Wednesday, September 17, 2014

BarkBox Unboxing September 2014

If you know me by now, then you know I love my dogs.  Paisley and Shelby are my fur babies and they are absolutely wonderful! Filling our lives with laughter and keeping us on our toes!!

Since we recently got Shelby (she is 12 weeks), I wanted to do something special for our older dog, Paisley (she is 3 years old).  That's where BarkBox comes in!  Barkbox is a monthly subscription for dogs!  I think it is so awesome that I have all of my subscriptions and I got Nick one and now I am getting the dogs involved.  It's a family affair!! :) Plus, this can be gifted to any of the dogs in your family and they are guaranteed to love it :) Sign up HERE to get 10% OFF with my referral!!

What's great about BarkBox is you get to tell them the size of your dog.  So you aren't going to get toys and treats that are general, you are going to get things that suit your pooch.  It's $29 a month but they always have some type of promotion going on (which is actually why the girls are getting it for two months).  Plus it is so hard to know what is safe and not safe for the health of your dogs nowadays and knowing they have already done the research helps out a lot!

So I chose large breed dog knowing whatever came in the box Shelby was going to end up getting some of too!  All boxes get shipped out on the 15th of the month and of course I forgot so was super excited to see it on the porch today!

Let's get to the goodies!

First up is the toy!  It is by Loopies and is a fish bone toy.

It has a squeaker in it and the girls are nuts about it.  They have not stopped playing tug of war with it, which PROVES how durable this toy is! Great choice for large breed dogs.  This is a $15 value!

It was so hard to get that picture!!

Okay next is what I am super excited about!  Mr. Barksmith's Pina Colada smoothie!  A smoothie for dogs!!

As you can see, super healthy, too.  That is very important to me in everything they eat.  They will get this tomorrow since they have had some of the other treats in this box tonight :) This is valued at $2.

Next is what they have already had tonight and LOVE!  Healthy Dogma Coconut Barkers.

They are like their father and like coconut as I do not.  And yet again, more healthy treats.  Plus they are large biscuits and perfect for the girls.  Valued at $8.

More treats! Bixbi Daily Essentials Chicken Breast Jerky Treats.

Paisley is fancy and loves salmon jerky so I am sure she will love this too! Valued at $10.  As you can see the cost of the box has already been met and I still have another item to go!  That makes me very happy!!

This I will only give to Paisley though so Shelby doesn't choke.  Etta Says Duck Chew.

A wholesome chew that although is probably supposed to last a long time, my girl will get through it in no time!

So there ya go!  We have another box coming next month and I know they are super excited to see what comes since this month was such a success!!

Remember, click on the link above to get your dog a subscription and get 10% off with my referral. You can get one month at a time but as with any subscription the more months you get, the cheaper it is.

Do you already love BarkBox?

Let me know your experience in the comments below!

Have a great night!! xo


  1. I haven't tried BarkBox yet but I love the idea! The Bixbi Daily Essentials Chicken Breast Jerky Treats caught my eye. I really like seeing that it's USA made and sourced.

    1. I can't wait to see next months!! Oh and I gave the girls the Bixbi jerky yesterday and they are HOOKED!! It was soft and not hard and breakable so I didn't have to worry about pieced getting stuck. Its made with chicken, blueberries, cranberries and mushrooms. And like you said, I feel safe giving it to them! Let me know if you try it for a month and use my code for the discount of course!! xo

  2. I was a little disappointed this month with barkbox... We have a big dog and the toy lasted a whole hour because it was so small... Having an 80 pound lab and getting a toy that was more suited for a smal dog was disappointing. But I still love barkbox! The holostic and organic treats are awesome

    1. So you got the same box I did? I am surprised that the toy has lasted this long as they continue to play tug o war with it (they are obsessed with tug o war!) But the stitching is starting to come out now, so I will have to watch it. I also could not believe how much they loved the variety of much that I am going to be buying them for them from now on!!


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