Thursday, December 4, 2014

December 2014 Birchbox Man Unboxing

My last November box to post since it came in November but it is technically the December box!! YAY!!  This one is another great one, too!  This is the monthly subscription I got for my king and he has loved every month so far.  Birchbox Man is $20 a month and is completely customizable and has been spot on for Nick every time.  Click HERE to sign up today!!

Another great box

First up is THANN Nano Shiso Age Inversion Face Cream.

small but packs a punch

This is a moisturizer and while we both have super oily skin in the summer we quickly turn to dry sandpaper in the winter.  He really liked how this made his skin feel but as far as anti aging benefits, well much too soon to tell.  Smells nice and is full of antioxidants and Omega 3's.  This has a hefty $65 price tag so we may never know :)

Next is the big item that each box has.  Suit Supply Steel Tie Clip.

gorgeous blue color

Nick is a blue collar man but I can get him to dress up very nicely on certain occasions.  This tie clip is such a pretty color, the picture alone doesn't compare to seeing it in person.  It is also made of steel so very heavy duty.  Overall it's just a sharp piece!  This is a $45 item so already double the cost of the box this month.

Next is Heroes and Aristocrats by Royal Apothic Ultra Shave Cream Gel.

nice packaging
He hasn't had the chance to try this out yet but he is sure he will like it.  It is a gel that is almost like a cream and is full of Vitamin E to help protect against nicks.  He likes to use his electric razor most of the time but really lathers up when it's time to pull out the razor!  This is also available in 3 scents and he received Scent No. 1 (jasmine,lily,lavender, mandarin and grapefruit).

Next is Ernest Supplies Awake and Exfoliate Body Bar.

perfect for Nick
I know he forgot about this already! I will remind him tonight.  This is perfect for those days he comes home filthy right out of the fireplace! Its full of finely ground lava rock to really exfoliate like a man!  And it's also got peppermint, caffeine and eucalyptus in it to help awaken those senses :)  I'm really excited about this right now!!

And last up is Number 4 Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner.

tiny sample

even tinier sample

Now, I have gotten these in my box before and liked them. However, sample size aside, my husband doesn't have long or thick hair, much less the need to volumize it. So he wasn't thrilled about these and I will end up using them :)  I got excited thinking we would be able to write two reviews and end up getting 60 points to go towards the Birchbox shop but they only let us do one.

So overall, Nick was very happy with yet another box which makes it 3 for 3!  We both noticed that the mailing labels on our boxes this month did not have anything cutesy like in previous months so maybe they only did it for a couple months.

Again, this is a perfect idea for the holidays for a special guy in your life! Sign up HERE!

Have you gotten Birchbox Man yet?

What did you think of this month's box?

Let us know in the comments below!!

Have a great day!! xo

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