Friday, February 12, 2016

We're Pregnant!!!!!

The day has finally come!!  Today we had our very first ultrasound to confirm a little Baby Miano has been created.

Last Friday, we received our beta results (how much HCG I am producing) and got a level of 286.  I had broken down and started testing 6 days past my transfer but we waited to tell anyone close until we heard the news from Chicago IVF.  Hearing the nurse tell me, Congratulations, you're pregnant, was a feeling I can't even describe.

I have wanted to be a mom for so long.  I think when I first laid eyes on my first nephew and felt how much I loved him that I wanted it even more.  Nick and I have wanted kids for so long but I especially wanted to be able to carry our baby.  I wanted to feel the life we created inside of me.

I digress.......typical once the shock on Friday wore off, I started going every other day for blood draws to check my HCG levels.  HCG is the hormone your body creates when you are pregnant.  Look at me, like I know it all now :)

The level should normally at least double every 48 hours.  Monday my level was 534 and Wednesday my level was 836.  Since my level from Monday to Wednesday did not double as much as they wanted to, that is why we did the early ultrasound today.

And here is our little baby Miano!!!!

Since it is so early, they told me during the ultrasound it may be too soon to see a second sac.  The nurse will call me this afternoon with my levels and also to let me know what the other nurse thought of my ultrasound pics after her review.  As long as the levels keep going up, we will stay positive. We are also hopeful to hear the heartbeat soon!!

We still can't believe IVF worked on our first try!!  We are so blessed, beyond words!!!!

I am still on certain hormones that I will continue to take until there is a heartbeat.  I am exhausted, moody and tired.  And my boobs hurt.  Everyone says what I am experiencing is very normal for where I am at.  I am already 5 weeks and 4 days.  In the grand scheme of it all, I have barely been pregnant.  We were really hoping for 2 but as long as we have at least one healthy baby, that is all we could ask for.  We still have embryos frozen which let's us know if we only have 1 this time, there is still hope.

I have already received two presents that I haven't been able to put down.

I have been given great advice from friends and right now the one I am adhering to most is relaxing. The chores can wait.  My body is making a human and I am going to allow myself to get as much rest as it needs.  Plus I am enjoying the time just sitting back and accepting that this is happening.

Thank you for following us on our journey to Baby Miano!!!

Have a great day!! xo

PS-I do miss my makeup obsession and I promise I will get back to that soon!!

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