Monday, September 29, 2014

Birchbox Man October 2014 Reveal

A few months ago, I got my husband a gift subscription to Birchbox Man.  He is the manliest man around but he still takes great care of himself.  I wanted to give him the opportunity to try new things, which also helps me in the long run on finding birthday and Xmas presents when I find out things that he loves!

Birchbox Man is $20 a month and can be personalized.  It costs more than the women's box but it makes up for that in the products it comes with.  Truth be told, if I was not able to personalize the box I would not have gotten it.  I know what he likes and doesn't like so if it was just going to be a generalized box, I know it would not have worked for him.  This is the third month he has received. The first month was out of the park, last month was so so and this month was another success!  He LOVED it! (Go me!)

The October 2014 theme for Birchbox Man is Fantasy Football (sponsored by The League on FX)! I mean, could that have been more perfect? He loves fantasy football.

Here are all the goodies!

First up is the coolest thing in the box (he can't stop talking about them!)  My husband is a masonry so this was really awesome to see.

W&P Whiskey Stones, valued at $17.

 These take the place of regular ice cubes and don't dilute the drink at all.  I mean, who wants a watered down drink? He can't wait to use these.

Next is Das Boom Industries Everything Body Wash.

It smells like a really is heavenly.  My husband loved the way this smelled and wished it wasn't such a small sample.  With bay rum, smoke and dirt it smells earthy...bourbon and leathery.......Smells like he has been outdoors all day but without the mix of sweat and grime.  We will definitely be buying this!

Next is English Laundry Riviera.

My husband has his go to colognes, that he has been wearing since college, mind you.  I am always looking for the next best thing for him to wear on fancy outings.  He liked this smell a lot.  That is saying A LOT.  It is warm and spicy and I like that on a man, especially mine :)

Next is Billy Jealousy White Knight Facial Cleanser.

Nick is really lucky because he has perfect, normal skin.  Which means he can use anything.  So this was good for him to try.  This is plant based and we do try to use all natural ingredients on our face, so were pleased with this.  He only wished it was exfoliating.

Next is Baxter of California Super Close Shave Formula.

He hasn't tried this yet as I love him with some scruff but he has received this brand before and has been pleased.  I like that it has tea tree oil in it for him.

And lastly, we got a deck of playing cards from Bicycle.

At our last Superbowl party, we couldn't find a deck of cards in the house for the longest time so this will really come in handy for when we play poker!  Plus all the cards are "robo" themed.

All in all, again my husband was extremely pleased with this box and it made up for the tiny bit o disappointment he had with last months box.

If you want to get Birchbox Man for your hubby or brother or friend, click HERE and sign up today!!

Do you already get Birchbox Man? What did your man think of this months box? Let me know in the comments below!

Have a great day!!

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