Friday, December 5, 2014

Kat Von D Lock It Foundation Review

I just recently was introduced into the world of full coverage makeup.  There are so many foundation options out there right now.  Tinted moisturizer, beauty balm (BB), correcting cream (CC), daily defense cream (DD), mineral foundation, medium to full coverage foundation.......I am sure there are more that I did not think of, too.  In the summer I love to be tan and not wear makeup unless my fight club under eye bags are visible still and in that case I will put concealer on.  But in the winter, when discoloration and uneven skin tones and blemishes are more easily spotted, we reach for a fuller coverage makeup.

I asked numerous people which the best one to use was.  I got a 50/50 response to Kat Von D and Estee Lauder.  Estee Lauder review will be coming up soon!!

First impression, I love the packaging.  It is girlie but gothic and I love that style!

I also love that the bottle comes in a pump and that you can see the amount of product left in it.

 The compact has a mirror and also an applicator sponge underneath so it fits perfectly and isn't always being rubbed on the product.

I got color matched (Light 48) in store at Sephora and I highly recommend doing that since there are so many color shade options.  I bought the powder foundation online and got the same color which ended up being darker in powder so that will be going back.

I also got a sample of the concealer (Light 18) since that also received such rave reviews.  It is not as thick as the foundation and I love it and it is the exact color of my face.  It is actually perfect for touch ups or to cover blemishes especially if I don't need a full face of makeup that day.  It is $25 for the concealer and a little goes a long way.

Okay so on to the Kat Von D Lock It Foundation review.

You can use with either a beauty blender or a buffing/stippling brush.  I prefer a beauty blender as I thought the brush gave me "makeup mask face".

Now this stuff is thick, thick, thick and it dries quick, quick, quick!!  Work in small sections of your face.  Don't do half a face at a time, lesson learned from trying it myself.  I pump some on the back of my hand and dab the beauty blender and then quickly dab on my face.  This is actually used to cover tattoos in the workplace so you can imagine the coverage!

As you can see from my hand alone, the coverage is full and you only need a little.  So for the price, $34, I think that is very fair.  This bottle should last me a very long time. You probably need half a pump to a full pump to cover your whole face.

Here is a close up and you can see it really makes for a flawless face.

Here is at the end of the day and while my concealer has worn off a bit, my makeup still looks great!

Full face from a distance.

Another day, same results.

So pros, this will cover anything you want it to.  The price is super affordable considering how little of it you need.  Large shade selection for all types of undertones.  Although it is full coverage, it doesn't feel like you are wearing anything.

Now for the cons.....the only big one I have is I am still trying to figure out the correct moisturizer/primer combo to wear under this makeup.  It does NOT like argon oil and will pretty much melt off as the day goes on.  It does not like water based primers as this is a silicone based foundation.  So it's like mixing oil and vinegar.  Now Kat Von D used to make a primer that was formulated perfectly to go under this and she no longer does.....why Kat?? WHY?!?!  But again, using my beauty blender during the day to kind of touch up any patchy spots works wonders.

So anyone reading this review I would love your thoughts on how to get it to stay on all day.

It also claims to be transfer resistant....well, I have been able to disprove that theory.  Again, maybe it is because of what I have going on underneath it.

If you have dry skin, this is NOT for you as it will make any dry patches on your skin stick out like broccoli in your teeth.

This will also make your entire face one color and take away any and all highlights and natural shadows so you will need to use bronzer and blush.  Read my review on contouring HERE for some tips.

Now, the Kat Von D Lock It Powder is really not the right color for me but I liked the powder itself. You just use the included sponge and pat it on your face (no buffing like Bare Minerals) and it covers anything and everything. You could even use this as your touch up powder throughout the day but that is how I figured out it was too dark for me :)

Overall, I have become a lover of Kat Von D based on both the foundation and the concealer.  She has an incredible selection of lipsticks and everyone loves her eyeliners too.  ALSO, coming in 2015 she is releasing a contour palette and a cosmetics website!! So stay tuned for that gem as I will surely be announcing the details when it is here!

Again, please let me know in the comments, any and all thoughts and what your favorite KVD products are!

Happy Friday and have a great day!! xo

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