Saturday, September 20, 2014

Birchbox VS Ipsy September 2014 Throwdown and Unboxing

Time for another great match!!  Birchbox VS Ipsy, September 2014.  I also got a brand new phone so you may notice a difference in my pictures.  I am still working out the HD quality but I think they turned out really good.  

For those that are new to monthly beauty subscriptions boxes, here are the details.

Birchbox is $10 a month and works on a wonderful points system.  You review each item each month and get 10 points for each review.  100 points is equal to $10 in their online store, which in my opinion is similar to Ulta and has all the great brands we love.  Their point system is amazing and I don't remember the last time I paid full price for anything.  Join me HERE.

Ipsy is also $10 a month and they have a point system as well but it goes towards adding additional items to your box a month.  It takes forever to accumulate the 1000 points needed to do so, though. Join me HERE.

Okay let's get to the reviewing of the goodies!!

First let's look at both boxes.  For Birchbox, this month is their anniversary so the boxes are extra special.

And now here is what Ipy looks like this month.

First in the ring is from Birchbox and what I am most excited about.  For the past few months, they have been letting us choose one of the five samples that come in our box and this was the first month I actually didn't miss the deadline.  I chose Macademia Healing Oil Spray.

I have been a fan of this brand for a while now so was excited to try this.  This makes my hair shiny and protects it from the heat and styling products.  My hair is so smooth and this is a wonderful product.

For Ipsy, I did not get a hair care product this month so its a little hard to do an exact comparison.

I received luxury hand cream by Mitchell and Peach.

I have received this product before in another box and I really like it.  It's made in England, which I LOVE, and smells of honey and shea butter. It goes on light but really absorbs nicely.

The point goes to Birchbox!


Next up from Birchbox, I received Harvey Prince exfoliating body gel or liquid loofah as they advertise it.

I haven't tried this yet but I am not a fan of bath products in my boxes.  I do however like exfoliating products.  It smells great, too.  Mango, grapefruit and sandalwood.

Let me tell you, this brush is AMAZING!!! I LOVE it!!  It is dual ended and has great bristles.  There was no fall out from the eye shadow I used and I was finally able to define the crease with shadow, unlike the brush I currently use.  I used the Coastal Scents palette and created this eye look with it.

This one was no contest.  Ipsy!!


Next up, Birchbox gave me Real Chemistry Facial Peel.

I've never done a facial peel before but was excited to be able to try it at home.  I really liked it and my skin was left feeling super soft like a baby's bum :) 

Free of anything toxic and made with cucumber and watercress.  I haven't tried it yet but actually most of the reviews I read weren't great.  They say this cleanser leaves the skin feeling very dry and tight as a bar of soap would.  I, of course, will make my own opinion but hope it isn't as bad as it sounds.

This one goes to Birchbox because I love exfoliating products.


Next up, Birchbox gave me Temptu Champagne Highlighter.

This is a wonderful highlighter and I really really like it.  Its a bit runny which made me nervous but goes on so nice and gives a dewy glow without the shimmer.  It lasts all day too!!

I get mixed results with this and it comes out like a stain so can get messy.  The color goes on light at first and can be built up to a darker intensity.  When its darker it is the perfect fall color, kind of like a maroon.  Mmmmm, Adam Levine lol 

But this one goes to Birchbox again!!  


Next, Birchbox gave me Acure Organics Day Cream.

Last month Birchbox gave me an Acure product and I loved it! I haven't tried this one yet and the reviews are mixed.  It has a citrus scent and is thick but goes into the skin to provide a light feel.  I have oily skin and those with oily skin have said this does not add to the oil factor so that's a plus.

Ha, it's pretty much the same color as the bag they sent me!  I love it, I mean, I couldn't deal with another black eyeliner if you paid me so was excited to get it in this pewter metallic like color, perfect for this fall.  It went on smooth, no tugging and the color lasted all day.  It's waterproof too but not like that means anything in the fall and winter :)

This one goes to Ipsy.


The last items to show are just the little extra's that came this month.  Sometimes Birchbox includes a special "find", which is an item that is new on the market and that they want to share with us.

They have two different types out right now and this one has dual ends for both moisture and replenishing.  So one is light for day time and one is full of shea butters for night time, IMO.  Side note: I was provided with two more of these and one is the other option, both for review on the blog. So stayed tuned for that review and your chance to get one for free from me!!

And of course, Ipsy's extra item was my glam bag.  This months was designed by Michelle Phan.

Totally suits this months theme which is Street Style and I already gave my bag to my mama.  She's going to Vegas this month and this is perfect for her bring along's.  The picture shows it did come a little bit wrinkled, but this should smooth out after a bit.

And there ya have it.

For September 2014, Birchbox won for the 3rd month in a row!! Ipsy was a little closer this month, though.  Check out my previous throwdowns by scrolling on the left of the blog.

Want to join in the fun and see what you can get each month based on your personalized beauty profile?  Join me with Birchbox HERE and Ipsy HERE.

What was your favorite item this month? Did we get the same items?

Let me know in the comments below!!  And don't forget to enter the giveaway I am currently having, along with Chloe+Isabel!! HERE are the details!

Have a great day!!


  1. I didn't get ipsy this month and I am kind of sad. There were some great products (and that bag!!) but after months of garbage I cancelled. I loved my birchbox though. The Ruffian polish was a perfect nude color.

  2. I myself am so close to canceling though.I've been Okay with the past couple of months butnot in love like I have been with sample society and birchbox.So I've told myself the next box I get that I'm truly disappointed in I'm canceling.I did love this month's brush though.It's a really great product!!


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