Sunday, January 11, 2015

Younique VS Too Faced Fiber Mascara Review

I know it's been quite some time since I received my sample of Younique's mascara to try and review. Well, let me tell you, it took some time getting used to.  I am sure you have heard of Younique before.  But maybe wasn't until I joined Instagram that I started seeing pictures all over.

Now based on these pictures, of course I wanted lashed like these!!  But it's the internet and I had to experience it first hand.

Here are my normal lashes with regular mascara on them.  I believe this is Benefit's They're Real.

Younique comes in a cute, kind of glasses case.

It comes with transplanting gel and fiber lashes.

And instructions, which is good!

 I thought this picture of external use only was quite humorous :)

This is what the transplant gel looks like.  A typical mascara wand and the gel is black.

And this is what the fibers look like.  I apologize for the picture quality, but they look like wisps of cotton candy :)

It's fairly simple.  You use a base coat of your own mascara, which is optional but I did.  You then use the transplant gel and then you brush the fibers on.  You then seal the fibers on with another coat of transplant gel.  This prevents them from falling on your face throughout the day.

You can definitely see the difference in what I looked like with regular mascara.

Now.....let me tell you...there were some issues for me.  I don't do anything with a light hand and that is key for application with this type of product. I also kept getting fibers on my face no matter how little of the fibers I used.  This product takes time so it always looks best on me on the weekends when I have time to really sit there and be patient.  I also accidentally put my fibers into my transplant gel wand one day but luckily I just had to wash it off and it was good as new!!

I strongly recommend getting a metal lash comb, too.  My plastic one did not work.

This one is by Sonia Kashuk and also has a great brow brush on it and recently I took an old mascara wand and use that to separate my lashes.  It works incredible!

Now, the other product on the market that is comparable to this is Too Faced's Better Than False Lashes fiber mascara.  Since I have never used fiber mascara before I wanted to see how it compared.

This is also a two step system but does not require adding your own mascara.

The base coat is also the top coat and looks just like regular mascara but the fibers in this case are white,

At least I am able to really tell where I applied the stuff :)

So today I did one eye with each product.

My left eye I did with Too Faced.

And my right eye I did with Younique.

I only did one coat on each eye so the results were fair and as you can see, the results show that Younique is better and definitely gives me more volume!

Watch this video to see how to properly apply Younique and see me use two coats :)

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Here is Rachel's info!!

Rachel Scott-Stogner

Let me know what you think about Younique and of course any tips and pointers you have!!

Have a great day!! xo

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