty lover I am.  It is $15 a month and each month you get a coupon for $10 off a $50 order to shop online at BeautyBar.com.  The boxes are completely different if you were a subscriber years ago, since Allure Magazine took over.  PS-I am obsessed with Allure.

I couldn't wait for this months box since last month's was such a hit, including an $85 eye cream. Read about it HERE.

And the day finally came.......

And my jaw fell to the floor.............THIS was this months box???  Am I dreaming?? WAKE ME UP!!  Hair ties......shampoo with sulfates......old lady perfume???  Why OH WHY, Sample Society?? Are we in a fight??

How am I supposed to explain to people why I love this box so much?  And I am not alone........Several of the people I talked to are very disappointed and have since cancelled because of this.  With all the beauty boxes out there, no one need stick around to see if it will "get better".

Let's review.......

First up is L'Oreal Paris Extreme Hair Repair Shampoo and Conditioner, Valued at $4.99 ea. (full size).

Deluxe samples
Now, it sounds good for someone who colors their hair and has a lot of damage. But the shampoo has sulfates in it, which I gave up long ago, so I will not be using the sample.  For people that have normal hair, this shampoo is just fine but if it is color treated, this is not the way to go.  And enough companies have jumped on the bandwagon that L'Oreal should offer this option in all of their lines. The conditioner on the other hand, I will try.  I like a thick, restorative conditioner and a good one should deliver results right away.  Also, because it is so thick and I have the fine hair of a three year old, I will only use it on the ends of my hair.

Next is Emi-Jay Hair Ties, Valued at $6.

All colors will vary

In doing my research on the product, I admire the message behind the brand.  Two young girls that set out to live their dream by making hand made hair ties and 20% of all profits go to charity.  The colors are perfect for fall and I always have a hair tie on my wrist which is my adult security blanket. I just didn't expect to get teeny tiny hair ties in my favorite box.

 Next up is Bobbi Brown's Smokey Eye Mascara in Black, Valued at $28 (full size).

10 day supply

I recently started using Bobbi Brown's corrector and concealer, review to come as it is life changing, so was actually excited to get a Bobbi Brown product.  Also kind of freaked out, are they watching me??  I probably have enough mascara samples to stretch to Texas but it is one of my must have items. Even if I don't put eye shadow on, mascara is a must.  I often wonder if I singed my lashes off one night and don't remember, that is how non-existent they are. So back to the mascara, I haven't tried it yet but I have read great reviews on it.  It claims to give nice soft lashes, that are full and longer in a natural, non dramatic way.

Next up is the second item I am excited about.

Estee Lauder's Dark Spot Correcting Night Serum, Valued at $62/$92 full size.

Tiny bottle that packs a punch

I have one tiny sun spot on my cheek, I started applying this the night I got it and the spot is almost completely gone! Amazing! Now, for the price, I will learn to love my little sun spot but I also just read I can use this on my entire face, not just spots, to reduce redness and to even skin tone.  If anyone is experiencing problems with dark spots, this might be something you want to look into.  It has been less than a week since I started using it, so I can only imagine the long term effects.  And this bottle alone is valued at $15, so it covers the cost of the box.

Lastly, is Brand No. 9 High Line, Valued at $200.00.

1 of 3 scents sent out this month
I was not a fan of this scent and was shocked to see it was $200, for the smaller bottle!  Other people were happier with the scents they received but this could not compare to the perfume they gave out last month, that was beautiful.  Packaging was cute, my hubby thought it was candy :) It says it smells like wildflowers, with bergamot and purple love grass.....no, that is not what it smells like.  It smells like old lady perfume.....in the nicest way possible.

So there ya have it.  If this is your first experience with Sample Society, all I can say is give it another shot.  I love this monthly sub and was pretty let down but not enough to cancel over.  If I were to get another box like this next month, then I will.

What were your thoughts on this months box?

Let me know in the comments below!

Have a great day!


  1. That perfume looks like a tampon at first glance lol

    1. HAHA I can't believe I didn't see this before but yes it sure does!!


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